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Alice in Wonderland 2 (часть 2)- казка. Розробка вправ до уроку з позакласного читання з англійської мови

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Розробка вправ до уроків з позакласного читання з англійської мови для учнів 6 класів Alice in Wonderland 2 - казка (часть 2) Повторити й активізувати лексичний матеріал. Проконтролювати вміння учнів самостійно читати текст. Заохочувати учнів читати англійською.Виховувати інтерес до вивчення англійської мови.
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Alice in Wonderland

Adapted from a story by Lewis Carroll


Alice came to the house of the March Hare. Under a tree there was a tea table. At the table were the March Hare and the Hatter.1 A Dormouse2 was between them but he was asleep. The table was very large but the three were all together at one corner. “No room. No room.” They cried out when they saw Alice.

“There’s a lot of room,” said Alice and sat down in a large




“Have some wine,” said the March Hare.

“I don’t see any,” said Alice.

“There isn’t any,” said the March Hare.

“Then that wasn’t very nice of you to ask,” said Alice.

“It wasn’t very nice of you to sit down without an invitation,” said the March Hare. And so it continued.

It was the strangest tea party. When she left they didn’t say goodbye. She saw three gardeners dressed as playing cards.

“Why are you painting the roses?” Alice asked them.

“The roses should be red but this one is white. If the Queen finds out she will chop off our heads,” said the gardeners. “That is why we are painting the roses red.”

Then they heard a great noise. It was the Queen and her soldiers. First came ten soldiers. They walked two by two. Then came the white rabbit and last of all the King and Queen of Hearts.3 When they all came opposite Alice they stopped and looked at her.

“Who’s this?” said the Queen to a soldier.

He just smiled. “Idiot,” said the Queen.

“What’s your name, child?”

“My name’s Alice, Your Majesty,”1 said Alice very politely. But she thought, “Why, they’re only a pack of cards.”

“And who are these?” said the Queen when she saw the garden­ers.

“I don’t know,” said Alice.



The Queen was very angry and shouted, “Off with her head!”2

“Nonsense,” said Alice.

“She’s only a child, my dear,” said the King.

The Queen spoke to the three gardeners.

“What are you doing?” she said to them.

They started to tell her but before they could finish the Queen said, “Off with their heads.”

Alice quickly put the three gardeners into a large flowerpot that stood near to them. The soldiers looked for the gardeners but could not find them...

The Queen shouted that it was time to start the trial.

“What trial?” Alice asked the Duchess.

“Don’t you know?” said the Duchess.

“I’m afraid I don’t,” said Alice.

“Don’t you know that somebody has taken the Queen’s tarts?”

This was all too much for Alice but more was to come. The Queen said that Alice must speak at the trial. They asked her some very strange questions. In the end Alice said, “Oh, this is all nonsense. You’re only a pack of cards”.

Suddenly the whole pack of cards started to fly and they came down on Alice. She woke up under the trees next to her sister. There were some leaves from the trees on Alice’s dress.

“Wake up, Alice,” said her sister. “What a long sleep you’ve had.”

“Oh, I’ve had such a curious dream,” she said and started to tell her sister all that she could remember of her strange time in Wonderland.

“One day when I have children,” she thought, “it will make a wonderful story. Alice in Wonderland.”

Part II

  1. Word List

Room = place – There’s no room in the car. Is there any room for me in the car? The table takes up too much room. Can you make room on that shelf for some more books?

Invitation – without invitation, by invitation only. We send out invitations for the party. I have no invitation. Where’s your invitation?

To leave – left – It’s time for us to leave. Where do you left. When do you leave? We are leaving for London. When did leave school? I left my books on the table. Leave me alone! Who left that window open? Whut the door when you leave.

Find out – Please, find out when the train leaves. (Who the boy is; Where the key is; What they want).

Chop = cut – I’d like to chop that three down. He chopped the meat and put in on the frying pan.

To paint – He painted the door white (the windows blue, the floor green, the roof brown).

Politely –to say politely, to smile politely, to ask politely.

Nonsense – What a nonsense! I don’t want to listen to your nonsense! I don’t believe a word of this nonsense!

Trial = testing = trouble – Life is full of small trails. It was time to start the trial. Many people came to see the trial.

Tart = pastry – I like tea with tarts. I usually buy tarts with cherry jam.

  1. Check the facts

The white rabbit took out of his po­cket a) a handkerchief, b) a watch,

  1.                 gloves.
  1.                 As Alice fell she saw that on the walls of the hole there were a) lamps, b) cupboards and book­shelves, c) coats and hats, d) maps and pictures.
  2.                 She then came to the house of the March Hare. Under a tree there was a) a sofa, b) a tea table, c) a bed.
  3.                 Then they heard a great noise. It was
  1.                 the March Hare and the Hatter,
  2.                 the white rabbit, c) the Dormouse,
  1.                 the Queen and her soldiers.
  1.                 Suddenly the whole pack of cards started to a) dance, b) sleep, c) fly.
  1. Correct the sentences

1) “Eat me,” said the words on the bottle.

2) But the key was under the table and now she was too tall.

3) The roses should be white but this one is red.

4) They asked her some very strange questions and Alice answered them.

  1. Say who did the following? p.28

1) ... looked at her sister’s book.

2) ... then came to the house of the March Hare.

3) ... took a watch out of his pocket.

4) ... was between them but he was asleep.

5) ... was very angry and shouted, “Off with their heads!”

  1. False or true:
  1. Alice came to the house of the April Hare.
  2. She saw a long table under a tree.
  3. There were many rabbits at the table.
  4. They said there was no room for Alice.
  5. They thought it was not polite to sit down at the table without invitation.
  6. When she left they said to her – ‘Good-bye’.
  7. Soon Alice saw 3 gardeners.
  8. They were painting the roses blue.
  9. It was the queen’s idea and the gardeners were afraid she could chop their heads off.
  10. Soon the King appeared with his soldiers.
  11. When the Queen saw Alice she asked her name.
  12. Alice called the Queen – ‘Your Majesty’ but she knew they were all a pack of cards.
  13. The Queen wanted to begin the trial.
  14. The Queen wanted Alice to speak at the trial.
  15. At last Alice woke up and told her sister her dream.
  1. Make up 5 questions:
  2. Synonyms:       Antonyms:

Hatter – hat maker      To be asleep – to wake up

Without invitation – with no invitation    To continue – to stop

To paint – to draw      To leave – to enter

To start – to begin      First – last

To chop – to cut       Last of all – first of all

To leave – go out (away)     Polite – impolite

         Remember – forget

  1. Give the verb forms:

Come – came, cry – cried, continue – continued, hear – heard, paint – painted, think – thought, speak – spoke, leave – left, chop – chopped, put – put, know – knew, wake up – woke up, sleep – slept, fly – flew, make – made.


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