Методична розробка конспекту уроку на тему "Батьки та діти"

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Цей конспект уроку викладач Н.В.Левко розробила з метою удосконалення вживання у мові учнів тематичну лексику та висловлювати свої думки на основі лексико-граматичного матеріалу; вчити учнів на практиці застосовувати набуті знання, вміння та навички;розвивати навички діалогічного мовлення та комунікативних здіб- ностей;розвивати критичне мислення та креативні здібності учнів;спонукати учнів до формування власної позитивної особистості; виховувати культуру спілкування та шанобливого ставлення до батьків.
Перегляд файлу

Тема: Батьки та діти.

Мета: Удосконалювати вживання у мові учнів тематичну лексику та ви-

            словлювати свої думки на основі лексико-граматичного матеріалу;

            Вчити учнів на практиці застосовувати набуті знання, вміння та  


    Розвивати навички діалогічного  мовлення та комунікативних здіб-


    Розвивати критичне мислення та креативні здібності учнів;

    Спонукати учнів до формування власної позитивної особистості;

    Виховувати культуру спілкування та шанобливого ставлення до ба-


Тип уроку: урок удосконалення та систематизації знань, умінь та навичок.

Обладнання: постери, картки,робочі зошити.




1. Greeting

T: Good morning my dear! Are you good today? How you feel yourself?


T: Look at the slide and read some wishes on it. It be our motto for today’s lesson.

3. Warming up.

T: How you understand,today we are going to talk with you about parents and children. Lets little communicate with you about it. Show your opinions answering on my questions.

  1. What role does the family play in a child's development?
  2. What are parents' duties? Which of them do you consider the most important?
  3. What are the disadvantages of an authoritarian parenting style?
  4. What should parents remember if they want to raise healthy and happy children?




T: Before yourself you have text,lets read it in voice.

Teenage Problems in a Family

   Family life isn’t always easy. Today conflicts between children and their

parent are a classic case of misunderstandings between different generations:

conflicts with adults are typical in teenagers’ life. Children and their parents often

argue with each other. I would like to tell you about problems which can cause


   One of the problems concerns teenager fashion. Teenagers and their parents

have different views on the same things. Nowadays, in most stylish clothes you

can’t find anything that looks like normal in your parents’ mind. On the other

hand, your parents don’t find the clothes you wear stylish.

   But you want a little more in what you wear. Meanwhile your parents try to

have control over your life and choices. They don’t like such things as red and blue

hair, and studs and rings in different parts of your body.

   Parents will reduce their censorship if they understand that you are not the

only one to prefer such unusual styles. You ask: “Can I have my lower lip

pierced?” They answer: “Do any of your friends have it?”

   And what about friends? This is another vital issue. Parents do not want their

child to hang out with a bad crowd. They would like their child to make friends

with honest boys and girls, because teenagers with bad habits can spoil their

child’s character and future.

   The same problem concerns relations with the opposite sex. It happens very

often: a guy brings his girl-friend to his house and the parents react in shock with

open mouths.

   They think they know what is better for their children because of life


   One more reason for the misunderstanding is that parents try to control nearly

every step of their children; they constantly tell them what to do and not to do.

Very often they don’t let you stay up late because you have to go to school on the

next day, they don’t let you watch what you want on TV. On the other hand they

make you do your homework every day, do the chores and take care of your

brothers or sisters.

   Sometimes, disagreements become so huge that teenagers leave home. But

almost always they come back, because they are not ready for independent life.


To do the chores – виконувати обов’язки по дому

Argue with smb – сперечатися з кимось

cause - викликати

concern – стосуватися

Stud – гвоздик

Reduce – скорочувати

Censorship – контроль

to pierce – робити пірсинг

vital issue – насущна проблема

to hang out – зв’язуватися

to spoil – зіпсувати


T: Let’s analyze these text.What is main idea of it? Does your parents know,what is better for you?


T: Open your copybooks,and start do task at the cards.

Card 1.

Make up a dialogue according to these phrases:

- Mum, may I go outing these Sunday?

- You promised me to help about the house.

- I’ll do it another time.    You are unreliable.

- You are stubborn and disobedient.

- You often wrangle with me.

- You are very bossy and dictate me what to do.

- I have many problems too.

- You are selfish.      I’ll do what I want.


Card 2.

You have to find the lexical mistakes and correct them.

1. My mum pays much attention to me because she is very bossy.

2. The most important thing in the relations is indifference.

3. Kind-hearted people often wrangle with the others.

4. Sometimes people cannot find mutual understanding because they are amiable.

5. It’s very difficult to talk to tactful people because they don’t consider other opinions.


Card 3.

The task is to fill in the gaps with the words given below.

1. _______________ people like giving orders.

2. _______________ people think about themselves and not about other people.

3. _______________ in the family is the basis of good relationships.

4. The parents must take _______________ of their children.

5. We should avoid _______________ in our relations with other people.

6. There are _______________ relations between my friends and me because we respect and take care of each other.

indifference, amiable, trust, selfish, bossy, care.



1.Summing up the lesson.

T: Well, today at the lesson we discussed very important problems. Lev Tolstoy

once wrote: “All happy families are alike.” I believe it is true. When a family is

happy it means that all members of the family trust each other, tell each other

about their joys and sorrows. The family plays a very important role in

everybody’s life.A lucky person is that who finds peace, consolation and

support with the dearest.


T: Look at the picture! Your hometask will be to prepare a project on topic “Good relationship,build good family”.

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