Презентація "Healthy and Unhealthy food"

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В презентації представлена інформація щодо корисної та не корисної їжі та завдання,які можна використати на уроці.
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Eating healthy is very important for every person. Wise people say, “Health is above wealth”. We need healthy food to stay healthy. Good food has a lot of vitamins, protein and minerals. Vitamins are important for your eyes, your skin, your bones, for hair and for other parts of your body. There are vitamins in many types of food. Protein helps you to grow and give you energy. There is protein in meat, fish and milk. Minerals make your bones and teeth strong. There are different types of minerals in milk, vegetables, eggs, meat and cereals. Water is important for your blood. It also cleans your body from the inside. Drink lots of water every day.

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Let's figure out what foods are in the fast food range:food that does not require much time for cooking and does not require a nice serving: hot dogs, french fries, hamburgers, shawarma, pizza, friedpies,chebureks.- food that can be cooked quickly with boiling water: dry mashed potatoes, porridge in packages, powdered soups (hot mug), dried vermicelli. - beer snacks: crunches, chips, nuts with seasoning. Fast Food Pros:- fast food - delicious food. Each of us has a favorite fast food that we want from time to time. You know, that kind of breakup sometimes happens.- quick cooking, big time savings;- quite fine;- reasonable price, even for students; - available.

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Healthy food: apples, salad…Unhealthy food: chips, sweets…

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Are these sentences true or false? Vitamins are important for your eyes, your skin, your bones, for hair and for other parts of your body. There are some vitamins in milk. There isn’t any sugar in cake. Sausages haven’t got fats. Protein is good for you. Water is important for your blood. Fruit isn’t healthy.

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What would you like: 1. for breakfast? 2. for lunch? 3. for dinner?

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How healthy are you? (Test)

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Food:1. How many servings of fruits do you usually eat per day, including fresh, canned and dried fruits?a) nob) onec) two or more2. How many servings of salad and vegetables do you usually eat each day, including raw and cooked vegetables?a) nob) from one to threec) four or more3. How many snacks - such as chips, chocolate or pastries - do you usually eat each day?a) three or more a dayb) one or two a dayc) no4. How many sugary drinks do you usually drink per day, including sodas and fruit juices?a) two or more a dayb) one or two a dayc) no

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Physical activity:5. How many moderate (breathing faster than usual) or vigorous (puffing and puffing) exercises you usually do per daya) 0 - 30 minutesb) 30 - 60 minutesc) 60 minutes or more6. How often do you go, ride a bike, ride a skateboard or ride a scooter to school?a) neverb) sometimesc) most days7. How often do you spend time doing activities with your family (for example, playing at home, walking a dog, riding a bicycle or swimming)?a) neverb) once or twice a week or lessc) more than twice a week8. How much time do you usually spend watching TV, playing computer games, reading or doing homework?a) more than two hours a dayb) one to two hours a dayc) no more than one hour per day

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Food: If you answered mainly to C, well done! - You have a balanced diet full of nutrients. But, if you answered mainly questions “A” and “B” - you need to eat more healthy food. Physical activity: If you answered mostly in C, great! - You are now leading an active life!Basically, A and B - you must be physically active for at least 60 minutes every day. Check out some ideas on physical activity.

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Thanks for your attention and… Good-bye!!!

3 квітня 2020
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