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Урок англійської мови для 2 класу “ OUR COLOURFUL WORLD”

Про матеріал

Вивчити новий звук [3:] та нові слова з цим звуком. Повторити кольори та структуру: WHAT COLOUR IS THIS PEN? повторити граматичні структури (has/ have, is).

Перегляд файлу

Урок англійської мови для 2 класу на тему “ OUR COLOURFUL WORLD”


1) to learn new sound [3:] and new words with this sound.

2) to repeat all colours and learn new construction: WHAT COLOUR IS THIS PEN?

3) to read the text for main gist and for getting more information.

4) to show your ability of operating grammar(have, has, is).


  • Letters I,R, sound [3:]
  • Cards with pictures
  • Pictures (skirt, shirt, bird, dirty pig, girl)
  • A doll
  • A bear
  • Poems “Teddy-bear”, “My cat”, “My frog”, ”My toys”
  • Animals (different colours)
  • Text for reading with task
  • Pictures for painting
  • Pencils
  • Magic box and cards for reading 

І Organize moment


-Good morning.

-I am glad to see you.

-How are you?

-I am fine thank you.

II Warm-up


Dear children I want to introduce you my friend. This is a girl. Her name is Urse. I know something interesting about this girl. Listen to me attentively and tell me please What is the main sound?

What a hurly-burly girl  Urse is?

-Clap your hands when you hear sound [3:].

-How many times are there sound [3:].

Let`s count together. There are 4 times.

-What letter is this? Letter I. What letter is this? Letter R. These letters together is sound [3:].

Look at the board and underline all words with sound [3:].

A girl, a pen, a bag, a skirt, winter, a shirt, a box, summer, a bird, a letter, dirty.


III New lexical material

  1. Urse is a girl. She has a skirt and a shirt on. She has a bird in her hands. Look at these pictures and repeat after me.

This is a girl. This is a bird. This is a skirt. This is a shirt. This is a dirty pig.

  1. Agree or don`t agree with me.

Is this a girl? Yes, it is. Is this a bird? No, it is not.

  1. What`s this? This is … .
  2. Fill in the gabs

This is a …(girl).Nina has a …(shirt) and a …(skirt) on.

Nina has a …(bird) in the hands. This is a … (dirty) shirt. (pictures)

Read these sentences please.

IV Reading

  1. We have many short texts with these words in our books. Take your books and open your books at page 128, Ex 2. Read and translate.
  2. Physical pause.

Urse has many toys. Bear is Urse`s toy. Bear likes to listen the poems about itself.

                             “Teddy- bear’’

  1. What is this? OK. This is a magic box. Open our magic box. Look! There are a lot of papers. Your task is Take one sheet of paper, read and translate.
    • A little girl.
    • A short skirt.
    • A red shirt.
    • A dirty duster.
    • Polina is a little girl.
    • She is six.
    • She has a shirt and a skirt on.
    • She has a little bird in the hand.
    • This is a girl.
    • The bird is black.
    • V Colours


1. What colour is the bear? Let`s repeat our colours. We know a lot of colours.

  • Знаємо насамперед колір мака  буде red.
  • Колір квітки, що люблю зветься по –англійські blue.
  • Взимку колір цей бува, це сніжинки колір white.
  • Море, де стоїть «Артек», зветься по-англійські black.
  • Хутро у вовка, хутро мишей, брудного кольору, зветься він  grey.
  • Оплески ведмедю «Браво!». Він актор, а колір brown.
  • Влітку і  взимку колір один, має ялинка зветься він green.
  • Троянди переможцю спадають на ринг, по-англійські називаємо  pink.


2. Animals

We have repeated all colours. Look! There are many animals on my desk. Every animal has its own colour. Tell me please

                            What colour is the …?

                             It is … .


3. Listening

 Our children know the poems about these animals. You listen attentively and tell me please: What colour is the frog?

              The frog is green, green, green

              So is the tree –one, two, three.

What colour is the cat?

               I love my cat

               It`s warm and fat

               My cat is grey

                It likes to play

What colour is the bear?

What colour is the bird?

What colour is the dog?

What colour is the puppy?


There is a dialogue in your books. Read this dialogue Ex 5 p129.

5. Dialogues

    Take your pencils and ask each other

What colour is this pencil? It is … . ( cards).

VI Writing

It is very important day for Urse. It is her birthday. Ann take the girl please, make a circle. Let`s sing “Happy birthday” to our Urse. Urse has a lot of presents. But she does not know what to do with these cards. She does not know right variant. Help Urse please.

Take these cards. Your task is: underline the right variant

  • It (is/ has) a big fresh fish.
  • Pam (have / has) a little brown puppy.
  • I (have/has) a cherry. It (is/ has) red.
  • Bill (have /has) a big black car.
  • Sam (have/has) a happy kitten and I (have/has) a fat sad kitten.

Let`s correct your  exercise .

VII Reading

Urse  has a friend. Her friend is Taras. Taras  lives in Lviv. There is a text about Taras on these papers. Read this text  and after this text there are many sentences. If you agree you put “+” if don`t agree  you put “-“. Read this text in silence.

Taras  and the bus.





Taras is 10. Taras has a bus. His bus is black. The bus is in the yard.

Taras has a puppy and a kitten. His puppy is brown and the kitten is red. The puppy is in the bus and the kitten is at the bus. Taras is happy.

True or false.

  • Taras is 5.
  • Taras  has a black bus.
  • His puppy is red.
  • His kitten is at the bus.
  • Taras is happy.

Let`s correct your task.

Answer my questions:

  • How old  is Taras?
  • What colour is the bus?
  • Where is the bus?
  • What colour is the puppy?
  • What colour is the kitten?
  • Where is the puppy?
  • Where is the kitten?

VIII Colour these pictures

Read the words above these pictures. Colour these pictures.


IX Homework

Take your day-books. Open your day-books. Write down your homework for the next lesson. The next lesson will be on Wednesday.

Ex 4p129.

X Summarizing

You were good.

  • What new sound have you learned?
  • What colours do you know?
  • What new constructions have you learned?

Your marks are ….



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