3 листопада о 18:00Вебінар: Використання онлайн-тестів під час дистанційного навчання

Present Perfect, Past Simple, Past Continuous and Past Perfect

Додано: 25 березня 2019
Предмет: Англійська мова, 10 клас
Тест виконано: 477 разів
11 запитань
Запитання 1

I saw Paul at the airport. He ..... for his brother’s plane to arrive from Canada.

варіанти відповідей

was waiting  


had waited

Запитання 2

Robert didn’t answer the phone when Mary called. He ..... a shower and didn’t hear the phone ring.

варіанти відповідей

was taking 

had taken


Запитання 3

He didn’t see me as he was reading when I ..... into the room.

варіанти відповідей

had come


was coming

Запитання 4

I handed Betsy today’s newspaper, but she didn’t want it. She ..... it during her lunch.

варіанти відповідей


had read

was reading

Запитання 5

I got lost in the forest because I took the road I ..... before.

варіанти відповідей

didn’t never take

had never taken

didn’t take

Запитання 6

When I first ..... to England in 1938, I thought I knew English fairly well.

варіанти відповідей


had come

was coming

Запитання 7

Our neighbours called the police when they found out that somebody ..... into their house.

варіанти відповідей


was breaking

had broken

Запитання 8

Rescue workers ..... a man, a woman, and two children from cold rushing water.

варіанти відповідей

had pulled


were pulling

Запитання 9

Before I went to bed I decided to check the front door. I was sure my sister ..... it. And I was right!

варіанти відповідей

didn’t lock

hadn’t locked

wasn't locking

Запитання 10

Tom ..... breakfast this morning because he didn’t have any time.

варіанти відповідей

wasn’t eating

hadn’t eaten

didn’t eat

Запитання 11

She _______ her relatives twice this year.

варіанти відповідей


has visited

have visited

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