Діагностична робота Full Blast 6 Healthy Life

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Діагностична робота для 6 класу, Full Blast Plus 6, Module 6 Healthy life. Лексика, граматика, читання, аудіювання, письмо.
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Test  Module 6 __________________________________________________________


  1. Circle the correct words.
  1. I called Steve, but he just hang-up\ turned off when he heard my voice.
  2. Carrie can’t eat dairy\diet products, like cheese at all.
  3. I really like ice-cream, completely \ especially chocolate ice-cream.
  4. Frank goes\does karate twice a week.
  5. My uncle is a(n) reporter \ instructor for the local newspaper.
  6. An Arsenal player kicked the ball and it hit a spectator \champion who was watching the match with his family.
  1. Choose a,b or c.
  1. I took a(n) _________________________________ for my headache this morning.
  1. painkiller           b. fever             c. exercise
  1. You shouldn`t  eat pizza every day. It’s _____________________
  1. unhealthy           b. similar          c. necessary
  1. Terry’s favourite meal is_______________ with rice.
  1. vitamins           b.  strawberries          c. meatballs.
  1. Who won the ________________ this afternoon?
  1. race           b. coach          c. court
  1. Luckily, my brother’s team won the _______________.
  1. handball           b. goal          c. championship
  1. Naomi went on a diet and lost lots of ____________________.
  1. weight         b. exercise           c. fit
  1. Dolly won’t come to school today. She’s got the________________.
  1. earache            b. flu          c. cough
  1. Jake wants to be in good ____________________ for next week’s match.
  1. shape          b. practice           c. season 


Complete the dialogue with the phrases a-d

  1. You poor thing!    b. We`ll talk soon.   c. Ok, let me know.   d.   I disagree.

Billy   Hey, let`s join a water polo team.

Pat     Why?

Billy   Well, we need the exercise.

Pat     Ok, but water polo? Isn`t  it a bit boring?

Billy    (1)___________I think it`s very exciting. Anyway, what   about basketball?

Pat      I don’t think so. I sprained my ankle last year and I   haven’t played since then. It hurts when I jump up and   down.

Billy   (2)_______________ What can we do then?

Pat       What about hiking?

Billy    I’ve never been’ but it sounds good. I’ll call   James and Dan too. Maybe we can all go hiking together   this weekend.

Pat     (3)________________

Billy   Sure. (4)_____________Bye!


  1. Complete the sentences. Use How much…? / How many…?

  1. _____________________chairs do you need?
  2. _____________________is this dress?
  3. _____________________homework have you got for   tomorrow?
  4. _____________________goals did you team score?
  5. ____________________chicken sausages would you like?
  6. ____________________honey do you want in your tea?
  7. ____________________lemons did you buy?

  1. Choose  a, b or c.
  1. Has your brother got ________books?
  1. much            b. many          c. lots
  1. I’d like _______sugar in mu coffee, please.
  1. a few             b. a lot           c. a little
  1. Let’s go! We haven’t got _______time.
  1. much       b. few           c. a little
  1. We’ve got a ________ of different fruit juices there.
  1. few          b. a lot         c. lots   
  1. Have they got ___________doughnuts at this café?
  1. a lot            b. much         c. lots of
  1. Martha only bought a _________ apples.
  1. a little    b. a few         c. lot
  1. There were________ spectators at the match last Sunday.
  1. lot                 b. little          c. few      
  1. Use    should or shouldn’t   and the prompts  below to write sentences.

  1. Mia eats lots of sweets. (eat / healthy/ food)


  1. Alex hurt his wrist last week. (play / tennis)


  1. I don’t know how to do this exercise. (ask / teacher)


  1. Mum’s got a headache. (listen / loud music)


  1. James got a problem with his best friend, Brenda.

(talk / her)


  1. Our team isn’t having a good season. (follow / coach’s advice)


  1. Marcel wants to get stronger. (lift / weights)


  1. Complete with question tags.

  1. Fiona’s in trouble,_____________?
  2. The children don’t wear a uniform at school,___________?
  3. Darren didn’t join the football team,____________?
  4. I can go to the party,______________?
  5. Henry went to Milan last month,____________?
  6. Greg uses the machines at the gym,______________?


Read the e-mail and complete the sentences.

Hello Sis, How are things back home?

This football trip to the Netherlands is the best ever. I’m having so much fun and we’re playing really well. We’ve won five matches so far and I’ve scored in every game. My new football boots are brilliant! I didn’t play very well in the first match because I didn’t have my shin pads. I think I’ve left them at home. But I borrowed some from Keith, so I’m OK. We’ve got three more matches to play. Unfortunately, I can’t play in the next two matches because I’ve sprained my ankle but the coach says I’ll be OK for the last match. Anyway, we’re leaving on 17th August in the evening, so we’ll be back on the 18th, in the afternoon I think. Tell Mum to pick me up from school, OK?

See you soon, Mark.

  1. Mark played in__________________ matches last week.
  2. Mark forgot to take his___________.
  3. Mark____________________ so he won’t play in the next two matches.
  4. Mark will be home on____________________.



Listen to three short dialogues and answer the questions. Choose a or b

1. What’s wrong with Julia?

                    a. She’s got earache.            b. She’s got toothache.

2. What can the woman add to her yoghurt?

                  a. sugar          b. honey

3. What does the man enjoy doing the most?

        a. jogging                b. lifting weights



Imagine you went on a camping trip in July. Write an e-mail to a friend. Look at the table with the list of activities you did and answer the following questions:

® How many days did you stay there?

® Did you have a good time?

®What activities did you do?

®What did / didn’t you like?

Monday  6 July

   explore a cave

Tuesday 7 July

  try mountain biking

           Wednesday  8 July

try scuba diving / see lots of fish

Thursday  9 July

try horse riding



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