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1 Rewrite the sentences correctly.

1 Last week we taked photos of wild aminals.


2 She’ve never going sailing before.


3 You must rember to take your sleping bag with you.


4 Dont foget to take a map and rucksack with you.


5 ‘They are enjoying their holiday in Majorca.’ ‘Yes, they are.’



___/5 marks


2 Complete the email with the correct sentences (a–f). There are two sentences you do not need.

a The house is in the mountains.

b I’ve never been water-skiing before, and I can’t wait!

c The campsite is near the beach, but you can also see the mountains from here.

d They’re amazing animals.

e And guess what!

f Yesterday we went for a long walk in the mountains.

g We go sailing, swimming, diving and jet-skiing and we also play beach volleyball.


To:   Ben

From:   Goran

Subject: Sunshine Camp


Hi Ben!


I’m writing to you from Sunshine Camp. It’s a great place. 1       . I share a tent with a boy called Dylan. Everybody here is very friendly, and in the evenings we sit around the campfire and tell jokes or sing. In the mornings and afternoons we do a lot of activities. 2       .

 This week we’ve had diving lessons and we’ve also tried jet-skiing. Jet-skiing was scary but fun!

 3       . Luckily, I had my walking boots with me. I didn’t have a map, but it was all right because we had a guide with us. 4       . We saw a fox! The poor fox got the fright of its life when it saw us, but we were thrilled.

 Tomorrow we’re going water-skiing. 5       . I mustn’t forget to take my sun cream with me or I’ll have a red face!


See you soon.


___/5 marks


3 Write an email to a friend.


Paragraph 1

Where are you?

Who are you with?

What are the people like?

What do you do in the mornings?

What do you do in the evenings?


Paragraph 2

What have you done this week?


Paragraph 3

What did you do yesterday?


Paragraph 4

What are you going to do tomorrow?


___/10 marks