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Урок англійської мови за темою "Київ"

Про матеріал
Урок для 4 класу за темою "Київ" У розробці використані матеріали підручника Family and Friends 4 у якості додаткових.
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Syllabus fit: According to the Ukrainian National Programme for Schools and National Curriculum students of the 4th form have to give information about the place where they live, and my students live in Kyiv. And they have to act short dialogues, acting different roles. During this lesson they’d act in short dialogues and tell about Kyiv, as far as this is the place where they live, I think the lesson fits to the syllabus. By the end of the year 4th formers have to be able to tell about their place of living, and they live in Kyiv.

Class profile: I have a group of form 4A. There are 8 students of 9-10 years old. They have been studying English for 4 years already. All this time they have been working with the same teacher, me. Most of these students are enthusiastic and eager to work, but sometimes they are lazy or misbehave. Their level of English is really high, and I talk English for the whole lesson, I do not use L1 in this group. They are mostly active, but noisy. That’s why I have to think carefully about huge amount of activities for every lesson, or they can just start talking if they have nothing to do. There is one girl who can be very inattentive listener, so some repetitions are needed to be done, too. Also, there’s a boy who was born in Great Britain, so he understands English easily and he’s a fast-thinker, too. I must prepare some additional tasks for him, because he can be the fastest in doing exercises and tasks. In my opinion, I have to try the same tasks before on the base of other texts in order not to get the students’ loss or misbehaving.

Topic: Kyiv. Directions

Form: 4 a



by the end of the lesson students would be able to:

-revise target vocabulary and use it

-give ideas about what Kyiv means to them

-order the dialogue about asking the way

-orient by the map of Kyiv

-make own dialogues about asking the way



Pictures of Kyiv, Simon Van Booy ;

Presentation with target vocabulary;

DVD disk with video of the dialogue (Fluency DVD 3);

Code and code key;

Printed phrases;

Printed and cut dialogue;

Maps of Kyiv.




Teacher’s activity

Student’s activity




Beginning of the lesson

a. Greetings

b. Warming-up

Ask students questions from the material they’ve learnt at all the previous lessons. Allow students to sit only if the answer is correct. Praise correct answers with points.


Say good morning and that they are glad to see the teacher.


b. Answer questions to different topics


Start the lesson.



Elicit knowledge from the previous topics







Whole class



Open class






a) ask students to quess the picture (Kyiv covered with a cloud in presentation on screen)

b)introduce them plan of the tasks for the lesson

Look at the picture and guess what the city is.



Look through the list of activities they’d do

Lead to the topic and set the plan of activities for the lesson.

Whole class




a)Give students the task to read the words in 1 minute, remember them and write them in 1 minute. After setting the instructions and ICQ show the words in presentation on screen.

Ask students to swap papers and check the words with the screen.

b) Show picture of Simon Van Booy, explain he is an American writer. Show Van Booy’s quote and ask to choose its ending from 3 variants on the screen.

c)Ask students to tell what Kyiv means to them.


a) Read, remember and write the words.





Check their classmate’s list of words.


b) Guess quote’s ending





c) Think and give ideas what Kyiv means to them.



Revise the phrases and words  students had learnt before.









Whole class










Show a picture of Jane  and tell she’s looking for the  sports centre.


Arrange students in pairs. Explain they’ll watch the video and order the dialogue. After setting the instructions and ICQ give the printed and cut lines of the dialogues, and then show the video.


Let students change their seats and check their ideas about the order of the dialogue by watching the video with subtitles.






Choose a card and split into pairs.

Listen to instructions and answer instruction checking questions.

Watch the video and order the dialogue.





Change their seats and check the order by watching video.










Whole class




Open pair





Open pair




Tell students they will listen to a song now.

Ask students to change their position if they hear the words from the list on the board.

After setting the instructions and ICQ play the audio.





Stand up and sit and stand again when they hear the words from the list on the board.

Give a rest and provide movements.

Improve listening skills.

 Whole  class



a)Crack the code

Ask students to crack the code and understand the secret message, and find the destination.

Rearrange them in pairs and set 2 minutes to crack the code.

After setting the instructions and   ICQ, give the key and secret message to each pair.

Show the destination on the screen  and let students correct their mistakes on their own. Circle and monitor the class.             

b) Tell students will travel in Kyiv. Rearrange them in pairs again. Ask to make a dialogue like the one they ordered before. Specify the start point and the destination. Let all pairs to get ready but ask only 1pair to present their dialogue. After setting the instructions and ICQ, give each pair a map of Kyiv, and  tell that  the first start point is Teatralna and the destination is National Olympiysky Sports Complex. Set 2 minutes to get ready, ask1 pair to present their dialogue. Go one with route from olympiysky to Fomin botanical garden, ask another pair for presentation, then set the route from Fomin botanical garden to Klovska metro station,and ask another pair to present their dialogue.





Use key to find out the route and destination.







Look at the answer and check.




Sit in new pairs, read the map and create dialogue about the route.


Present their dialogue to class.





Improve thinking skills to crack the code, and find out  the destination.











Open pair













Open pair



Closed pair
















Show students the plan of the tasks they saw at the beginning of the lesson and ask them if they did the plan of the tasks during the lesson.


Look at the plan of tasks and revise if they did them.

Review the lesson and see what tasks students did. Show lesson’s productivity.


Whole class



Ask students to write dialogue about their way to school.


Note their homework


Set homework

Whole class



End of the lesson

Saying good-bye.

Cards counting.


Say good-bye.

Count their cards and get their marks for the lesson.


Finish the lesson and give marks to students.


Whole class













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