Матеріал до уроку "Present Continuous" для 4 класу за підручником Несвіт А.М.

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Матеріал містить грамтичні завдання для відпрацювання вживання дієслів у часі Present Continuous
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The Present Continuous Tense

  1. Fill in am, is, are to complete the sentences
  1. They ___ feeding the cat now.
  2. I ____ drinking tea at the moment.
  3. She __ vacuuming the carpet.
  4. My father ___ working now.
  5. Look! The children __ washing up after dinner.
  6. Ann ___ helping her mother now.
  1. Make negatives and questions. Use the example:

+ He is sleeping now.

  • He is not sleeping now.

?  Is he sleeping now?


+ She is sweeping the floor.



+ They are making a cake.

  • __________________

?  ___________________

+ I am cleaning my room.

  • ___________________

? ____________________

  1. Pay attention to Who – questions in Present Continuous. We use is in such questions. Ask about your family members:

Who is watching TV now? (to watch TV)

Who __________________? (to cook dinner)

Who __________________? (to help parents)

Who __________________? (to do homework)

Who __________________? (to play computer games)

Who __________________? ( to read a book)

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