Solutions Elementary Unit 3

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Unit 3 Revision

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Style{306799 F8-075 E-4 A3 A-A7 F6-7 FBC6576 F1 A4}1. Clothes2. Expressing opinion3. Present Continuous4. Teens and their money

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Expressing opinion

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Expressing opinion123456789

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Present Continuous

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Present Continuous

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Teens and their money

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After watching 1. Traid is a shop that sell: New clothes b. second-hand clothes c. expensive clothes 2. What does Zoe do?She makes new clothes from old clothes. She sells second-hand clothes. She makes new clothes. 3. What is Zoe making today? a. skirt b. a sweatshirt c. a jumper

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After watching. A boy in a green/blue T-shirt playing a computer game. A girl in a white dress/jumper with a black hat. A pair of green trousers/socks. A yellow/red and black. A young woman with a yellow T-shirt/cardigan. A long patterned/plain dress. A red/blue retro skirt

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After watching1. According to the video, teenagers like clothes that are f_______.2. Teenagers think second-hand clothes are old and b_______.3. Traidremade clothes are s____.4. Zoe understands what teenagers like because she is y_____.5. The clothes Zoe makes are always i______.6. traid makes clothes that are not e_______.

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Conclusion. What do you like during the lesson. What problems do you face with?What do you want to add?Here is your task

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See you soon. Thank you

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