Stonehenge (Use of English)

Додано: 9 червня 2020
Предмет: Англійська мова, 9 клас
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Запитання 1

I first visited Stonehenge as a small child and became ... by what seemed to me a place of magic and fairy tales.

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Запитання 2

During the 1980s I lived in the Preseli Hills in West Wales, near to the actual source of the Stonehenge circle and began ... that there was much more to Stonehenge than I ...

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to realize, had ever imagined

to be realized, ever imagined

realized, has ever imagined

realizing, was ever imagined

Запитання 3

For centuries Stonehenge ... the people of the world and even today, with all our modern wonders, it ... almost a million visitors per year who travel to Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire in England just to spend some time ... its magic.

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attract, to receive, admire

attracted, receiving, to admire

has attracted, receives, admiring

had attracted, will receive, admires

Запитання 4

"Who? Why? How?" are the questions that have captured the ... imagination.

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Запитання 5

So, Stonehenge ... almost 4.000 years ago.

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was built

were built

be built

Запитання 6

Its huge stones were transported all the way from West Wales, a journey of 400 kilometers over land and sea. The ... of them weigh about 5 tons!

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most largest


Запитання 7

But what was Stonehenge? The most popular view is that it was a temple ... with the Druids, who in the ancient Celtic religion ... the priests or magicians.

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associate, considered

associated, were considered

associating, be considered

association, was considered

Запитання 8

The stones were exactly placed to line up with the stars and the moon at different times of the year. Whatever, ... purpose, Stonehenge has magic, an attraction that still draws people to it.

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