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Урок "Мій улюблений спортсмен"

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Урок "Мій улюблений спортсмен" -підсумковий урок для 4 класу за темою "Спорт". У розробці використані матеріали з підручника Family and Friends 4 як додаткові.
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Syllabus fit: According to the Ukrainian National Programme for Schools and National Curriculum students of the 4th form have topic “Sports”.  And while talking about sport it’s logical to talk about their favourite sportsmen, too. By the end of the 4th form they are supposed to be able to tell about their favourite sport, explain how to play it and give a reasonable answer why they like it. So I think the topic of the lesson fits the syllabus, either.

Class profile: In my group there are 8 students of 9-10 years old. They have been studying English for 4 years already.   I work with the whole this group since they were 6-7, and only started school. All of the students are enthusiastic and eager to work, but sometimes they misbehave. Their level of English is really high, and I talk English for the whole lesson, I do not use L1 in this group. They are mostly active, but noisy. That’s why I have to think carefully about huge amount of activities for every lesson, or they can just start talking if they have nothing to do. There is one girl who can be very inattentive listener, so some repetitions are needed to be done, too. Also, there’s a boy who was born in Great Britain, so he understands English simply and he’s a fast-thinker, too. I must think over additional tasks for him, because he can be the fastest in doing exercises and tasks. And I think I have to try the same tasks before on the base of other texts in order not to get the students’ loss.

Topic: My  favourite sportsman

Form: 4 B

Time: 10.10-11.05


by the end of the lesson students would be able to:

  • make sentences with the target vocabulary in all the tenses they’ve already learnt
  • crack the code when letters of the alphabet are just backwards
  • read the text to find specific information
  • write answers to the questions from their memory
  • prove with the text if they think the statement true or false
  • use  target vocabulary to create a story about their favourite sportsman




Class book Family and Friends 4;

I Tools for Family and Friends 4;

Presentations of screen;

Code cracker and secret message;

Pictures of Usain Bolt and Yana Klochkova;

Printed phrases;

Cards to praise students for their answers



Teacher’s activity

Student’s activity




Beginning of the lesson

a. Greetings


b. Warming-up

Ask students questions from the material they’ve learnt at all the previous lessons. Allow students to sit only if the answer is correct. Praise correct answers with points.





Say good morning and that they are glad to see the teacher.


b. Answer questions to different topics


Start the lesson.



Elicit knowledge from the previous topics







Whole class



Open class













Let students to unscramble the sentence on the board to guess the topic of the lesson.



Unscramble the phrase:



Lead to the lesson’s topic.


Whole class




a) Ask students to unscramble phrases. Show them in a presentation on screen. Praise each correct answer with a point.

b) Revise that some verbs are regular and some are irregular and ask for making past simple of the verbs by naming them.

List of verbs: win,

 be, break,






c) Show cards with adverbs of time and ask students to make sentences with the phrases that are on the board(the same phrases that they unscrambled before).Don’t let them to repeat the phrase that was said.

After giving instructions and ICQ show the first adverb of time.

Praise each correct sentences with a point.


a)They unscramble the phrases, and name them.




b)Students name past simple of the verbs




c)Make sentences, use phrases and adverbs of time


Revise the phrases students had learnt before.

Remember past simple forms of the verbs.





Revise and use Past Simple, Present Simple and Present Continuous with phrases  in sentences


Open class










Whole class













Tell students they will listen to a song now.

Ask students to change their position if they hear the words from the list on the board.

After setting the instructions and ICQ play the audio.


Stand up and sit and stand again when they hear the words from the list on the board.

Give a rest and provide movements.

Improve listening skills.

Whole class


Running and reading


a)Set the task to crack the code and understand the sentence. Arrange students in pairs. Give students a key, and after setting the instructions and ICQ, show the secret message.

Praise the fastest pair with two cards. While cracking the code circulate and monitor the students’ work.

b) Show a picture  of Usain Bolt. Explain that this man is the fastest man in the world.


Re-arrange students in groups

of 4. Explain, they have read the question, go to the opposite wall, find the answer in the text and come back to their group and write the answer on the paper. Ask them to change roles with each question. Do not let them to go to the text all together or in pairs. After setting instructions and ICQ give each group a paper with questions, stick the texts to classroom walls and let students work.

 Let students change their sits. Ask them to open their books and check other group’s answers.


Ask to do exercise in their class books, read the statements and choose are they true or false. After setting instructions and ICQ let them start.

Nominate students to check the answers and let them prove the answers with the text’s quotes.




They crack the code to find out the phrase on the board.











Watch the picture of Usain Bolt.




Read question, run, find  answer, come back and dictate it to groupmate.

Change roles and continue till all the questions are answered.












Change seats and check their classmates mistakes.



Read statements and choose are they true or false according to the text

about Usain Bolt.




Read statement aloud and prove their opinions by quoting of the text.



Improve thinking skills to crack the code, provide the title of the text.













Improve reading,speaking  and writing skills, review target vocabulary.















Improve reading skills and reasoning the answers.



Closed pair












Whole class




Group work

























































a)Reading by numbers and gaps filling

Give students numbers 1-8.

Ask them to read and remember their line only in 5 seconds. Allow them to move in the class to see the text on the screen clearly.

 After setting the instructions and ICQ   show the text on the screen for 5 seconds. Ask if students ready. Give them 6 seconds, ask again and give 7 seconds.                 Let students sit and tell what they remember. Explain that even if they do not remember a lot it’s OK.

Praise each answer.

Arrange students in pairs and let them read the same whole text for 2 minutes. After setting the instructions and ICQ give  the  printed text to each pair.

In 2 minutes take away the text and give papers with gaps.

Let students complete the gaps in the text.

b) Introduce a picture of Yana Klochkova. Tell, she’s a well-known swimmer; she won 4 gold medals and broke 50 Ukrainian swimming records.

Ask students to make a story about Yana in pair with the phrases from the board.

Ask 1 student to present a story to class.



Read the sentence with their number and remembers it.











Tell the sentence they remember.






Read the text in pairs.








Complete the gaps in the text.







Make a story about  Yana Klochkova.




Present a story to class.

Provide interest for reading.

Improve reading and remembering skills.
















Improve reading skills and memorizing thinking skills.





Produce what students remember  to complete the gaps in the text.




Create a story about Yana Klochkova, review target language and use it in the story. Provide an example for homework.















Open class




Closed pairs












Closed pair








Open class






Write text about their favourite sportsman in storyjumper book (http://www.storyjumper.com/) on line.


Note their homework


Set homework

Whole class


End of the lesson

Saying good-bye.

Cards counting.


Say good-bye.

Count their cards and get their marks for the lesson.


Finish the lesson and give marks to students.

Whole class














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