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Урок "Travelling. Writing a letter." 5 клас

Про матеріал

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Перегляд файлу

Topic: Travelling. Writing a letter

Vocabulary: means of transport  ,ways of travelling

 Grammar: Present Continuous

Speaking: to talk about the reasons for travelling , plans for weekend

Writing: informal  letter

Visual Aids:    cards , pictures,  a tape recorder, a CD.


I. Greeting and Aim

How do you do , my dears? Are you in a good mood? We have got an interesting and unusual lesson.  Today we talk about ways of  travelling,  different means of transport and we’re going to write an informal letter. So, go ahead.

II. Warming up

 Now, look at the blackboard. There is a proverb here:

“East or West Home is Best”.

Let`s read it all together. Please,translate it .

So, this is the motto of our lesson.

III. Vocabulary revision

Now, look at the cards and repeat after me all together: travel on business, travel for pleasure, go to the theatre, go to the cinema,  go shopping, visit a museum, take a boat trip, take photos, a Chinese restaurant.

Now ,look at the blackboard. We have the beginning of the word combinations and  you must complete them! You will answer one by one.

1.travel …                                               cinema

2.travel…                                                shopping

3.go to the…                                           photos

4.go…                                                     restaurant

5.visit…                                                  a boat trip

6.take…                                                  a museum

7.take…                                                  for pleasure

8.a Chinese…                                         on business

9.go…                                                     to the theatre

Good! Do you like travelling? Have you ever been to any country? What means of transport do you usually use? So, we usually travel…

By car

By bus

By train

By plane

By ship

By bike

On foot (при цьому вчитель показує малюнки з видами транспорту,а діти їх називають). What is your favourite mean of travelling?


1.Pre-reading .Look at these pictures. Have you ever seen these buildings? Where are they situated?:

1 Louvre Museum  (Paris), The Tower of London (London), The Eiffel Tower (Paris) ,British Museum(London) ,The Statue of Liberty (New-York). (вчитель показує при цьому зображення визначних місць).Yes,you are right!

2. Well, today we`ll visit Paris with Amy. Open your workbooks at p.58 ex.1.(reading).

3. Answer the questions:

What is Amy visiting at the moment?

What is she eating? What does she want to buy this evening? When is she going on a boat trip? What can you see  at the Louvre Museum? Where does she want to go tomorrow evening?

V. Writing

1. Now,  let`s complete  an informal letter. Use Amy`s  letter to help you. Use the words and phrases in the box:  Love;  21 May; Dear; See you next week;  21 Round road; Thanks for your letter.

                                                                                                                     21 Round Road


21 May

Dear Amy,

Thanks for your letter. You`re doing a lot of things! The photograph is great. Paris is a beautiful city! Remember to say “Thank you” to Joelle and her parents.

See you next week.


 Mum and Dad.

2. Imagine, you are visiting your penfriend.  Write sentences, using  these words and phrases:


At the moment we…

This evening we…


After that we…

Tomorrow I…

See you soon


Use Present Continuous (Future).

3. Your examples.

 Now we are ready to write an informal letter.

But before this we have a short rest. ( Let`s sing  a song “My penfriend”)

VI. Speaking

After writing pupils represent their letters.

V.H|T To write an informal letter.












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