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Дидактичний матеріал "Let's talk about you."

Про матеріал
Let's talk about you.

Pair work:to practise asking for and giving personal information (with prompts).

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                                                                                        Let’s talk about you.

                                                                        - Are you a schoolboy or a schoolgirl? - I am a …                                                                       -What is your name?                                                                         – My name is …                                     -What is your surname?                                                – My surname is…                                                                                                                                                                       

- How old are you?                               – I am ten/ eleven /twelve.                                                                                  - What school do you study at?             – I study at school number 7.                   -What form are you in?                               – I am in the /fifth / sixth / form.


                               slim  plump                            

- Are you tall or short? - I am …

 - Are you slim or plump? –I am …

_ Are you a handsome boy?                                    -Are you a pretty girl?    -Yes, I am.  


Short hair Long hair

 - Is your hair short or long?                                    – My hair is …

               straight            wavy         curly

- Is your hair straight, wavy or curly? – My hair is …


     dark hair               fair hair


- Is your hair dark or fair?                     – My hair is …

                                                  a round face           an oval face         -Is your face round or oval?                            – My face is …                              

eyes                 nose                                                - What colour are your eyes?                  -My eyes are blue/ grey/green/ brown.                                                              Is your nose straight or snub?My nose is …                                                 


                                                                                                - Are your ears big or small?                            - My ears are …                                                 

          - - Are you hardworking?                               - Yes, I am, because I like to study./                   - No, I am not; sometimes I do not like to study.


              - - Are you attentive?                                - Yes, I am, because I always listen to the teachers.                                                        - No, I am not; sometimes I do not listen to the teachers.                                        

                                               - Are you lively?

- Yes, I am, because I like to play, to run.                                                                             - No, I am not, because I do not like to play, to run.                                                                            

-Are you clever?                                  -  Yes, I am, because I know a lot of things.  /                                                               - No, I am not very clever because I do not know a lot of things.                                  

- Are you honest? – Yes, I am, because I always tell the truth./                                                               No, I am not, sometimes I do not tell the truth.

- Are you cheerful? –Yes, I am, because I am happy.

- Sometimes I am not cheerful.


15 лютого 2018
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