Текст для домашнього читання Orange Jam after Dora Saint

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Текст для позакласного,домашнього читання чи факультативу з англійської мови стане прекрасним доповненням уроків англійської мови.Після тексту є перевірочні цікаві завдання.

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            Текст для домашнього читання з англійської мови  із завданнями                          

                                                            Orange Jam

after Dora Saint

There was once a boy called Peter who did not like marmalade. He thought it was horrible. His Mummy and Daddy and bid sister Jane ate it every morning and enjoyed it. How could they? Ugh!

“It’s lovely,” said Mummy. “Try some.”

“No, thank you.”

“Good for you,” said Daddy. “Makes you grow.”

“No, thank you.”

“I love it,” said his sister Jane. “Have just a little bit.”


“Leave the boy alone,” said Granny, who was visiting them. “He’s happy with his honey.”

Peter loved his Granny. She lived not very far away, and sometimes he went with his Mummy on a bus to visit her.

One cold winter morning he went to spend the day at Granny’s as his Mummy had to go out. He found his Granny in the kitchen. She was busy cutting up oranges and lemons. A big pan was on the stove. It had sugar and water in it, and a very big spoon.

“What are you making?” he asked.

“Orange jam,” said Granny. “Want to help?”

“Yes, please,” said Peter.

Granny put a large apron round him. Everything smelt lovely. The kitchen was warm after the cold weather outside, and it was fun to watch Granny. She was cutting the oranges and lemons with a sharp knife.

“If you squeeze them for me on this lemon squeezer,” said Granny, “it will be a great help. Press hard, and then turn the fruit this way to let out the juice.”

After one or two tries, Peter found he could do it easily. Then Granny put some sugar in the pan with the juice and water. Soon the pan was Bubbling, filling the kitchen with a beautiful smell.

After some time, Granny put a spoonful of the orange jam on a saucer.

“What is that for?” asked Peter, tasting it with his finger.

“To see if it is ready. If it is, we can pour it into the jars.”

The jam was ready. Granny poured it carefully into the big jars, twenty of them, and one little one.

“That is for you,” said Granny. “You’ll take it home.”

When his Mummy came to take him he showed her his jar of orange jam.

“I made it myself. Didn’t I, Granny?”

“Yes, you did,” agreed Granny.

Next morning, at breakfast time, Peter had his little jar in front of his plate. The orange jam was very tasty.

“Try some of my orange jam,” he said to Mummy.

“Lovely!” she said.

“Try some of my orange jam,” he said to Daddy.

“Beautiful!” he said.

“Try some of my orange jam,” he said to his big sister Jane.

“Wonderful!” she said. “But it is just like marmalade to me!”

“Silly,” said Peter. “It’s orange jam. Isn’t it, Mummy?”

“You are both right,” she said. “Orange jam is just another name for marmalade!”

“Oh,” said Peter, thinking about this. “Well, whichever it is, it’s wonderful.”

And he took another spoonful and put it on his toast.


  1. Match the words with their translations.
    1. horrible                                 a) дурненький
    2. apron                                     b) палець
    3. stove                                      c) повна ложка
    4. bubble                                   d) запах
    5. smell                                      e) кипіти
    6. spoonful                                 f) чудовий
    7. finger                                     g) фартух
    8. lovely                                     h) щоб це не було
    9. silly                                        i) жахливий

10)whichever it is                        j) кухонна плита

2. Complete the sentences.

  1. Peter thought marmalade …
  2. Peter’s Granny lived …
  3. One cold winter morning he …
  4. The kitchen was …
  5. Granny put …
  6. When Peter’s Mummy came …
  7. Peter said to Danny …
  1. Answer the questions.
  1. What didn’t Peter like?
  2. Where did his Granny live?
  3. What was she doing one cold winter morning?
  4. What did she ask Peter to do?
  5. What did Peter do to help his Granny?
  6. What did his parents and his sister say about his jam?

4. Put as many questions to the sentence as you can.

One cold winter morning he went to spend the day at Granny’s as his Mummy had to go out.

5. Read the text once more and write the recipe of the orange jam.


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