Конспект уроку з англійської мови для 6 класу на тему: "Shopping"

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Нестандартний урок англійської мови для 6 класу по темі "Shopping" допоможе збагатити лексичний запас учнів, повторити граматику Present Continuous Tense, розвинути навички діалогічного та монологічного мовлення.

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  • to develop the students’ speaking, listening and reading skills and their language abilities; 
  • to stimulate the students’ interest in the language.   


Ι.The beginning of the lesson

1. Greeting. Information about the topic and the objectives of the lesson. 

  2. Warm-up. Conversation with the students on the topic “Shopping”. 

    -    Do all people do the shopping? Why? 

    -    Do all people like shopping? Why? 

    -    Read the statements. Which of them do you agree with? Why? 

        ( • I love shopping! It’s my hobby!  

           • Shopping is OK, but I prefer doing other things.  

           • I hate shopping! It’s so boring !) 

  - Are there a lot of shops in Vinnytsia?  

  - What are the biggest? (The pictures below will help you) 



C:\Users\Alexsandr\Pictures\sky park.png











3.Phonetic drills 

shoe shop  

butcher’s  bookshop  

toy shop   


clothes shop   



music shop 


ΙΙ. The main part of the lesson

1.  Practice of the material (new vocabulary – names of shops) presented at the previous lesson.  

          a) Card 1. Match the pictures and the names of the shops.  

          b) What can we buy in these shops? 


Card 1 

Match the pictures and the shops: 

shoe shop, butcher’s, bookshop, toy shop, baker’s, clothes shop, grocer’s, florist’s, music shop 

Picture 1 



Picture 2 

C:\Users\Alexsandr\Pictures\image (21).png


Picture 3 

C:\Users\Alexsandr\Pictures\image (20).png


Picture 4 

 C:\Users\Alexsandr\Pictures\image (19).png


Picture 5 

C:\Users\Alexsandr\Pictures\image (18).png        


Picture 6 

 C:\Users\Alexsandr\Pictures\image (17).png

Picture 7 

    C:\Users\Alexsandr\Pictures\image (16).png   


Picture 8 

 C:\Users\Alexsandr\Pictures\image (15).png

Picture 9


C:\Users\Alexsandr\Pictures\image (14).png




  2.  Speaking about shopping.  


         Card 2. Ask your desk mate about shopping write his/her answers in the card and speak about  him/her.   


Card 2 


Enjoy shopping 


How often 




Whom ……with 




What (favourite shop) 


says that 


3. Listening activity. 

Watching and sound tracking a video. 

           a) Pre-listening. Vocabulary: necklace, briefcase, a pair of jeans 

C:\Users\Alexsandr\Pictures\image (11).png

C:\Users\Alexsandr\Pictures\image (12).png


C:\Users\Alexsandr\Pictures\image (13).png


 b) Listening. Watch the video. 

Shopping Listening Activity 


 c) Post-listening. Sound track the video. 


4. Reading activity. 

Read the text (Card 3), choose the correct answer TRUE, FALSE or DOES NOT SAY and complete the sentences. (Card 4) 


Card 3

Buying Things 

Shop Assistant  - Good morning. Can I help you?  

Ann   -      Oh,  hello, yes, please. I am looking for something nice for my friend’s  

                 birthday party next Saturday. I don’t have a lot of money though.  

Shop Assistant  - I understand. We are having a sale at the moment. This green skirt  

                             is lovely but cheap.  Twelve pounds.  Do you like it? 

Ann   -      Yes, it’s nice but green. Have you got another  colour? 

Shop Assistant  - Let’s see. Oh, yes. Here’s a blue one. 

Ann   -        Oh, that’s my favourite colour. It matches the shoes I have. It also  

                    matches the new blouse I have. Yes, this skirt is perfect. Oh, just a  

                    minute. These shorts are nice, too.  

Shop Assistant  -  Yes, and they are half-price at the moment.  They are seventeen  


Ann   -        May I try them on? 

Shop Assistant  -  Yes, please.  …..   Do they fit all right? 

Ann   -        They are fine. Oh, no, I don’t know what to buy.  No, I want the shorts. 

Shop Assistant  -   Great. That’s seventeen pounds.  

Ann   -        Here you are. Thank you very much. 

Shop Assistant  -   Thank you, and enjoy the party.        


Card 4 

Task I 

Read the dialogue and choose the correct answer True, False or Does Not Say: 

  1. Ann is shopping in the evening. 

C:\Users\Alexsandr\Pictures\image (9).png

2.  Ann’s friend’s birthday was last week.      

3.  Ann has a brother. 

C:\Users\Alexsandr\Pictures\image (10).png

4. Ann is going to buy expensive clothes. 

5.  The shop is doing a special offer at the moment. 

6.  Ann is fond of the green colour. 

7.  Ann has new shoes. 

8.  The shorts are blue.  

9.  The skirt and shorts are cheap. 

10. Ann buys the skirt.  


Task II 

Read the dialogue and complete the sentences: 

1. The shop is having  ………….  at the moment. 

2.  Ann’s favourite colour is  ………  . 

3.  The skirt matches Ann’s  ………  ………  . 

4.  The shorts are …………….  . 

5.  The shop-assistant wishes Ann to ……………..  .  



5. Speaking activity.

 Making-up dialogues about shopping (pictures). Use the dialogue we have read as an example. 


 C:\Users\Alexsandr\Downloads\image.pngC:\Users\Alexsandr\Downloads\image (2).png


C:\Users\Alexsandr\Downloads\red dress.pngC:\Users\Alexsandr\Pictures\image (2).png


C:\Users\Alexsandr\Pictures\image (3).pngC:\Users\Alexsandr\Downloads\image (1).png



C:\Users\Alexsandr\Pictures\image (4).png


C:\Users\Alexsandr\Pictures\image (5).png


C:\Users\Alexsandr\Pictures\image (6).pngC:\Users\Alexsandr\Pictures\image (7).png

 6. Grammar activity (The Present Continuous Tense).  

           a) Read the text and fill in the gaps. Card 5. 

           b) Describe the pictures using the Present Continuous Tense.(in groups) 


Card 5


C:\Users\Alexsandr\Pictures\image (1).png


ΙΙΙ. The end of the lesson

1. Homework. Exercise 1, page 22 (in writing) 

                             Exercise 2, page 22 (describe the picture) 

2. Students’ performance evaluation.  

3. Summing up  


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