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Граматичний тест (4 клас, спеціалізована школа)

Про матеріал

• активізувати граматичний матеріал з теми“ Умовні речення Iтипу

розвивати граматичні навички

• розвивати логічне мислення, пам'ять, мовну здогадку

• розвивати навички самостійної роботи з матеріалом

тренувати вживання модального дієслова “might”, “there is/are”; ”many та much”; “ the Present Perfect”; “somebody, anybody, everybody or nobody”; структур “ How about…; Let's…; Shall we…'

підтримувати інтерес до вивчення англійської мови.

Перегляд файлу

                             Final Grammar Test for the 4th form of a Specialized School                                           


I. Choose the right variant:                                                                                                                

1. Shall we / Let’s have a drink?                     4. Shall we / How about walking to school?

2. How about / Shall we having a picnic?       5. Shall we / Let’s ask Granny to come?

3. Shall we / Let’s go to Italy?                         6. Shall we /How about buy a new CD player?


II. Paraphrase the sentence and use might / might not:

1. Perhaps it will snow.                                           

2. Perhaps we won’t have school tomorrow.         

3. The sun will make the snowman melt, perhaps. 

4. Will you perhaps go outside?

5. Perhaps he will fix the door.


III. Correct the mistake:

1. There is not many water in the desert. _______________.

2. My sister has got much friends _______________. 

3. There is not many geese on the lake. _______________.

4. There were many grass in the field. _______________

5. How much goats are there? _______________. 

6. There are a little sweets. _______________.

7. How many fruit is there? _______________.

8. There are a little CDs. _______________.  

9. There is a few books. _______________.

10. How much people live in the desert? _______________.

11. Mum did not buy many bread. _______________.

12. There are a lot eggs in the nest. _______________.


IV. Use somebody, anybody, everybody or nobody:

1. What’s that noise? Is there _______________ in the kitchen?

2. They are all crying. _______________ is sad.

3. I haven’t got a ruler. Can _________________ give me one?

4. The car is empty. _______________ is there.

5. The coin is in this room. ______________ is hiding it. 

6. There isn’t _________________ at home.


V. Use the Present Perfect:

1. Mum _________________ (cook) lunch for me.

2. _______ Dad ___________ (paint) the living-room?

3. My brother ___________________ (not put) the toys into the box.

4. The dog ________________________ (lose) his ball.

5. Where __________ you ___________ (be)?

6. Someone ___________________ (take) my teddy.


VI. Put the correct from of the verb:

1. If I ____________________ (snow), we ______________________ (not go) to school.

2. If he ___________________ (have) free time, he ____________________ (phone) you.

3. If she __________________ (not go) to the café, she _________________ (stay) at home.

4. If we ____________________ (be) in the museum, we __________________ (see) many exhibits.

5. If the weather ___________________ (be) hot, chocolate ____________________ (melt).

6. If I _____________________ (take), a paper, I _________________ (read) it.

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