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Конспект уроку "Фруктовий сік для друзів"

Про матеріал

Їжа. Вживання some/any. Злічувані та незлічувані іменники.

Конспект уроку до підручника Fly High 3

Мета :

практична: ативізувати лексику за темою, навчати вживати слова у монологічному та діалогічному мовленні;

розвивальна:розповідати про їжу , використовуючи some/any

освітня:формувати навички говоріння .

виховна: виховувати любов до іноземної мови

Перегляд файлу

Тема уроку/ The subject of the lesson: Фруктовий сік для друзів

Мета : 

практична: ативізувати лексику за темою, навчати вживати слова у монологічному та діалогічному мовленні;

розвивальна:  розповідати про їжу , використовуючи some/any

освітня:    формувати  навички говоріння .

виховна: виховувати любов до іноземної мови


Хід уроку/ Procedure

  1. Підготовка до сприйняття іншомовного мовлення.


Good morning, everyone! I`m glad to see you! Take your seats, please! Let`s begin our lesson!  How are you today? What day is it today? What the weather like today?


Повідомлення теми,мети уроку/Aim of the lesson

The topic of our lesson is   «Juice for friends.». Today we are going to talk about food. Countable and uncountable nouns . We`ll improve your communicative skills, also skills in reading, listening.



Warm – up

Now, children, look at the blackboard

And repeat the sounds and words.

[i:]sweet, cheese, meat, tea, pizza

[t] sweet, tomato, meat, tea, Spaghetti, yoghurt, potato

[e] egg, bread, chicken, melon

[k] carrot, milk, crisps, cake,

[i] fish, fizzy drink, milk shake, biscuit

Answer my questions

What do you usually have for breakfast (dinner, supper)?

What are your favourite dishes?

What are your favourite drinks?

What are Ukrainian popular dishes?






 2.  Основна частина уроку. The main part of the lesson.

Checking homework

What was your homework for today? You had to do some projects about your meals


Let’s do a small test  Fill in with some or any.

  1. Is there _______________ water in the bottle?
  2. Are there ________________ bananas?
  3. There is ___________________ honey in the jar.
  4. There aren’t ___________________ mangoes in the fridge.
  5. Is there ______________ sugar?
  6. There are _________________ coconuts on the tree.
  7. There isn’t _______________ lemonade in the bottle.
  8. Can I have __________________ water, please?



Write some or any Ex 2 p 49
• Do the example with the class: ask the children to read  the example sentence and see if they can tell you why the  missing word is any (because the sentence is a question).
Ask the children to write some or any. They can do the exercise in pairs if you think it will help. Remind them to refer to the Learn with Tag box for help. Monitor and help  where necessary.
Check the answers by asking children to read the sentences.

2 some
3 any
4 some
5 any
6 some








Clap when you hear a drink

Jump when you hear fruit

Nod your head when you hear a vegetable

  •    a banana
  •    a carrot
  •    tea
  •    milk
  •    an apple
  •    an orange
  •    a potato
  •    water
  •    lemonade
  •    fruit
  •    coke
  •    vegetable
  •    juice









And now I’ve got a very funny rhyme for you. You’ll finish the lines like real poets. Are you poets? Let’s see.

I am Sam. I like … (jam)

I am Bruce. I like … (juice)

I am Sophie. I like … (coffee)

He is Tony. He likes … (macaroni)

She is Betty. She likes … (spaghetti)

He is Lee. He likes … (tea)

How clever you are! You are real poets. Thanks.



Sing along with The Fly High band!


3.  Заключна частина уроку The end of the lesson Summarizing.

1. Setting home assignment. Домашнє завдання

It`s time to write down your hometask for the next lesson. At home you have to complete p. 46 in your Activity Book

2. Reflection. підсумки

Our lesson is going to the end. Let`s sum up the results of our lesson.

We have spoken about your food

3. Evaluation. оцінювання

You`ve done a good job today! You have been active. Your marks are…

       Did you enjoy our lesson?

       Thank you for your attention! Goodbye!





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