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УРОК НА ТЕМУ "Inventors and inventions" для 9 класу .Може використовуватися на допомогу вчителям англійської мови у проведенні уроків по даній темі. Даний урок відповідає вимогам лексичного, граматичного матеріалу для учнів 9 класу

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Theme: Inventors and inventions.  9 form

      Aim:  to practice speaking,

                to develop students’ skills an habits of prepared and     unprepared     

               speech,   reading, writing, and listening, 

               to develop grammar skills: Passive Voice;

               to develop pupils’ habits of critical thinking;

               to teach   pupils to work in groups and pairs and feel responsibility for            

               doing their work well.

     Equipment: reading texts, tape recorder,   a cassette, portraits of inventors, handouts



                               Procedure of the lesson.


I  Introduction

1 Warming up

T. Good morning, boys and girls. I’m happy to see you here with smile on your cheeks.  Are you ready to remember everything about inventions?

Ch. Yes, we are.

II The main part of the lesson

1 Introduction of the topic

T. Today we are summarizing the material on the unit‘’Inventors and inventions’in speaking, listening, reading. We are also to review vocabulary, besides we are practicing the passive.

 The world today faces a serious challenge. We don’t really understand the ways in which technology is changing our lives: our work, education, our leisure our communication our relationship- everything. It’s difficult to imagine our life without inventions because they make our life easier, and more comfortable. Many things didn’t appear, they were invented.


   Let’s fulfill the spidergram, answering my questions

(Pupils write the inventions )

T. Say what you use when you want to

1 enjoy listening to news ( a radio)

2 get useful information ( computer )

3 travel fast ( plane)

5 be treated with antibiotics ( medicines)

6 watch films (TV)

7 make photo (camera)

8 stay connected with your friends (phone )

9 have a travel and stop where you want ( car)

10 store information (compact disc)

11 clean the room ( vacuum cleaner)


III Speaking


T. The 20th century has given us a plenty of things that improve our lives. As you see the spidergram  what can you say about  these inventions



P. Yes, that's really true. TV, calculators, mobile phones, CDs. It has also given us some household objects that make our lives easier and more comfortable.

I  know that  a Russian engineer Vladimir Zvorykin  emigrated to the USA and there in 1931 produced an apparatus that later became known as a television set. The first  TV station was located on the Empire State Building in New York City. The programmes could be watched only by those who lived not far farther than 60 miles from station.

VIDEO.   In 1975 the Japanese corporation JVC made it possible to record films and TV programmes at home. The system was known as VHS ( video home system)

It is very interesting to know that  the first computers were huge. They were  used for scientific purposes. Sinklair ZX 80, the machine , was the first computer used by  ordinary people. Psion Organiser of 1990s shifted computers off the desktop.

INTERNET.   The global network was designed for serious scientific purposes. In 1962 the US scientists started to build a network between the leading scientific centers of the USA. In 1969 this network joined four universities. In 1972 the first e-mail with the symbol @ was sent.

MOBILE  phone now used by millions of people appeared in 1973. The American Martin Cooper invented the first mobile phone- Motorola Dyna-Tec. It weighted a kilo. But it took five years  to draw in a commercial operator from Bahrein. Now mobile phones have made a massive impact on social and working activities and changed the way we communicate.

 Compact Disc  from the 1980s brought an end to vinyl records and revolutionized the storage of computer data. Digital Watch appeared in 1970 on Roger Moore’s wrist in the Bond film ‘’Live and let die’’.  It brought computer  technology into everyday life

I want to say some words about contact lenses.   The first contact lenses were made from plastic Compact in 1936 in New York.  But only thanks to new materials and developed technologies there appeared soft lenses that let oxygen to the eyes.

TRAINERS were  designed by Adolf and Rudolf  Dessler right after WWII.  Canvas and rubber soles were used to make them. Later the brothers went each his own way. In 1949 Adolf patented his trainers under the name ‘’Adidas’’.  This is the world famous firm now. The first three letters stand for Adi- a short  form of Adolf and he last three letters  represent the beginning of the surname.  The second brother established his own company ‘’Puma’’.

PLASTIC bag represents the beginning of the ‘’plastic age’ and arrival of the disposable society.  It replaced shopping baskets and cloth bags.


T. I want to pay special attention to such invention as TV. The main source of news for millions of people is television. With its help you can see everything with your own eyes. TV is the window on the world. So, we can’t but speak about pluses and minuses of TV.

Split into two groups ( на аркушах паперу діти (1група) записують переваги телебачення, ( 2 група ) недоліки телебачення)

Write pluses and minuses of TV.

Choose the reporter in your group.

P1.  It should be said that TV                                            

 is the window on the world which gives us an opportunity to “travel” all over the world. TV gives us food for thought, introduces us to new ideas and activities. It has the power to educate and broaden our minds. It helps us to relax after a hard day’s work and to escape from reality. People are united into one global community with the help of mass media. There is always a great variety of programs on TV: news and sport programs, talk shows and TV games, documentaries and feature films, concerts and theatre performances. Though there are a lot of excellent educational programs for children and programs designed for schools. They help children to extend their knowledge, expose them to different people and places and to develop their imagination. There are a lot of excellent educational programs for children and programs designed for schools. They help children to extend their knowledge, expose them to different people and places and to develop their imagination.

P2   But nowadays there is a lot of violence on TV. As George Mikes once said, TV teaches us “how to kill, to rob, to shoot and to poison.” We watch hits where people are killed before our very eyes. It dulls our sensitivity and when we learn about one more tragedy or catastrophe, we perceive it as something quite natural, just like an everyday affair. Some people become TV addicts and they won’t give up TV for anything in the world. Nowadays some children are so addicted to TV that they are not interested in anything else: they don’t read books, communicate with adults and other children, they move less, speak less and they even think less.

  T. Today there are so  many channels in Ukraine and each of them propose different sorts of programs.



  P.   Nationwide Ukrainian channel 1+1 is one of the leaders of native TV production and the most favourite channel of Ukrainian viewers.  1+1 was accepted as the best Ukrainian television broadcast in 1997 year and company was awarded as ‘’Image- Prometey Prime’ and it was accepted as the best Ukrainian channel. There are many shows too which are of great interest. These shows are’’ Dancers with stars’’, ‘’Cinema in details’’, but they prefer discussing political shows. It tries to make difficult politic information easier and more accessible for each Ukrainian.  Such programs as ‘’Epicenter, special project’’ Elections-2006’. and such serious as ‘’without  taboo’’ and so on are very popular among Ukrainians. I want to say it is one of my favourite channels.


   P. You know Inter TV channel is the Ukrainian national broadcaster since October 1996. During all that time it has managed to hold the leading position in the domestic  television market. Its position Inter holds due to the wisely chosen conception of family Channel, which considers needs of all social and age  groups and reflects the true language situation in Ukraine. According to the numerous concerts Inter repeatedly won different nominations and was recognized as the best channel of the year. There are different  interesting programs . But all of them  are for different auditorium. One of them is Chance. ‘’One in the field ‘’ is a new show but also famous. Advertising is useful for corporations, because it rises the rating of their products or  services, so for TV viewers because they can get some information about goods they need or sales or lust can have a pause between their favourite movies or shows. So we can say that advertising is a mean of mass media.


     P. I'm sure that most of teens like  M1 is the first legal and accessible to the people Ukrainian music channel. The main theme of channel is music. Of course, there is  mainly popular music, but there are academicals, national music, jazz and other music too.  M1 buys the rights on showing the hits from the popular labels as Universal, Sony music, Warmer and others.  Musical size of M1  channel take its bearings on young and active auditorium for a special purpose. At this moment you can watch M1 channel at 15 huge cities of Ukraine. There live nearly 19,5 million of people on broadcast territory. Also M1 plans active progress in show business sphere and branches, creates  strong and stable brand, for example own music reward.


T. It's difficult to overestimate the role of science and technology in our life. Just as television has extended human sight across the barriers of time and distance, so the computers extend the power of the human mind across the existing barriers. Computers are very useful in our life.



P. I want to say I can't imagine my life without computer.                                                  

 Computers  save a lot of time. They seldom make mistakes.  It's much faster and easier to surf in the Internet than to go to the library.    .

Computers play a very important part in our life. They help people in their work and study. They save us a lot of time. Computers give access to a lot of information. It is possible to find data and descriptions, chapters  from necessary books.. to make a long story short, everything you need.

Computers are one of the great importance in modern hospital. The chief use of computers is the storing and storing the medical knowledge which has been enquired in the last 50 years. No doctor  can possible keep up with all discoveries. The only solution of the problem is store medical knowledge in a computer. Today there are medical computer centers were all  existing knowledge of symptoms diseases and of their treatment is stored. Doctors feed data on symptoms in the computer and get the necessary information on correct diagnostics and treatment.

                           I use the Internet, a global computer network which embraces millions of users all over the world, began in the United States  in 1969 as a military experiment The Internet has recently become another important source of information. It regarded as the latest addiction to trap thousands of people which people has been blamed for broken relationships , jobs losses, financial ruin and even suicide. Psychologists now recognize Internet Addiction Syndrome as a new illness that could cause serious problems and ruin many lives. Many users spend up to 40  hours a week on the Internet. Some of the addicts are teenagers who are already hooked on the computer games.

The Internet is a gigantic web which connects computers around the world. It allows people to share information about all sorts of subjects. It is now a part of modern life.

 The most popular Internet service is E-mail. It is a great invention, too. It’s faster than sending a letter and cheaper than sending a telegram. Most of people, who have access to the Internet , use the networks only for sending and receiving e-mail messages. However, other popular services are available on the Internet reading news, using the World Wide Web , telnet etc.

IV Listening

T. I suppose you remember the names of Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and Karl Benz. Look at the pictures . What do you know about these people. What did they invent.


P. I know that Alexander Bell was an American born in Scotland. For many years, he taught deaf people to speak. Later he founded Bell Telephone Company and Science magazine.



P. What about Thomas Edison , he was the greatest inventor of this time. He only attended school for three months, and he suffered from deafness. Many things were invented by Edison  including the microphone, record player, movie camera, and coal-fired electrical power plant.


P. There is no doubt the name of Karl Benz is known all over the world. He built his first motor car with  an internal combustion engine. Gottlieb Daimler invented  this engine in 1881, but his first cars , with the motor in the front ,were made in 1889. The Daimler and Benz companies joined in 1926 to become Mercedes-Benz.


T.  You will hear some imaginary interviews with Bell, Edison and Benz. Check  True or False the following answers.

Alexander Graham Bell

1Tele means ‘’Long distance’’ and  phone means ‘’speak’’ –

2 The telephone will only work over short distances –

3 The interview will continue over the phone.+

Thomas Edison

1The interviewer agrees the invention make street safer.+

2 Each lightbulb will be handmade –

3 Edison thinks every home will use hi invention +

Karl Benz

  1. The motor is at the back of the vehicle +
  2. The invention goes more than 18  miles per hour. –
  3.                 Benz is not going to give the interviewer a ride –

V Making and role playing the dialogues

Complete the following sentences to make micro dialogues and read them.


  • Have a look .You must see the first telephone. It was made by the American inventor Graham Bell.
  •                  It was wonderful invention which changed the way people communicate.         


  • Without any doubt you have heard the names of Morse, Diesel, and Sax. Everybody know these people thanks to their inventions.
  • Quit right. A man is known by his deeds.


  • When you think of discoveries what idea come to your mind?
  •  Well, nothing serious. May be the machine for doing my homework


  • They say, Isaak Newton was sitting under the tree when an apple fell on his head and he discovered gravity. Isn’t that wonderful?
  • Yes, I think if he had been sitting in the class he wouldn’t have discovered anything.


  • Would you like to go to the excursion ?
  • Where to?
  • To the Science and Technology Museum to see the exhibition of great inventors.


  • Do you know , the first automobile ran on three wheels, had no pedals and could hold two people.
  •  Great. I suppose in twenty years time automobile won’t  lose popularity.


  • What are you thinking about?
  •                  About my future invention.



VI Writing.

Put the verbs in the brackets into the Past, Present, Future Simple Passive Voice.

1 Our stories ---( to publish ) in the next issue of our school newspaper.

  1. Many inventions –( to make ) many years ago.

3 A cell phone –(to use ) as a receiver.

4 Mobile phones  --(to sell) and –(to use ) everywhere.

5---- you (to interest) in Science?

6 I'm sure  I –( to ask) at the lesson tomorrow

7 English (to speak ) all over the world.

8 People (to unite) into one global community with the help of mass media.

9 Many children  (to addict ) to TV

10 She  (to award ) by Nobel Prize  last year.

  T. Well done .

VII Summing up. Conclusion

Our lesson is coming up to the end. Today you have had a good opportunity to express your attitude to inventions. You were creative at the lesson. I liked your information , but you made some mistakes in your speech but there is no learning without making mistakes. I praise you --- ( marks)

 Your hometask will be to describe a thing you would like  to invent. Give reasons for having this thing, then describe the ways people can use it. Draw a picture of your invention.


Yankova Anna
До підручника
Англійська мова (9-й рік навчання) 9 клас (Карпюк О.Д.)
10 квітня 2018
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