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How is tractor power measured?

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Horsepower (hp)



Запитання 2

What are the various ways in which a tractor can supply power to machines?

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Only by pulling

Only through a power-take-off shaft

Pulling, pushing, and through a power-take-off shaft

Only through a belt pulley

Запитання 3

What is the purpose of crawlers or track laying tractors?

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Speedy transportation

Heavy-duty operations like road making or dam building

Precision farming

Airborne operations

Запитання 4

What is the three-point linkage used for in wheeled tractors?

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Adjusting tire pressure

Mounting implements and machines

Controlling engine power

Regulating fuel consumption

Запитання 5

Why are diesel engines preferred over gasoline engines in tractors?

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Diesel engines are quieter

Diesel engines are more fuel-efficient for the same work

Gasoline engines are more durable

Gasoline engines produce more horsepower

Запитання 6

What should be checked in the radiator of a water-cooled tractor engine?

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Oil level

Coolant level

Air pressure

Tire condition

Запитання 7

Why is regular servicing of tractors necessary?

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To increase fuel consumption

To decrease engine power

To improve tractor speed

To provide useful work and maintain optimal performance

Запитання 8

What does the row spacing adjustment in wheeled tractors refer to?

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Adjusting the distance between rows of crops

Adjusting the length of the tractor

Adjusting the height of the tractor

Adjusting the width of the tractor

Запитання 9

What role does the belt pulley play in a tractor?

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It measures engine power

It provides traction on the ground

It helps drive external machines using a belt

It controls the tractor's speed

Запитання 10

In a water-cooled tractor engine, what does the radiator help regulate?

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Fuel consumption

Engine temperature

Tire pressure

Oil viscosity

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