‘’Nobel women’’, урок доброти для учнів 10-11 класів

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План - конспект уроку англійської мови для учнів 10-11 класів загальноосвітніх навчальних закладів
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Урок англійської мови в 10-11 класах

Урок доброти

‘’Nobel women’

Тема – Жінки, які отримали Нобелівську премію за поширення доброти та свободи

Мета – виховання милосердя, поваги та любові один до одного, розвиток світогляду учнів, усвідомлення власної гідності, гідності людського життя, ознайомлення з основними правами людини, активізація мовного матеріалу під час письма, читання та усного мовлення.

Обладнання  - дошка, ілюстрації до теми, роздатковий матеріал

Тип – навчальний, розвивальний

Хід уроку

  1. Greeting and Warm Up
    1. Dear pupils, today we are going to speak and read about one of the most important theme of human being - being a merciful and kind- hearted person. You will learn the examples of the famous women who have devoted their lives to the fight for freedom and human rights. They have received the Nobel Peace Prize and will continue to symbolize the mercy and humanity at our hearts through the centuries.
    2. Discuss what you know about these people – Alfred Nobel, Gandhi, Rigoberta Menchu?


  1. The main part


  1. Pre- reading

The Nobel Peace Prize, which was founded in 1901 by Alfred Nobel, a Swedish chemist and industrialist, has been awarded to nine women. Here are three of the most famous.


  1. Reading.


Aung San Suu Kyi


Aung San Suu Kyi was born in 1945 in Burma. Her father, who was the national leader, was assassinated when she was only two years old. He had fought for the freedom of the Burmese people. Her father, together with work of Mahatma Gandhi, inspired her to continue to struggle for democracy. She was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1991 and is just such a person who has fight for democracy, respect for human rights and non- violence.


Rigoberta Menchu


In 1992, the Peace Prize went to Rigoberta Menchu, a Mayan Indian of Guatemala. Like her father, Menchu has fought for justice and the rights of the native people of her country. Despite everything, she and her people have suffered, Menchu did not turn to violence, but to peaceful political and social work for her people, which is the reason why she received the prize.




        Mother Teresa

At the age of 12, Agnes Bojaxhiu decided she wanted to help the poor. A few years later she decided to go and work in India where, at the age of 18, she started to teach in a girl’s school in Calcutta. After 16 years she went to work in the Calcutta slums. There she started a new order, the Missionaries of Charity, which aimed to help the poorest of poor. This movement soon spread to many other countries. Awarding her the Peace Prize in 1979, the committee stated – ‘’She promotes peace in the most basic way, by fighting for human dignity in everyone. The world knows her as Mother Teresa.


  1. Speaking.


  1. Who has written a book?
  2. Who was very young when she started to fight for other people?
  3. Who is not known by her real name?
  4. Who was unable to receive the Peace Prize herself?
  5. Who lives in South Africa?
  6. Who worked in a country where she was not born?
  7. Who had a father who was also fought for his people’s rights?


  1. Work with a partner.


Discuss these statements about human rights and put them in order of importance.

  1. No one should be tortured for their beliefs
  2. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech
  3. Everyone has the right to live in a democratic society
  4. Everyone should be paid the same for the same job
  5. Everyone should have the right to choose who they marry


  1. Summary
    1. Writing

Write at least 5 sentences – the main aspects for you how to stay helpful, merciful and kind- hearted person

  1. Homework

Find one more example of human’s dignity ( famous people, citizens of your country, your own relatives or friends). Make a short presentation.







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