Going to and the Present Continuous.

Додано: 25 березня
Предмет: Англійська мова, 6 клас
Тест виконано: 157 разів
12 запитань
Запитання 1

On Friday, Tom _________________(see)  a film with Jake. 

варіанти відповідей

are seeing

is going to see

is seeing


Запитання 2

I ____________________ (phone) Peter later to ask about his exam.

варіанти відповідей

is phoning

am going to phone

is going to phone

am phoning

Запитання 3

It's my birthday on Sunday and I_________________ (have) a party at my place in the evening.

варіанти відповідей

are having

am going to have


am having

Запитання 4

I ____________________(ask) dad to lend me some money for a new computer.

варіанти відповідей

am going to ask

am asking

is asking

going to ask

Запитання 5

He _________________ (have) a quick shower and then go out with his girlfriend.

варіанти відповідей


is have

is going to have

is haveing

Запитання 6

My friends Dan and Sim ___________________ (arrive) at 9 but at 7.

варіанти відповідей

are arriving

aren't arriving

is arriving

are going to arrive

Запитання 7

Miss Bany ______________ (give) me a piano lesson on Friday at 5.00.

варіанти відповідей

is give

is giving

is going to give


Запитання 8

My dad ______________ ( get) a bigger computer for his family

next week.

варіанти відповідей

is geting

is going to get

is getting


Запитання 9

I ________________ (not become) a doctor. I want to be a research scientist.

варіанти відповідей

don't become

am becoming

am going to become

am not going to become

Запитання 10

We _______________ ( look) round the new mall on Sunday morning.

варіанти відповідей

are going looking


are going to look

are looking

Запитання 11

Sorry, my mistake! We ______________ (not meet) Kate at 7 but at 8.

варіанти відповідей

aren't meeting

are going to meet

are meeting

aren't going to meet

Запитання 12

__________________ ( you/fly) from Heathrow or Gatwick this weekend?

варіанти відповідей

Do you fly

Are you flying

Is you flying

Are you going flying

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