Урок "Числівники, кольори" (Конспект уроку з англійської мови для 2 класу на тему " Числівники, кольори" , підручник О.Карпюк)

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Урок англійської мови для другого класу " Числівники та кольори." До кінця уроку учні зможуть називати числівники до 10, розпізнавати та читати назви кольорів та зможуть написати їх назви.

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The Second Form

Topic: Numbers. Colours.

Objectives: to revise vocabulary of the topic;

    to learn reading the words and sentences;

    to develop pupils’ speaking and reading skills;

    to develop pupils’ writing and listening skills;

     to motivate learners to communicate.

As a result of this lesson, pupils will be able to:  name numbers and                                             colours, write colours.

Equipment: numbers, colours, toys, pictures, cards, a tape-recorder  books.


  1. Greeting.
  • Good morning, dear children!
  • Good morning, dear teacher!

Good morning. How are you?

We are very happy to say ‘”Hello!” to you.

  • I’m very happy to see you again. I think you are well today. Am I right?  How are you?

Today we’re going to make dialogues, to listen, to read and write, to sing and to have group work.

  1. Phonetic Drills.

Train our tongues: [w], [t], [], [f].

One, one, one – I love the sun.

Two, two, two – I love my mummy too.

Three, three, three – my mummy loves me.

Four, four, four – I love her more and more.

  1. Speaking activities.
  1. It’s time to make up dialogues.
  2. Let’s remember the alphabet. Name all letters. Take your cards and show the letter D, H, L, V, I, Z, …..
  3.  Sing a song. ABC song.


  1. Reading and writing activities.
  1. Try to make up a word and read it.   

( red, pink, black, green, yellow, blue, orange, brown)                     Try to make up a sentence with this word.  

  1. Look at the cards and name colours. 
  2. Group work.  I’ll divide you into three groups: Pink smiles, Blue smiles and Green smiles. The task of Pink smiles is to guess the crossword and write down the colours. The task of Blue smiles is to read the colours and paint them. The task of Green smiles is to find the words-colours and circle them. You’ve got four minutes. Good luck! So show us your results.
  1. Listening and writing activities.
  1. Open your books at page 22 and do exercise 1. Listen and say. 
  2. Exercise 2. Listen and circle. Write down numbers 1 – 5 and try to learn to write them.
  3. Exercise 3. Write and match and then say. Ten – 10 – ten pink flowers; and so on.
  4. Sing a song “The numbers song”.
  5. Colour by numbers.                                                               
  1. Summing up.

Do you like today’s lesson. Choose the right smiles. Say your opinion.

What activities do you like most of all?

You were very active today, so thank you for the lesson.

The lesson is over. Good-bye!

See you soon!   


До підручника
Англійська мова (підручник для загальноосвітніх навчальних закладів) 2 клас (Карпюк О. Д.)
25 грудня 2017
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