Конспект уроку з англійської мови для 6 класу з теми "Спорт"

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Підсумковий урок з теми Спорт. Узагальнення та систематизація знань учнів у межах теми. Удосконалення навичок аудіювання.діалогічного та виразного мовлення.логічного мислення

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Конспект уроку в 6 класі з теми Значення спорту в житті людини

Мета: закріпити вивчену лексику, формувати навички монологічного і діалогічного мовлення,навички аудіювання,письма,виразного мовлення;

Розвивати  логічне мовлення , навички роботи в групах;

Виховувати любов до спорту,показати значення спорту в житті людини.

Хід уроку:

І.Організаційний момент:

Teacher :-I’m glad to see you,my dear pupils!

Pupils :- We are glad to see you too!

Teacher :-Is anybody absent today? What date is it? Do you like the weather today? What winter sports do you know?

Pupils :- Skiing,skating,ice hockey,snowboarding…

ІІ. Оголошення теми уроку: Today we are going to have a lesson on the topic “ Sport”

ІІІ. Мотивація  навчальної   діяльності:

На дошці – прислів,я ” A sound mind in a sound body”.

Teacher:- Look at the saying and tell what it means.

                 -Right you are-“У здоровому тілі – здоровий дух”. What other proverbs do you know?

Pupils:- Good health is above wealth.

            -As fit as a fiddle. –Early to bed,early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

ІV. Мовленнєва зарядка:

На дошці чи на проекторі фото чи малюнки з різними видами спорту.

Teacher:- You have already known different kinds of sport. Let”s recollect them.

Say what are they. ( Pupils name the sports pictures.)

V. Now you”ll listen to the texts and name what sport is it.

Text 1. It”s a team game. Both men and women can play it.The players play a ball with their hands. There are 6  players in a team.(Volleyball)

Text 2. It is the most popular game in England and Ukraine. It was first played in England. The game lasts for 90 minutes and has 2 periods. The players try to score a goal.(Football)

Text 3.  It is one of the   world”s popular games. It was first played in Canada. It is a team game. It is a winter game. Only men can play it. The players skate. They have sticks in their hands.(Hockey).

Text 4. This kind of sport is very beautiful. The sportsmen skate with grace and rhythm .They do exercises and dance to music.(Figure skating).

 Text 5. This game is played  at schools and  universities. It was first played in the USA. The team has 5 players. They bounce the ball on the floor and try to throw it into the basket.(Basketball).

VІ. Teacher:- Well done, my dear! Now you are going to speak in pairs. You will make up dialogues.

1.—What are you going to do?

   -I am going to see the swimming competitions on TV. I like Yana Klochkova style.

2. –Where are you going?

    -To the sport club. I go in for basketball.

   -So you are fond of basketball?

    -Yes, I am. It is very active.

3. –Did you see the athletic contest on TV last night?

   --Yes, I did.

  - What team has won?

  - Our Ukrainian  team from Zaporizhzhia. They showed very good results.

Teacher: -Thanks, children. You were great!

VІ. Let”s recollect the poems on Sports topic.

Pupil1-Oh, sport! You are enjoiment!

            -Oh,sport! You are architect!

           -Oh, sport! You are justice!

Pupil 2-Sport is fun for girls and boys.

            It”s much better than the toys.

           You can swim and play football.

            Hockey, tennis, basketball.

           You can jump and you can run.

           You can have a lot of fun.

Teacher:- Very good, kids! Thank you!

So, tell, please, why it it important to do sports?

Pupils: -Sport helps people to keep in good health. Because health is better than wealth.

             -We want to be healthy, strong, active.

             -Sports teaches us to be a real friend

           -  If we go in for sport we feel good.

            -We can get better results in our life.



Teacher:- Thanks for your nice ideas. Now it”s high time to have a break.

            Let”s do some exercises.(Робимо зарядку на розсуд вчителя)

VІІ. Розподіл класу на групи. Вибір лідера або капітана. Учні беруть інтерв,ю один в одного.

a.1.-Do you have a bike?

2. Do you  often go cycling?

3. Is sport  very popular in Ukraine?

4. Who does sports in your form?

5. Do you take part in the school competitions?

B. 1.can you skate or ski?

   2. Are you a football fan?

3.Is there a swimming – pool in your school?

4. Where do you swim in summer?

5. What kind of sport do you prefer?

C.1. Do you go in for sport?

   2. What sport do you go in for?

   3. Do you know any Ukrainian  sportsmen?

   4. Who is your favourite sportsmen?

   5. Can you swim ?

Task 2.  1st group has got unscrambled sentences:

  1. There are three good chess players among the boys of our class.
  2. In winter we have PE lessons in the gym.


  1. We play basketball and volleyball twice a week.

 2nd group has got the task to put questions to the sentences:

  1. My brother goes in for fencing.- (What does he go in for?)
  2. No, my favoutite kind of sport is tennis.-(Is your favourite kind of sport football?
  3. Football is the most popular kind of sport. –(What is the most popular kind of sport?)


3d group has got the task to complete the sentences:

  1. The most popular kinds of sport  in our country are…
  2. Brothers Klychko go in for…
  3. A lot of people all over the world like…

Task 3:    1st group has got unjumbled words:

L o gf,inskig,otbaoll,ojud,ginxob,orstp

2nd group has got the task “Guess”

1.Favourite kind of sport in England- 8 letters

2.Beautiful sport on ice rink -13 letters

3.Popular winter sport-6 letters

4.Sport for strong men-6 letters

5.Water sport-8 letters

3d group is given 6 sport pictures . What sport do you see in the pictures?

Перевірка виконання завдань. Підсумок уроку Коментарі вчителя.

The teacher: I see you know the sport very well. I enjoyed your work today, thank all of you! We had the final lesson on this interesting topic. We did much work, recited poems,worked in groups,spoke in dialogues and listened to the texts.

Your hometask is 1. To write about the sportsmen of your form

                                 2.to make a sport crossword

                                  3.to draw kinds of sport

The tasks are different depending on the pupils


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Англійська мова (6-й рік навчання) 6 клас (Карпюк О.Д.)
25 січня 2018
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