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Урок-формування лексико-граматичних навичок навичок по темі (вправи на повторення лекики; вправи на Past Simple, Present Simple, Present Continuous.
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WEATHER AND CLOTHESDistance Learning with Liudmyla Piskorska

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Objectives: To revise and practice previously taught vocabulary material on the topic;To train students’ grammar skills ;To improve students’ speaking and listening competence;To develop student’s personal and social skills. Outcomes: by the end of the lesson students will be able: To speak about the weather and clothes;To use verbs in correct forms according to the appropriate situations;To read and understand information about the different kind of weather and clothes.

Номер слайду 3

Find the words on our topic. Weather - Clothes -

Номер слайду 4

Find 10 names of the clothes.p t r o u s e r s oc a p y h a i v nh j e a n s k t e ca e b s d r e s s mj a c k e t o n w es c a r f w j u p er s h r u a c o a ts k i r t l t e u nd n e a p s h o e sr b o o t s u v r f

Номер слайду 5

Put the words to the right group. Spring clothes. Summer clothes. Autumn clothes. Spring clothes. A coat, trainers, sunglasses, boots, gloves, a scarf, jeans, a cap, a hat, a skirt, trousers, a fur coat, jeans,a T-shirt, socks, a shirt, mittens, shorts, sandals, a blouse, shoes, a suit, a jacket, a jumper, boots, a raincoat.

Номер слайду 6

Read the text. There are four in the year. Each of them brings different . When it is people wear and , light and , sport , sometimes and . In weather people usually put on clothes: and , and , and . In they wear and , high and or and .

Номер слайду 7

Answer the questions1. What do you put 4. What do you put on when the on when it rains? weather is hot?2. What do you 5. What do you put on when you go for put on when you a walk to the park?go to school?3. What do you put 6. What do you put on when you go to on when it often snows? play football or tennis?

Номер слайду 8

Read. Shine – shone. Blow – blew. Take – took. Wear – wore. Hear - heard

Номер слайду 9

Choose the correct verb. Tom never wear|wears a scarf in spring. I wear| am wearing a warm coat on. Mary is wearing|wore a blue dress last Monday. Does it often rain|rains in autumn?The sun shine|shone yesterday. Mike like|likes to wear T-shirt and shorts in hot weather. What do|does your sister put on when it is rainy?The children likes|like summer very much. I didn’t play|didn’t played snowballs last Sunday. My mother always put|puts on warm hat and gloves when it is cold.

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Номер слайду 11

Your homework will be:to make up 6 sentences what do you wear in different weather.

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