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Про матеріал

Мета: сприяти розкриттю нахилів і здібностей учнів, а також розвитку мислення, пам'яті, уваги, почуттів, емоцій; дати змогу вивчати іноземну мову як скарбницю культури та соціокультурної інформації, як основний засіб міжкультурного спілкування.

Перегляд файлу

                                                                  Snow Queen

Scene 1 (Kai, Herda and Granny are sitting in their small room just under the roof of the house.)

Author: Long-long ago there lived a girl, whose name was Herda, a boy Kai, and their granny. They were happy because they were kind and they loved each other, though they were not rich. They lived in a small room at the top of the house, just under the roof.

Herda: Look here, Kai! Our roses are flourishing!

Kai: You are right. They are really beau­tiful.

Herda: Granny, look! How nice and wonderful our flowers are!

Granny: Yes, dear. Roses are in blos­som so we will see the baby Jesus Christ soon.

Kai: Oh, listen! Somebody is knocking at the door.

Granny: I will go and see who it could be.

Man in Black: I want to buy these red roses. How much do you want for them?

Granny: They are not for sale, sir.

M.I.B.: Everything could be sold out and everything could be bought. Money! That's the only important thing!

Kai and Herda: Granny, please, don't sell our roses to this man. We are afraid of him.

Granny: Don't worry, my dear! I'm not going to sell our roses to anyone!

M.I.B.: You are quite right to be afraid of me. I'll do my best to spoil your life. (He goes away.)

Scene 2

Author: Neither Granny, nor the chil­dren could imagine what could have hap­pened afterwards. Time passed on and af­ter autumn, with its rains, came winter and soon the ground was covered with thick white snow. The severe frost and strong winds made people stay in their houses. But it was very warm in the small room under the roof...

Herda: Kai, look at the window. The windows are frozen and covered with won­derful icy pictures.

Kai: I heard that in winter the Snow Queen rules all the lands around and sends her servants to all parts of the world to make people to be afraid of her.

Herda: Let's ask Granny about that.

Granny: O.K. I know that the Snow Queen flies in a carriage with beautiful white horses high in the sky. She sprinkles blue snowflakes over the land. Each snow-flake has its own image. The Snow Queen can rush into any of the houses.

Kai: I will fry her on the frying pan! (He laughs.)

Author: And with these words a terrible wind started, one of the windows suddenly opened and a wonderful woman dressed in a beautiful white gown appeared in the room.

Snow Queen: Is it you, my dear boy, who wanted to fry me on the pan? Would you like to go with me to my kingdom? You will rid yourself of this poor house and these beggars. I will give you a lot of silver. My palace is full of it.

Kai: Oh, no. Your Majesty, I want to stay here. Please, don't touch me.

S.Q.: Your heart is too hot. I will make it a piece of ice. Your eyes will see every­thing in a broken mirror.

Author: And the Snow Queen disap­peared like a cloud.

Kai: Oh, something sharp and cold touched my heart and my eyes. (He touches his heart and eyes.)

Kai: Oh, Herda, look! These flowers are so ugly! (to Granny) And you are so old and a fool! Ha-ha-ha! I’d better run to the town square to sledge with other children. (He runs away, Herda and Granny weep.)

 Author: You see, my dear friends, that the Snow Queen made Kai forget every­thing. She took him to her Palace, where he could play with silver icy cubes. Little poor Herda had to leave Granny and go far away, looking for Kai. Once, she came to the bank of the river...

Scene 3 (Herda is standing on the bank of the river.)

Herda: Oh, my dear river! You are so beautiful and clever; you are flowing from south to north. Haven't you seen my brother Kai somewhere?

River: Oh, my dear girl, I haven't seen him anywhere.

Scene 4

Author: Herda was going along the river when she came across a fairy garden, full of beautiful flowers. In the middle of it she saw a small house and an old woman, who was watering the flowers.

Herda: Good morning, Old Lady. May I come in? Have you seen my brother Kai?

Old Lady: Come in, my sweat girl. You are tired. I'll bring you some milk.

Herda: Thank you. I'll sit down just for a moment, because I am in a hurry!

(Herda sits down on a bench. Old Lady goes into the house. Herda addresses to flow­ers.)

Herda: Oh, my wonderful flowers. You grow from under the land. Haven't you seen Kai there?

Flowers: No, dear girl. We haven't seen him anywhere. (Old Lady comes up to Herda.)

O.L.: My sweet girl, your hair is so beautiful! May I comb it?

Author: But her comb was magic. And Herda fell asleep very soon. (Time has passed.)

Herda: Oh, how long have I slept? I nearly forgot about Kai. I must hurry up!

Scene 5 (Herda, Raven, Prince and Princess) (Herda is in the King's Palace.)

Author: Soon Herda came to a King's Palace, where she met a very old Raven.

Raven: My poor thing! What's your name and where are you from?

Herda: I'm Herda. I've come from a small town and I’m looking for my brother Kai.

 Raven: You know, my dear Herda, this is a King’s Palace.I can show you the way to our Prince. His Honesty will probably tell you something about Kai. (Raven takes Herda to the Prince.)

Raven: Your Honesty, her name is Herda. She is looking for her brother Kai.

Herda: Have you ever heard about my brother, your Honesty?

Prince: In my kingdom I've never heard about him. And what about you, my dear Princess?

Princess: Me too. But, probably, we can help Herda with clothes, because winter is coming. I can give her a nice fur-coat and a hat with mittens. I'll also present her with a small and warm fur-bag.


Prince: How kind of you, my dear. As for me, I'd like to give Herda a carriage with three wonderful horses. They will bring you to any part of the kingdom very quickly.

(Prince claps his hands, horses and a carriage appear.)

Herda: Thank you ever so much! You both are very kind to me. I'll never forget it. (Wave hands.)

Scene 6 (Herda is on the way to a forest.)

Author: Very soon Herda was on her way to a thick forest, full of robbers. They ran out of the trees with a loud shouting.

Mother: Hey, stop! Stop! Who are you? Get out of the carriage!

Young Robber: Oh, mother, look! What a nice young lady! Look at her fur-coat! What a nice fur-bag!

(Snatches Herda's fur-bag.)

Mother: I hope she is very rich! Now, take her to our cave. (In the cave.)

Herda: You mustn't hold me up. All the things, which you see, aren't mine. Prince and Princess have given them to me. I'm looking for my brother. (She cries.) Please, let me go!

Mother: Don't tell us fairy-tales. We don't feel sorry for you! We want gold and money! Stop crying!

Herda to Young Robber: But I have nothing. Only these horses, a carriage and my warm clothes.

Young Robber: Let me take her to my room. I'll talk to her. (They leave.) (In the room.)

Herda: Please, trust me! I have no money. I'm really poor. I only want to find my beloved brother.

Deer to Y.R.: Let me help this girl. I can bring her to Laplandia, to an old woman. She can help Herda to find her brother Kai.

Y.R.: Shut up! Don't tell me anything. I don't want to feel pity for this girl. By the way, what's your name?

Herda: Herda. And my brother's name is Kai. The Snow Queen visited our house and bewitched my brother. He disappeared on the day of her visit. I have been looking for him everywhere. Please, let me go!

Deer: You must let us go. I'll run as fast as I can. This young girl must save her brother. (Herda cries.)

Y.R.: O.K. Stop crying! I want your mittens and a fur-bag. I'll leave them for myself. And now, I let you go. Hurry up! Until I could have changed my mind!


Herda and Deer: Thank you! God bless you! We'll never forget your kindness! (Wave "Good-bye".)


Scene 7

Author: The way to Laplandia was very hard. They passed through thick forests and high hills and at last they reached the house of an old Laplandian woman.

Deer: Hi, old woman! It's me, the Wise Deer! Let me come into your house.

Laplandian woman: Oh, poor Wise Deer. Where are you from? You are so tired! And who is this little girl?

Deer: You are right! I'm really tired and my legs are bleeding. But I'm trying to help this girl. Her name is Herda. She is very brave. She wants to find her brother. The Snow Queen took him away. Don't you know anything about this boy?

L.W. (to Herda): What's his name?

Herda: My brother's name is Kai. He is handsome and kind.

L.W.: O.K. I'll tell you the way to the Snow Queen's Palace. But first you must warm up and drink some milk.

Scene 8

Author: And soon, poor Herda was on her way to the Palace. It was huge and made of ice. A young girl couldn't imagine that the heart of Kai had turned into a piece of ice too. His toys were also cubes of ice.               (Herda sees Kai who is sitting on the floor with pieces of ice.)

Herda: Kai, dear Kai! It's me, your sis­ter Herda. I've looked for you everywhere! Don't you recognize me?

Kai: I don't know you! Go away! What do you want? I'm the richest boy in the king­dom. Look around. All this silver is mine!

(Herda cries, tears fall on Kai; he looks at Herda and recognizes her. He stretches his hands towards Herda. They are stand­ing with their arms around each other.)

Kai: Oh, Herda, my dear sister! Is it you?

Herda: Oh, yes, my dear! The Snow Queen broke your heart but now the ice has melted. You are the same as before.

Kai: But we must be in a hurry. The Snow Queen will soon come to the Palace. (They are trying to escape, but suddenly the Snow Queen appears.)


S.Q.: Now, stop, you, ugly little girl! What are you doing in my Palace? (Snatches Kai's hand.) Get away! He doesn't remember you. He doesn't re­member anything about his past. And his future will be wonderful. He will inherit all this (moves her hand around): the Palace, silver and everything that he wants.

Kai: You are wrong Snow Queen. Herda has come to liberate me from you and to take me back home. I don't want to stay here any more.

Herda: And we are not scared of you. Love and friendship help us to work miracles.

Kai (To the Queen): Get out of our way! (The Snow Queen moves back, the sound of snowstorm could be heard dying down.)(All the characters stand on one side of the stage. Kai and Herda on the other one.)

Author: Kai and Herda hurried away from the Palace of the Snow Queen. On their way home all their friends who had helped them greeted them. (All of them raise hands, and wave, Granny comes out.)

Author Old Granny was happy to see her children back in their poor, small but cozy and warm house.






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