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Test II term ( Reading\Use of English) Level A+

Додано: 8 травня 2020
Предмет: Англійська мова, 9 клас
Тест виконано: 11 разів
12 запитань
Запитання 1

In 2003, 14-year-old Jenna spoke to a journalist of ours about moving to Spain.

'I have only been a Beckham fan for a couple of years but my dad always loved seeing him play at Manchester United. It took him ten hours to get there by car from Cornwall! Mum also follows Becks now. When she and I heard he was leaving to play in Spain, I said, 'Let's move to Spain!' Dad agreed to come but my older brother decided to stay in England. He is still living in our house there.

At first we didn't know if Becks would play for Barcelona or Madrid, so my parents bought a place in Alicante.it's only about three hours away from both cities. Our new home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms on one floor, and there is a flat with another two bedrooms and bathrooms under that. There is a pool, too.

My friends in England will come and visit for my birthday in February. They think I'm a bit mad but they are pleased for me too. I email them all the time. It's great to live in another country and learn a new language, but I am finding Spanish quite difficult. I learned French in England and I keep mixing the two. It will be easier when I start at my new school.

Becks is playing really well in Spain, which keeps my dad happy! What I love most about him is that he is a big family man. Being famous hasn't changed him. I am having a great time in Spain and I'd really like to meet Becks one day.

Who had the idea of moving to Spain?

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Jenna's father

Jenna's brother

Запитання 2

Jenna's family bought the house in Alicante...

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after they sold their house in Cornwall

before Beckham signed for Real Madrid

when Jenna's father was working in Barcelona

Запитання 3

The house in Alicante has...

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an apartment downstairs

a bathroom in every bedroom

two swimming pools

Запитання 4

Jenna's friends in England...

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never receive emails from her

will visit her in winter

aren't happy about her move

Запитання 5

Jenna is having problems learning Spanish because...

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her lessons at school are too hard

everyone speaks English to her

she can't stop using French words

Запитання 6

Jenna thinks the best thing about Beckham is how he...

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plays football

loves his children

enjoys being famous

Запитання 7

Use of English

Gwyneth Paltrow is a Hollywood actress and also works as a model. She is one of my favourite actresses. Her most famous films are Emma and Shakespeare in Love.

Gwyneth was born in Los Angeles and is the daughter of a film director and an actress. She is in her early forties and of _______ height.

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Запитання 8

She has got long ______ blonde hair and blue eyes.

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Запитання 9

Gwyneth is a ____________ talented actress

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Запитання 10

and People Magazine say she is one of

the fifty most __________ people

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Запитання 11

She is a sensitive and ____________ woman but she is not always very friendly.

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Запитання 12

She likes children, travelling and music. She likes to eat healthy food.

All in all, I think Gwyneth Paltrow is an excellent actress and a very_________ person. I would like to be like her when I grow up.

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