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We like sport

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Topic:  We like sport


  • to develop students' listening, speaking and grammar skills;
  • to revise and enrich students' vocabulary on the topic;
  • to teach pupils to give opinions on the subjects;
  • to practice group work;
  • to motivate students to communicate with each other and

to live healthy way of life

Equipment: a laptop, cards, pictures, sports equipments, music background.




   T: Good afternoon, dear children and our guests! I’m glad to see you! How are you today? I see you are in a good mood, full of energy and ready for the lesson.


   T: For the start, I’d like you to make the proverb by words. Your tasks are:

  • to make  the proverb in the right order;
  • to translate it;
  • to tell us your opinion about its meaning;
  • to guess the topic of the lesson.

(One student works at the board.)

A sound mind in a sound body.

(У здоровому тілі – здоровий дух.)

Possible answers:

S1: I agree with this proverb. I think, everyone must do all he can to be healthy.

S2: I think, we should do exercises for our body and mind.

T: You are right. So, what is the topic of our lesson?

S3: The topic of the lesson is “Sport”.

T:Yes, ‘We like sport’. Today we will talk about different kinds of sport and discus what is the role of sport in our life.  You will develop your listening, reading, speaking and grammar skills through various creative activities and enrich your vocabulary on the  topic.

    Let’s learn the words of famous basketball coach John Wooden:

       Sports do not build character, they reveal it.

T:Are you agree?

S1: Yes, sport is very important in our life. People become strong.

     Tell me, please, what poems about sport do you know?

( Pupils recite the poems.)


— Do you like to play football, volleyball or basketball?

— Yes of course! Yes I do. And I like playing tennis, too!

— Tell me please, do you like to ride a horse or ride a bike?

— Sure, sure! And you see, sport brings happiness to me.


                  I like boxing, I confess.

                  I like swimming, playing chess.

                  and I know, if I want

                  To be clever nice and strong,

                  I must go in for sport

                  And healthy way of life support!


Come to the sport ground

Girls and boys,

There you will gather

Health and joys.

                                  I like to jump,

                                  I like to run,

                                  I like to play,

                                  It’s fun.


Would you like to play with me?

You can fly my kite.

You can ride my bicycle.

Oh, all right.





1) T: There are lots of different kinds of sports and games. What are they?

Look at the pictures and name the kinds of sport.

Words: cricket, football, rugby, horse – racing, boat – racing, motor – racing, tennis, golf, baseball, hockey, boxing, basketball, volleyball, badminton, handball, darts, chess, running, cycling, jumping, swimming, gymnastics, figure – skating, water polo.

2) Group work.  Game “Basketball”

T:Work in groups. We have a competition. Your task is to divide different kinds of sports. One group finds summer sports and another - winter.

Summer                                Winter

Horse-racing                           Skiing

Swimming                              Bob-sled

Running                                  Snowboarding

Jumping                                  Ski-jumping

Archery                                   Sledging

Cricket                                     Figure skating

Windsurfing                             Curling



  1) “Battle game”

Now let’s practice in speaking. Ask each other and answer the questions about sport.


1.Do you go in for sport?

2.How often do you have PT lesson?

3.What is your favorite activity at the PT lesson?

4.What football team do you support?

5.What famous sportsmen of your country do you know?

6.What can we use for tennis?

7.Is there a swimming pool in our school?

8.Would you like to have it?


2) “My favorite sport”

T: Now tell us about your favorite kind of sport. What do you like?  Why?

I need 3 pupils from each groups. Let’s go ahead !

( Pupils can choose different sports from the list given on the walls in the classroom ).

 Possible answers:

1.Football- It’s fast moving and funny.

2.Wresling- It’s energetic game and people can fight.

3.Chess-It develops our brain.

4.Aerobics-It’s highly popular among girls.

5.Motor-racing – It’s very risky and speed.

6.Climbing-It’s exciting and dangerous.



T: Pupils listen about the British sports and be ready to do some task.

Choose only one correct variant. (Video)

1.Wembley is for…

a) athletics

b) running

c) football.

2.Wimbledon is for…

a) jumping

b) tennis

c) diving.

3._______ is a home of golf.

a) England

b) Wales

c) Scotland.

4._______ is on the river Thames.

a) rowing

b) swimming

c) windsurfing.

5.Lord’s in London is for…

a) horse-racing

b) motor-racing

c) cricket.

6.There are … swimming-pools in Britain.

a) 25 000

b) 1 000

c) 5 000.

7.How many cycling clubs?

a) 1 200

b) 1 000

c) 125.

8.The Pennine Way is for…

a) running

b) walking

c) football.


Answer the questions

  1. How many sports did you listen?
  2. Do you have any sports club in your school?
  3. Which ones would you like to attend?



T: Now let's have some rest and relax. What holidays Englishmen will celebrate on the 25-th of December?


T: Yes, of course. Let’s sing a song “We wish you a Merry Christmas” for the holiday mood.



 When do we use verb…?

GO – if you speak about sport ending in –ing.

          (e.g. I go swimming.)

PLAY – if you speak about ball games (or chess).

          (e.g. I play football.)

DO – if you speak about other sports.

         (e.g. I do athletics.)

T: Complete the sentences using do, play, or go.

1. Every morning I _________ jogging.

2. On Saturday mornings my brothers ________ football.

3. I _______ gymnastics on Saturdays.

4. My mother and I ___________ aerobics every week.

5. My father and mother _________ golf at the weekend.

6. In winter we ________ skiing.


Key: 1-go, 2-play, 3-do, 4-do, 5-play, 6-go.



T: Write about your favourite kind of sports using the writing guide.

  • My favourite kind of sports is… .
  • I think that… .
  • I go (play, do)… every … (two times a week).
  • I want to… (take part in…, win cups, medals…). 




T: What have you learnt at today's lesson? What can you do now?

S1: I can talk about different kinds of sports.

S2: I can speak about my favourite kind of sports.


T: You’ve work well, so you get good marks.

Thank you.



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