Урок. Розробка уроку з англійської мови для 4 класу "It was my birthday yesterday!"

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Цей матеріал допоможе у підготовці до уроку в 4 -у класі. За його допомогою можна активізувати граматичні навички учнів з теми "Past Simple Tense", Також надасть учням можливість активно співпрацювати з однокласниками. Допоможе підвищувати мотивацію учнів співаючи веселу пісню.
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TEACHER: Stella Surdu

Lesson Topic: My birthday.

                         Мій день народження



of Ss:


By the end of the lesson pupils:


  • Will have (further) developed their ability to differentiate different verbs                   -“watch”, “play”, “listen”, ”take”;
  • Will have (further) developed their ability to use verbs in simple past tense;
  • to interact properly with their classmates during the lesson activities;
  • will be more aware of their status of active learners.


Materials / Resources / Supplies /

 Flashcards / etc.



Textbook pages / Worksheets  / etc.

Family and Friends 3

p. 106 (SB)

p.98, Ex.1,2 (WB)




Songs / Listening / etc.

Family and Friends 3 ~CD3, tr. 122 “My birthday”











I Introduction

1 Greeting The «Hello» song ~ 2 min

2 The topic and the objectives of the lesson. ~1 min

The topic of our today’s lesson is ‘My birthday’. We’re going to recollect the memories of your last birthday and share them with everybody. So, we’re going to sing and talk using the grammar of the topic ‘Simple Past of the verbs’. You’re going to do small research work on the topic. At the end of the lesson, you’ll give marks to your classmates and appreciate their work during the lesson.

3 Warmer “Cross the river” Group work ~3 min

           Draw a river on the board with two sets of four stepping stones across the river (if you like drawing you may add dangers like crocodiles, sharks, snakes in the river, etc.). Write team A and Team B underneath the two sets of stepping stones. Divide the class into 2 groups. Tell children the rules- you are going to show each team different flashcards, and they must guess the words correctly to move across the river. Show one team a flashcard, choose one child in that team to give the answer, he/she may consult friends and then should give the answer. If the child answers correctly, write the word on this team’s stepping stone, if the answer is incorrect, ask another team to tell you the word and write the word on this team’s stepping stone. The first team to complete the four stepping stones with words crosses the river and wins.

II. The main part of the lesson

4 Check on homework ~8 min

5 The research work.  Pair work ~7 min

             Use your own questions then tick or cross below every picture with activities your classmate did at his/her last birthday.

  • Watch TV
  • Listen to music
  • Play the guitar
  • Cook
  • Play football

Pair work

Work in pairs – write the example on the board and check that everyone understands the activity – the students should ask each other a question “What did you do at your last birthday?” then answer this question and write the answers of his/ her friend. At last, the student should tell the class what he found out about his/ her friend’ birthday. (I listened to music and my friend watched television, etc.)

6 Let’s sing a song! Whole class activity   / CD 3, tr. 122 / p.106 ~7 min 

                   My birthday  

                            It was my birthday yesterday!

I didn’t shop or cook,

I opened lots of birthday cards

And started a good book.

It was my birthday yesterday!

My day was really great!

Lots of friends came round for tea,

We finished all the cake!

It was my birthday yesterday!

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

I had a party with my friends,

We sang and danced and played!


        Children should look at the song pictures, imagine that they were at a birthday party and answer the question “What did the children do?” (They sang and danced.)

Ask “What things can you see in the pictures?”

Elicit Balloons, a cake, presents and a book.

Play the recording for children and they should listen and follow in their books. Recite the words of the song with the class – say each line and ask children to repeat. Play the recording one more time.

! Make sure the children understand the irregular forms of “came round” and “sang” but do not focus on them.

7 Sing and do activity.  Whole class activity   ~3 min

Practice actions of the song with the class. Play the recording for children and do the actions.

I didn’t shop or cook - mime cooking

I opened lots of birthday cards – mime opening a card

And started a good book – mime reading a book

Lots of friends came round for tea – mime drinking tea

We finished all the cake – mime slicing a cake

We sang and danced and played - dance

miming.png8 Miming game ~4 min


            The teacher reads actions in affirmative and negative form – children should mime the affirmative actions and stay still for the negative ones.

writing.png9 Writing Practice ~4 min



Ex. 2, p. 98 Write four sentences about you.

I watched TV yesterday. I didn’t play football yesterday…

III. Summarizing of the lesson

10 Homework Assignments ~1 min

Pupils will do exercise 1- 3, p. 98 in their workbooks. They’ll learn to sing the song “My birthday” and revise grammar on p. 105.



11 Self-assessment, each other assessment & teacher assessment ~4 min

Grade Criteria cards are given to pupils and they appreciate their own and their colleagues’ work. They are designed for each pupil apart.картка.png

12 Feedback ~1 min

What did you like most of all about today’s lesson?

What was most difficult for you?

What would you like to have in our next lessons?

13 Saying Goodbye





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