Урок-рольова гра в 11 класі "Welcome to Travel Agency"

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Урок-рольова гра в 11 класі за підручником Objective First Cambridge English, Level B2. Мета уроку: активізувати вживання лексики по темі "Помешкання" та "Подорож", вчити обмінюватись враженнями від подорожі, розвивати навички говоріння, читання та аудіювання, вчити працювати в групах, розвивати критичне мислення.

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Welcome to Travel Agency

(урок-рольова гра)

клас 11

за підручником Objective First Cambridge English

Level B2

підготувала Гаврілова С.В., учитель англійської мови Полтавської гімназії № 17


Aim: to practice in using active vocabulary of the topic “House, home”;

to develop reading and speaking skills;

to develop the skills of distinguishing the most important from the heard and read;

to develop the abilities of working in groups;

to express the ideas and defend them;

to develop creative thinking.



I. Greeting. Aim.

Teacher: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to our Travel Agency! At the meeting we are going to discuss the main reasons of travelling, discover the most desirable tourist destinations, analyze people’s complaints and think over the best techniques which will help us to advertise holidays and attract more customers. Let us start.


II. Brainstorming.

Teacher: Travelling is very popular. Many outstanding people expressed their ideas about this process. Read the quotations and comment on them:

1. “He, who travels far, knows much.” John Clarke

2. “The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page.” St. Augustine

3. “If you look like your passport picture, you probably need the trip.” Unknown


III. Vocabulary Practice.

1. Why Do People Travel?

Teacher: If we want to attract more tourists, we should understand the reasons of travelling. Brainstorm the ideas and say why people travel.


Possible answers: to have rest, to escape from daily routine, for research or gathering information, on business, for trade, to begin life somewhere else, there are religious pilgrimages or volunteer travelling for charity, to flee war or natural disaster, there are health care and mission trips.

What is the main reason of travelling for Ukrainian people? 

2. Types of Tours.

 Teacher: Our travel agency can offer different types of services and various kinds of tours. Name people who can be interested in every type:

- business trips                        - health care tours

- round-the –world trips          - wild life tours

- activity holidays                    - rural tours

- extreme tours                        - educational tours

Model: I am sure rural tours are for people who want to explore local traditions and customs. They give direct experience with local people. Such tours can be interesting for students who study folklore.


Which type of tour are you interested in? Why?


3. Expressing Impressions. Work in Departments.

Teacher: Every trip leaves a lot of impressions in our soul. Read some people’s ideas. Department 1 should choose the phrases with positive ideas. Department 2 should look for negative impressions.

List of Phrases

breathtaking views, bustling streets, delicious food, elegant architecture, exhausting routs, awful service, dreadful weather, tiring walks, horrible facilities, dangerous paths, world-class art galleries, exotic animals, spectacular buildings, wide open spaces, romantic atmosphere, lack of comfort, lively nightlife, unique flora and fauna, terrific museums, picturesque landscapes.


IV. Speaking Practice.

1. Name Tourist Destinations.

Teacher: Look at the pictures of famous tourist destinations (ppt presentation). Can you name them?

1) Paris, 2) London, 3) New York, 4) Dubai, 5) Egypt, 6) China, 7) Rio-de-Janeiro.


 I want you to think what can attract tourists to the place and why some people refuse to go there. Pay attention to useful vocabulary.

Useful Vocabulary

enjoy                 explore               disappoint

visit                   climb                   injure

see                    take part              tire

follow                study                   trouble

relax                  touch                   bore

try                      stay at                 spend a fortune


2. Describe the Place.

Teacher: Use the phrases of expressing impressions to describe the trip to one of these places.

Model: Paris can boast of romantic atmosphere and terrific museums.


3. Giving Recommendations.

Teacher: Every department should choose one famous destination to recommend it for tourists. Give your reasons and try to persuade the customers to buy the tour. Use active vocabulary to express your ideas.

Model: We think it is worth going to Brazil. You can enjoy breathtaking views from the top of the mountain and see a huge statue of Christ the Redeemer.


4. Making Up Dialogues.

Teacher: Now it is time for our agents to work hard. I would like you to welcome our first customers and offer them some tours. Put the phrases into correct order to make up dialogues.

Dialogue 1

- Good morning. Can I help you?

- Good morning. I’d like to book a tour for winter holidays.

- It’s nice. We have several variants to offer for the beginning of January. Where would you like to go?

- I want to visit a warm country. I have already been to Egypt and Turkey. I’d like something exotic.

- Then Brazil is for you. You should definitely visit Rio de Janeiro. This amazing city has much to offer.

- It’s a good idea. Are there any historic buildings there? I am fond of architecture.

- One of the most famous sights in Rio is the Statue of Christ the Redeemer which is situated at the peak of the 700-metre Corcovado Mountain. As a symbol of Brazilian Christianity, the statue has become an icon for Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.

- It’s interesting. And what about recreation?

- Rio can boast of beautiful and comfortable beaches, warm and clean sea.

-  And what about entertainments?

- It’s worth visiting a famous carnival. You’ll enjoy bright multicolored costumes of dancers and lively rhythms of samba.

- Where will we stay?

- You can choose a hotel not far from the beach. But if you prefer something cheaper we can offer a hostel.

- How much is the tour?

- It’s 1000 S including transport. And we have discounts for students.

- OK. I’ll book it.


Dialogue 2

- Good morning. Welcome to our agency. Can I help you?

- Yes, I want to go somewhere in January.

- Is it a business trip?

- No, I have vocations.

- What kind of a holiday do you prefer?

- I think active rest is the best for me. Besides, I am interested in history and cooking.

- Then I think you must visit Paris. This city is wonderful. It is full of history at every step. And Paris is the capital of cooking.

- What do you offer?

- Our 4 day tour includes excursions to the most famous museums and art galleries. You’ll see Notre Dame de Paris and Louvre.

- It’s fantastic.

- And you’ll see night Paris from the Eifel Tour. Believe me, it’s incredible!

- What accommodation do you offer?

- You’ll stay at a hotel in the suburbs. But we have a bus to take tourists to the city centre.

- Nice. And what about cuisine? Does your tour include any courses?

- No, it doesn’t. But we can offer a master class with a famous chef.

- Well, I think I’ll take the tour. Thank you for a good proposal.

- You are welcome.


V. Writing Practice. Work in Pairs. (Objective First, computer program, Units 3 and 4).

Teacher: Our Travel Agency has got several departments. One of them is Complaint Department.

Pair 1. We need two people to work with a letter of complaint. One of our leaflets had an advertisement for a hotel. Read the ad and the notes a customer made. Choose the correct phrase to make up the letter.

Dear sir or Madam,

1. a) I’ve just got back from a weekend break at your hotel.

b) I have recently returned from a weekend break at your hotel.


2. a) I had a really horrible time and I want to tell you why.

b) Unfortunately, I did not have a very pleasant time, I would like to explain why.


3. a) To start , your ad says all rooms have a private bathroom.

b) First of all, according to your advertisement, all rooms have a private bathroom.


4. a) This is a lie because I had to share mine with another room.

b) However, this is not the case, as I had to share mine with another room.


5. a) Then it says we will get gourmet food in the restaurant.

b) Secondly, it promises top quality food in the restaurant.


6. a) Disappointingly, this is also not true, as it was tasteless and overcooked.

b) This is simply untrue, because the food was absolutely disgusting.


7. a) What’s more, the rooms are all supposed to have a sea view.

b) Furthermore, the advertisement promises a sea view from each room.


8. a) All I could see was an ugly wall opposite.

b) However, mine only looked out at a wall opposite.


9. a) Finally, the advertisement states that your staff are friendly and helpful.

b) lastly, the staff are supposed to be friendly and helpful.


10. a) They were all rude to me.

b) Sadly, I found them to be rather rude.


11. a) I would appreciate an explanation and apology, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

b) I insist you tell me why your ad is full of lies and say sorry.


Yours faithfully,



Teacher: Our second department is responsible for gathering people’s opinions.

Pair 2. Two representatives should read four people’s opinions about island holidays and fill in the gaps.

Island Holidays

A Martin

I had been working hard, and really needed a holiday. The travel website I looked at described Parrot Island as one of the most beautiful islands in the world and the reviews for the Parrot Hotel made it sound wonderful. That decided it for me. I bought a cheap flight to the island at Bucketseats.com, then went to the Parrot Hotel’s website to reserve a room and a few weeks later flew out there. It was raining when I landed but I must say that I wasn’t disappointed I’d come. The island really lives up to its excellent reputation – stunning countryside, empty sandy beaches, and beautiful birds and other wildlife. The hotel was especially nice and my only complaint was that the rooms were rather cold because of the powerful air-conditioning. I had a wonderful time and I’d certainly recommend Parrot Island to anyone. In fact, I can’t wait to return next year – I’ve already booked my next trip.

B Barbara

Last year I won a free flight to Konsala Island in a writing competition. Unfortunately, I then read a newspaper article that said it should be avoided if you wanted a peaceful holiday, so I wasn’t too keen on going. However, a colleague of mine had been there the year before and said it was great, so I decided to make use of my free ticket. On arriving in Konsala Town, my first impression was that the article was right. The streets were full of traffic and there were tourists everywhere. I hated the place at first sight and even though I’d booked a room in a local hotel, I decided to take the first bus out of town. However, things improved a lot once I’d left the town behind. The sun shone down on beautiful countryside and there were some wonderful views of the sea. I got off the bus in a small town on the coast and found accommodation in a cheap place for backpackers right on the beach. I had to share the room with five other people but that was fine, because it meant I had people to talk to. I had a great time!


C Hitesh

I’d always wanted to visit Pandan Island. So many of my friends had recommended it to me, that I didn’t want to be the only person not to have been there. So, as soon as I saw an offer of two weeks for only £400, including flights, transfers, accommodation and meals, I went online and booked a holiday there before I could change my mind. At first glance, the island itself was very beautiful, the beaches were empty and there was lots of wildlife but it was wet and windy and it stayed like that for the whole time I was there. The other problem was the hotel. It was supposed to be a luxury resort but it was more like a hostel. It was very basic and there were almost no facilities, especially as the swimming pool was closed for maintenance. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized what an unpleasant time I’d had!

D Anita

The guide books I read advised their readers not to visit Serpent Island. They warned me that not only were there seven varieties of poisonous snake but the island also suffered from hurricanes and heavy storms for six months of the year! But I never make a judgement until I’ve seen it myself and as it was one of those places I’d dreamed of visiting for years I was thrilled to spend some time there. I spent a month on the island and during that time I did indeed see a lot of snakes. However, I thought they were fascinating, as were the many types of bird and lizard. The local people were kind and generous and it only rained twice. It’s also incredibly cheap, once you’ve paid for your flight, it only costs £6 a night for a lovely hotel room which despite being very simple had a wonderful view of the beach so you didn’t notice the limited facilities. Don’t let the warnings put you off, it’s a wonderful place to visit.   

Both departments have 5 minutes.

(From Objective First, Units 3-4)


VI. Listening and Comprehension.

Teacher: The rest of agents will work with adverts. Watch one of the adverts for the holiday and complete the file about Brazil. (YouTube video)

Complete the sentences with one of the words:

attention, captures, two, hospitality, cultures, rhythm, environment, beauty, people.


Brazil is Calling You

1. Brazil is the land for all people, splendid colourful ……

2. The races and ……………. converge and find strength in their diversity.

3. Brazil is the land that …….. ….. and fascinates visitors.

4. The country draws …………… with exuberance and demonstrates the world that it’s much more.

5. Investment in infrastructure: airports, transport and personal training, creates a favourable …………………. for Brazilians to practice one of their best talents - ……………….

6. Brazil was selected to host the ……….. largest sporting events in the world.

7. The best part of the country is ……….

8. It is the land of every colour, …….. and flavour.


Key: 1) beauty, 2)cultures, 3) captures, 4) attention, 5) environment, hospitality, 6) two, 7) people, 8) rhythm.


VII. Representation of the Results of Writing Practice.

Teacher: And now it’s time for our departments to show the results of their work.

1) The first is Complaint Department. Listen to the letter they’ve got. Name the main things people complain of.

 Key: Letter of Complaint

1) a, 2) a, 3) a, 4) a, 5) a), 6) a, 7) b, 8) b, 9) a, 10) b, 11) a. 


2) The next department should name the person who expressed the idea.


Key: Island holidays

Which person:

1) was recommended the holiday by several people they knew?

2) says that it was worth going despite its dangerous reputation?

3) was recommended the holiday destination by someone they worked with?

4) changed their opinion of the holiday destination shortly after arriving?

5) chose their holiday destination because of something they had read?

6) was surprised by the lack of facilities?

7) says that the local wildlife was very interesting?

8) says that transport to the island was inexpensive?

9) planned to stay in a different type of accommodation?

10) says that the accommodation was basic but pleasant?

11) complained about the weather?

12) they are going to return to the same destination?


1) Hitesh, 2) Anita, 3) Barbara, 4) Barbara, 5) Martin, 6) Hitesh, 7) Anita, 8) Martin, 9) Barbara, 10) Anita, 11) Hitesh, 12) Martin.


VII. Project Work.

Teacher: It is great to discover the world. But “East or West home is best”. Ukraine can offer a range of places to visit. Our Creative Departments had a special task to create adverts for two best places in Poltava. They are ready to represent their work.

(video reports)

Group 1

The Round Square in Poltava

P1. Are you interested in history? Do you want to see the places connected with the famous Poltava Battle?

P2. Would you like to walk along romantic paths?

P1. Then visit the picturesque Corps Garden, the heart of Poltava!

P2. Take fantastic pictures of the Glory Monument which is situated in the centre of the park.

P1. Have a look at the two-level monument’s pedestal and the golden eagle turning to

Poltava Battle field.

P2. Don’t miss a unique opportunity to study the architecture of the 18th century. Look at the beautiful ensemble of the Round Square.

P1.  Study the architecture of the Office Place Building (today the City Hall).

P2. Enter the Assembly of the Nobility (today the Kotlyarevskyy Movie Theater).

P1. Enter the Residence of the Governor-General (today the Council of Trade Unions).

P2. Discover the Post Office Building and enjoy the view of the School of Fine Arts.

P1. Look at the remains of the Petrovska Military Academy.

P1 and P2. Invite your best friends on an exciting walking tour!!! We are waiting for you!


Group 2

The Cathedral Square

P3. If you want to discover Poltava – the city with rich historical heritage…

P4. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the main tourist attraction - the White Rotunda which is situated in the central part of the city.

P3. The Rotunda has a horseshoe shape.

P4. Enjoy a wonderful view of Podol and Levada districts from the hill.

P3. If you want to become a participant of traditional celebrations then go to the Rotunda on Saturday a traditional wedding day.

P4. Take pictures of the most photographed monument traditional Ukrainian food – galushka.

P3. Get into a huge bowl with 12 concrete dumplings or into a huge spoon.

P4. If you are hungry stroll into Lileya restaurant and try traditional dishes of Poltava region.

P3. and P4. Welcome to Poltava!!!

VIII. Reading and Discussing.

Teacher: Every agency designs leaflets which advertise their tours and services. They use different techniques to draw people’s attention. I’ve got some leaflets today. Look through them and complete the table to find out all powerful tools they use.


1. Sandhurst Sports Centre

2. Science Museum

3. The Look Out Discovery Centre

4. Coral Reef Waterworld

5. Braknell Leisure Centre

6. Explore Oxford

7. Welcome to Stonehenge

8. Legoland Windsor










has a map









gives address









contains text with information









uses exclamatory or imperative sentences









uses bright colours









uses attractive images









tells people about benefits









describes facilities









uses creative headlines









uses quiz techniques










What are the most frequently used techniques?

What place would you choose after reading the leaflets?

What attracted you?


IX. Summing Up. Hometask.

Teacher: We’ve done a great job. All departments worked hard. For our next meeting two departments should design a leaflet advertising any tour or holiday. Try to use all creative techniques to make your leaflet unique.




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