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Reading 7th/ I semester

Додано: 10 грудня 2020
Предмет: Англійська мова, 7 клас
Тест виконано: 1 раз
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Запитання 1

Read the text and do the following exercise

Ice cream is definitely the world’s favourite dessert.

In Europe alone, about 11 billion euro a year is spent on ice cream.

More ice cream is eaten per person in Australia than in any other country:16.6 litres per year.

A form of ice cream was eaten in China, about 4,000 years ago. It was made of milk, rice, fruit and a secret ingredient … snow.

Ice cream was brought to Europe in the sixteenth century, but at that time only the super-rich could afford it. When the Italian princess Catherine de Medichi married the future King Henry II of France in 1533, a different variety of ice cream was served every day for a month!

The first ice cream cone (вафельний ріжок) was made in New York City on September 22nd,1886. The maker Italo Marchiony, was given a patent on his cone in 1903.

The world’s most popular flavor is vanilla, which is produced from vanilla beans. 80% of the world’s vanilla beans is grown on the island of Madagascar, off the east coast of Africa. More ice cream is sold on a Sunday than on any other day of the week.

Choose the correct variant

1. Which word was used in the text?

варіанти відповідей





Запитання 2

Choose the correct variant

2. In Europe alone, ... a year is spent on the ice cream.

варіанти відповідей

about 10 billion euro; 

about 5 billion euro;

about 11 billion euro;

about 100 billion euro.

Запитання 3

Choose the correct variant

3. In the 16th century only the super-rich could afford....


варіанти відповідей


 ice cream;



Запитання 4

Choose the correct variant

4. The Italian princess Catherine de Medichi married ... in 1533.

варіанти відповідей

 Italo Marchiony;

King Arthur;

the future King Henry VIII of England;

   the future King Henry II of France.

Запитання 5

Choose the correct variant

5. More ice cream is sold on ... than on any other day of the week.


варіанти відповідей





Запитання 6

Choose the correct variant

6. What is the world's favourite dessert?


варіанти відповідей

 ice cream;




Запитання 7

Choose the correct variant

7. Which country eats the most ice cream?


варіанти відповідей





Запитання 8

Choose the correct variant

8. How much ice cream does an average Australian eat?

варіанти відповідей

6 litres per year;

16.6 litres per year;

16.6 litres per day;

 66 litres per year.

Запитання 9

Choose the correct variant

9. When was ice cream brought to Europe?


варіанти відповідей

 in the 11th century;

in the 16th century;

 in the 5th century;

 in the 18th century.

Запитання 10

Choose the correct variant

10. What was the Chinese ice cream made of? It was made of ...


варіанти відповідей

milk, fruit and snow;

milk, rice, fruit and snow;

milk, cheese, fruit and snow;

milk and snow.

Запитання 11

Choose the correct variant

11. Who was given a patent on his cone in 1903?

варіанти відповідей

 Italo Marchiony;

 Illia Mechnikov;

Catherine de Medichi;

Italian Princess.

Запитання 12

Choose the correct variant

12. Vanilla is produced from ...


варіанти відповідей

 vanilla beans;




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