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Контрольна робота 11 клас з граматики на тему "Сonditional sentences"

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Пропоную контрольну роботу 11 класу з граматики на тему "Сonditional sentences" для контролю засвоєння учнями граматичного матеріалу з даної теми.
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                         Контрольна  робота  11 клас

І.  Open the brackets.

1) If the weather is nice tomorrow, we ( to go ) to the zoo.

2) He would answer the phone if he ( to be ) in the office.

3) If mum ( to have ) enough berries, she will bake a pie.

4) We ( to go ) with you if we had enough money.

5) If Rey had had time, he ( to write) his parents.

6) I would fix your bike if I ( to have ) tools.

7) If Ted ( to be ) at home tomorrow , we are going to visit him.

8) What you ( to do ) if you won a million ?

9) She will be very happy if he ( to come ) right now.

10) He ( to buy ) a new house if he has money ?

II. Choose the correct answer .

1) If the weather were hot and sunny , Julia … to the beach.

A. will go         B. would go    C. went

2) If he … me, I will phone him myself.

A. doesn’t  phone   B. didn’t phone   C. hadn’t phoned

3) We … him to the country if he had asked us.

A. would take   B. would have taken   C. would be taken.

4) I wouldn’t refuse if they … to give them a lift.

A. asked        B. ask        C. would ask

5) If I … you, I wouldn’t lie to my best friend.

A. am          B. was         C. were


6) He will be disappointed if I … .  

A. didn’t come      B. won’t come    C. don’t come

7) Tania is busy  right now, but if she … ,she  would help us.

A. isn’t          B. weren’t       C. didn’t

8) If you … a good specialist, you will earn  much.

A. were         B. are       C. would be

9) If people … wings, they wouldn’t need airplanes.

A. have         B. had       C. had had

10) We would go with you if it … now.

A. didn’t snow      B. weren’t snowing      C. doesn’t snow

III. Answer the questions.

1) Where will you go if it is warm and sunny ?

2) What will you do if it is cold and  rainy ?

3)  What would you do if you had more free time ?

4) What would you buy  if you had much money to spend ?

5) What will you talk about if you meet your old friends ?

6) What country would you visit if you had a chance ?

7) What will you do first if you have an outing ?

8) What will take with you if you decide to spend a day in the peace and quiet of nature ?

9) What will you do if you go to the beach ?

10) How much time would you spend with your friends if you socialized with them

       on the weekend ?


До підручника
Англійська мова (10-й рік навчання, академічний рівень) 11 клас (Калініна Л.В., Самойлюкевич І.В.)
23 лютого 2019
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