Development of CL abroad and in Ukraine

Додано: 13 вересня 2020
Тест виконано: 5 разів
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Запитання 1

In which period CL started to develop?

варіанти відповідей





Запитання 2

What was the purpose of using computers in linguistics?

варіанти відповідей

For developing algorithms and software for intelligently processing language data

For automatic translation

For providing computational models of various kinds of linguistic phenomena

Запитання 3

Which countries were the first to develop CL as a science?

варіанти відповідей

Great Britain




Запитання 4

Why there is a gap between Ukrainian development of CL and in the Western world?

варіанти відповідей

Because of the IT development

Due to continuing strong orientation at the modern Russian corpus linguistics

Due to historical reasons

Запитання 5

Why we may say that CL is well developed abroad?

варіанти відповідей

Because there are a lot of works on this topic in recent years

Because there are more scientists than in other Eastern countries

Because there is a wide range of work places in this sphere

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