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Сценарій вистави "SWAN LAKE"

Про матеріал


· формування у дітей навичок спілкування іноземною мовою;

· вміння користуватися іноземною мовою для досягнення своїх цілей, вираження думок і почуттів, у реально виникаючих ситуаціях спілкування;

· виховання активного творчого і емоційно-естетичного ставлення до слова через підготовку і постановку вистав.

Перегляд файлу

                                                                   SWAN LAKE         «Лебедине озеро»                          

SCENE 1 In the palace

Author 1: Once upon a time there lived a Prince. His name was Siegfried. His father died many years ago, and since then Prince Siegfried was absolutely unhappy. He didn't laugh or smiled; he hardly ate and never danced.

Author 2: Prince Siegfried had a servant. He was a very kind boy, so he tried to make the Prince smile. He was an excellent storyteller and often told him amusing stories. The Prince listened to him but never smiled. He seemed to dream about some faraway land.

Prince: I know, your stories are funny. But I can't laugh. Everything is sad and uninteresting to me after my father's death.

Servant: If you don't want to listen to my stories, we can go for a walk. I like hunting. Maybe we'll catch a bird or a rabbit.

                                                 SCENE 2 In the forest

Author 1: They walked through the autumn forest and watching leaves falling down from the trees, the Prince became sadder. He often stopped to pick up a fallen leaf. He often sat down to listen to birds' songs.

Servant: Oh, look! What a beautiful lake is there! We have never seen it before. I know it for sure! We often walk there but this lake...Where is it from?

Prince: Yes, you are right. We have never seen it be­fore.

Servant: (looks into Prince's eyes) Oh! I have never seen another thing too: there is a kind of interest in your eyes, dear Prince! Telling the truth I haven't seen it for a long time. I can say, for ages!

Prince: Wait, Servant. Don't speak so loud. Hush! Don't you see that bird, that beautiful swan?

Servant: A swan? Where? Wow! What a nice bird to hunt for! (Tries to take a rifle.)

Prince: No! It's too beautiful to be killed!

Servant: Prince, come on! We are hunting. I'll get this swan for you.

Author: But before he could make a shot, a big owl flew from a tree and at once Servant was turned to stone.

Prince: What has happened to you? Speak to me!

 Odette (Swan): He can't. An evil wizard has cast a spell on him. He will be a stone forever.

Prince: Who are you?

Odette: My name is Princess Odette. The wizard took me from my home. He made me live in his castle. I may only leave the castle during the day as a swan, but now it is evening and I must come back there.

Prince: Are you a Princess? I must help you. I will talk to the wizard. I'll explain him he is wrong. I'll make him broke his spell he has cast on you and my servant.

Odette: No, you can't. He will hurt you. Hе does not want me to see another man. I must leave you now. I must come back to my prison, to the wizard's castle.

Prince: Odette, don't go. It's my birthday today. I invite you to the ball tonight. I've turned eighteen and I must choose my wife today. And I want to choose you.

Odette: I can't. The wizard won't let me do it.

Prince: Find a way, please. I want to break his spell. I want to marry you. Can you promise to come?

Odette: I'll try.

They go away.

Author: Audile, the wizard's evil daughter, was hiding behind a tree. She saw and heard everything. She wanted to marry Prince. And she knew somebody who could help her with her plans - it was her father, the wizard.

SCENE 3 In the wizard's castle

Audile: Father, I must tell you something important.

Wizard: Important? Ha-ha-ha! I know all the important news before you!

Audile: It's about Odette.

Wizard (now he is interested): What is it about?

Audile: I'll tell you but later. After I ask you to do something for me. Help me with my plans first.

Wizard: Your plans are not important now. What do you know about Odette?

Audile: Today I saw Odette talking to Prince Siegfried. He fell in love with her. He wants to free her from your magic. He wants to marry her.

Wizard: He wants. But I don't.

Audile: Father, help me. I want to go to the ball. I want to marry the Prince.

Wizard (doesn 't listen to her): I don't want anybody to marry her.

Audile: Father, you aren't listening to me. Help me marry the Prince.

Wizard: You? (He seems to have an idea.) You! You will marry the Prince. And Odette will be with me forever. The Prince will think that you are Odette

Audile: Oh, what a wonderful idea!

Wizard (makes some magic tricks and turns Audile to Odette): You can go to the ball now!

SCENE 4 In the Prince's Palace

Queen: You remember, my dear son, you must choose your wife today.

Prince: I have already chosen her.

Queen: Who is she? Is she among the guests?

Prince: She is not here yet.

Queen: But you must choose your wife till midnight.

Prince: I know, mother. (A big cake with 18 candles is being brought.)

Guests: Happy birthday, Prince Siegfried.

Queen: Now, make a wish and blow out all the candles.

Prince: I wish Odette to come and be my wife.

Doorman: Princess Odette!

Prince: Mother, this is Odette, the Princess I met in the forest.

Queen (to Odette): I know about the fire in your palace when your parents died. Some people said it was someone's magic, some evil wizard's magic.

Prince: Oh, Mother, her story is too sad to tell about. We are her family now.

Queen: Do you mean you wish to choose Princess Odette as your wife?

Prince: Yes, Mother, I do.

Queen: Ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow my son Siegfried will be the king of this land and he has chosen Princess Odette as his wife.














Audile-Odette (viciously): Ha-ha-ha! You have just promised to marry me and love me forever.

Prince: You? Who are you? What's happening? Where is Odette?

 Odette (runs into the Palace): Prince Siegfried, help me! The wizard is chasing me.

Prince: Odette! What's going on?

Odette: Audile is Wizard's daughter. She wanted to marry you and turned herself into me with the help of magic.

Wizard (comes up to Prince): You'll never see her again (takes Odette with him). You'll marry Audile, you've promised.(Wizard and Odette go out.)

Prince: Odette! Guards, bring me my horse!

Queen: Siegfried, where are you going to?

Prince: Wizard has taken Odette away. I must break his cast; (to Audile) I've promised to marry Odette. Not you Audile.

Queen: Siegfried, do not leave the palace alone. If something happens to you, we will be without the king.

Prince: Mother, being a King means nothing to me if I'm not with the woman I love.

Audile: He thinks he is strong enough to fight my father. Ha-ha-ha!

Queen: Love is more powerful than magic.

Author 1: Siegfried's mother was right. Siegfried fought Wizard and overcame him.

Author 2: And something strange began to happen. The wizard's castle began to shake. Large stones fell down from the roof and Odette was killed.

Author 1: Love is more powerful than magic.





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