Урок. "Пори року. Час. Дні тижня"

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План конспект уроку для учнів 4х класів за темою "Пори року. Час. Дні тижня" з метою відпрацювання вивченого матеріалу та узагальнення матеріалу.
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Мета. Відпрацювання вивченого матеріалу. Підготуватись до тематичного


                                   Хід уроку

1) Привітання й повідомлення теми та мети уроку.

- Our lesson will help us to prepare to the test.

2) Уведення в іншомовну атмосферу.

- I want to invite you to the Doctor Time.

3) Основна частина.

                                           The Play

Dr. Time                 I’ am old doctor Time.

                                I have clocks that will chime

                                And bells that will sing,

                               And cuckoos that sing.

                               I know every way to tell the time of day.

                               If you often are late,

                               Or too early and wait,

                               If you even forget

                              When a party is set,

                              Just do as I say

                              Tell the time right away.


Engineer (entering) One, two….., nine –

                                Running on the old Chicago line

                                Will you, please, give me

                                The correct time?


Dr. Time (gives him a watch)

                               The time is late,

                               It’s half past eight.

                               Here’s what you need

                               To run with speed.


Engineer                Doctor, please, tell me,

                               I don’t understand –

                               Which is the hour - ,

                               And which is the minute – hand?


Dr. Time                Let’s see!


Hour – Hand.         The hour-hand is very sloue

                               Because she has so far to go.




Minute – Hand.      The minute-hand can run much faster-

                               Each day and night goes twelve times past her,

                               And though the time she tells is smaller,

                               The minute-hand is that much taller.


Second-hand.         Some clocks have second-hands like me,

                               I am the fastest of all the three

                               I go round the dial once every minute,

                               If we had a race,

                               I would surely win it. (Показ роботи годинника.)


Engineer                No I have seen them,

                              T can tell,

                              Minutes and hours

                              And seconds as will.


Teacher                 And what about you children? – Do you know what is the

                              slowest hand of the clock? (Hour – hand)

  • What hand is it?  (Minute – hand)

-    Gud for you. Who know, what is the fastest hand of the clock? (Second – hand)

                                          . . .

Mother                  Doctor, the question

                              I’m asking today

                              Is. How many days

                              Has my baby to play?


Dr. Time               - Days of the week come in!


Sun.              Sunday

M.                Monday

Tues.            Tuesday

W.                Wednesday

Th.               Thursday

Fr.                Friday

Sat.               Saturday


Dr. Time               Now seven days will show the way

                             To teach the baby how to play. 







            Дні тижня грають із класом! (This is the way)


Monday  (washes the clothes)                                                                                                                                                        This is the way we wash the clothes,

Wash the clothes, wash the clothes,

This is the way we wash the clothes

So early Monday morning.

Tuesday  (irons the clothes)

                  This is the way we iron the clothes,

Iron the clothes, iron the clothes

this is the way we iron the clothes

So early Tuesday morning.

Wednesday (sews the clothes)

This is the way we mend the clothes,

Mend the clothes, mend the clothes,

This is the way we mend the clothes

So early Wednesday morning.

Thursday (kneads the dough)

This is the way we bake the bread,

Bake the bread, bake the bread

                  So early Thursday morning.

Friday (sweeps the dough)

This is the way we sweep the floor

Sweep the floor, sweep the floor,

This is the way we sweep the floor

So early Friday morning.

Saturday (walks with a basket)

This is the way we go to town,

Go to town, go to town

This is the way we go to town

So early Saturday morning.

Sunday (sings in the centre, the rest of the Days dance around him and sing


This is the way we sing and dance,

Sing and dance, sing and dance,

This is the way we sing and dance

So early Sunday morning.

             Days of the Week go away from the stage.




Teacher      Now children answer to my question!

  • What day is it today?
  • And what about the date?
  • What month is it now?

Teacher - Open your exercise-books and write down the date.

  • Are you ready? (Yes, we are)  
  • Look at the blackboard!

We can see the words. But the letters of these words are mixed. Let’s write down them in the right order.


1)Monday – Mdonay

2)Tuesday – uesTday

3)Wednesday – edWensyda

4)Thursday – hrusTady

5)Friday – yaridF

6)Saturday – ydratauS

7)Sunday - Snduay

                                         .  .  .

Mother        Well, Doctor, now

                    The days of the week

                    Are very clear.

                    And what about the month of the year?


Dr. Time     (Look).     Let’s see! Month of the come in.


Jan.                 January

Feb.                 February

March.            March

April.              April

May.               May

June.               June

July.                July

August.           August

September.      September

October.          October

November.      November

December.       December


Dr. Time           They all are here,

                          And you can see

                          What they’ve done

                          All through the year.



                            Розповідь місяців.


January                  Here we go,

                               Fan in snow.


February                What a pace,

                               Pancake race.


March                     The winds blow,

                                The hats go. 


April                       Showers come,

                               With the sun.


May                        First of May

                               Merry day.


June                        Roses bloom,

                               Sweet perfume.


August                    Autumn is near

                               Apples appear


September              Leaves are old –

                               Turning gold.


October                  Leaves on the ground,

                               Sweep around.


November              Foggy and grey

                               Is November day.


December               Christmas is here,

                                Sing and cheer.

Mother.  (coming up to the Months)

                                We want to thank you

                                For all you bring.

                                For summer, winter,

                                Autumn and spring.

Twelve Months

                                Now, good-bye, we must go.







Teacher  Look, at the blackboard! You must read and guess, what season is                              





It is the cold season. It often snows. The trees are white. Pupils can ski and skate. The days are short, the nights are long.



It is warm. Birds sing their songs. The trees and grass are green.



It is hot. The days are long, the nights are short. Children don’t go to school. They can swim and play games.



It is the cold season, but it is beautiful. The trees are yellow, red and brown. It often rains. School starts in.


Teacher    Well done!



1. Homework

Teacher - Now open your day-books and write down the homework:

     You must prepare the story about your favourite season use the material of the lesson.

2. Summarizing.

Teacher - I see, you are working very hard, but you know the proverb:

     “If you want knowledge, you must toil.”(Маєш бажання –  працюй!)

You marks are…

The lesson is over. Bye-bye!






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Англійська мова (підручник для загальноосвітніх навчальних закладів) 4 клас (Павліченко О.М., Доценко І.В., Євчук О.В.)
14 березня 2019
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