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Сценарій вистави "Romeo and Juliet"

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Сценарій вистави наа англійській мові для учнів 4 класу розроблен на основі матеріалу сайту British Council. У виставі можна використовувати фрагменти фильму "Ромео и Джульета".

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Сценарій вистави


Ромео і Джулєта





учитель англійської мови

Лисенко Марина Володимирівна








м. Енергодар, 2017 р.

  • Good morning dear teachers! Good morning dear children! We are glad to see you here. Today the actors and the singers from form 4A will show you the play “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare. It is an unusual version of the famous drama. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

So, welcome to medieval Italy!


  • Many years ago in Verona, Italy, there were two families.
  • “We are the Capulets.”
  • “We are the Montagues.”
  • These families are always fighting.
  • The Montagues have a son, Romeo.
  • Romeo, dear, you look so tired! You need some rest!
  • The Capulets have a daughter, Juliet.
  • Mum, Dad, do we really have a party on Friday?
  • Yes, dear!
  • That’s great!


  • On Friday night  the Capulets have a party and Romeo goes. He meets Juliet there.

Video 1

  • Romeo and Juliet  fall in love. But Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt, sees Romeo and is very angry.
  • He’s a Montague! Get him!
  • No, Tybalt, the prince will be angry!


  • Oh, Romeo, Romeo. I can't sleep because all I can do is think about you. Where are you now? Why are you a Montague? You're the enemy of my family, but how can I hate you? I fancy you so much.
  • Oh really? I could not hope: she loves me too!
  • I would leave my family and change my name if I could be with you, Romeo. It's incredible; I can't stop thinking about you. If only I could see you again.
  • I am here, Juliet!

Video 2


  • Romeo and Juliet decide to get married.
  • They know that their families will be very angry so they go to Friar Lawrence and are married in secret.

Video 3


  • But their happiness is very short.
  • Romeo, I want to fight you! 
  • But I don’t! I’m happy, Tybalt!  I like your surname now like my own.
  • If you won’t fight him, I will!
  • Mercutio, Tybalt, stop fighting! You mustn’t do it!
  • Tybalt fights and kills Mercutio.
  • Romeo is so upset he fights Tybalt and kills him too!

Video 4


  • The Prince of Verona is very angry.
  • I don’t want to hear anything! You will not be excused!
  • I didn’t want to fight but he killed my friend!
  • Go away, Romeo! Verona is not your home place now!
  • Juliet goes to Friar Lawrence for help.
  • Can you help me? I know you can! Please, I pray!
  • Here is a special drink. You will sleep for two days. Your family will think you are dead but you will wake up. Then you and Romeo can be free together.
  • Thank you! Oh, thank you!
  • Friar Lawrence sends Romeo a letter to tell him the plan.
  • This is a secret letter for Romeo. It is very important for him! Go and give it to Romeo! Be quick!
  • Yes, sure! You can trust me!
  • But Romeo doesn’t get the message. He hears that Juliet is dead!


  • Romeo is so upset he buys some poison and goes to see Juliet. “Now I will stay with you forever.”
  • Too late, Juliet wakes up! She sees what happened.
  •  “Oh no! You didn’t leave any poison for me but here is your knife.”
  • Romeo and Juliet are both dead.
  •  Friar Lawrence tells the Capulets and Montagues what happened.
  • They are so sad they agree not to fight any more.

Video 5

  • For never was a story of more woe
  • Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.
  • The end of the story was very sad. But we want to change it. Romeo and Juliet can be together. And the end can be happy. Let’s dream together!

Video 6 / song “Love Story”


Based on Romeo and Juliet

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