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Places of interest. Контрольна робота по темі 7 клас

Додано: 19 травня 2020
Предмет: Англійська мова, 7 клас
Копія з тесту: Places of interest.
Тест виконано: 187 разів
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Запитання 1

The huge building is the home of the British government.

варіанти відповідей

The Houses of Parliament

Big Ben

The Gherkin

St Paul's Cathedral

Запитання 2

Which building in Kyiv is famous for its fairy animals?

варіанти відповідей

Zoloti Vorota

the House of Chimeras

St Sophia Cathedral

St Michael's Zolotoverkhyi Monastery

Запитання 3

We......to the theatre last night.

варіанти відповідей



has gone

was going

Запитання 4

When mum came home we _______ our homework.

варіанти відповідей

were doing


was doing

have done

Запитання 5

You can take camera with you to _______

варіанти відповідей

make pictures

make photos

take photos

take pictures

Запитання 6

St Sophia Cathedral is in _____

варіанти відповідей





Запитання 7

Kyiv is situated on the river _______

варіанти відповідей





Запитання 8

Where _______ you _________ been?

варіанти відповідей

already / had

already / have

have / already

had / already

Запитання 9

The British Museum is one of the most famous sights in ________.

варіанти відповідей





Запитання 10

Have you ever _______ this film?

варіанти відповідей





Запитання 11

I ________ (work)  at six o'clock.

варіанти відповідей

was working


have worked

am working

Запитання 12

Choose the correct order:

Kyiv / live / modern / and / city / is / a / ancient / where / side by side.

варіанти відповідей

 Kyiv is a modern city where ancient and live side by side.

 Kyiv and city is a ancient modern side by side where live.

 Kyiv is a city where ancient and modern live side by side.

Запитання 13

Which of the texts tells about Mariyinskyi Palace?  

варіанти відповідей

This is the oldest building in London. It was founded by King William the Conqueror in the 11th century. During its long history it was a royal palace and a fortress, a prison and Jewel House. Today it is just a tourist attraction.

This is the sky blue two-storeyed palace in Kyiv. It is used to be the residence of the tsar family when they came to Kyiv. Now formal events related to the activities of the President of Ukraine are held here – award ceremonies, summits and official receptions.

This monument of Kyiv architecture is a grey cement building. There are sculptures of real animals and imaginary monsters inside and outside the building. The office of the Administration of the President of Ukraine is situated right in the opposite building.

This is one of the most famous landmarks in the world. Its name is generally known to describe a clock tower. However it is actually the main bell of the tower.

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