Everyday English for kids in dialogues

Про матеріал

Матеріали будуть корисними для використання вчителями початкової школи та їхніми учнями. Діалоги запропоновані у книзі укладені по темах та містять корисні щоденні фрази.

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Мета посібника – дати систематизований матеріал та практичну допомогу для розвитку діалогічного мовлення, засвоєння лексичного матеріалу молодшими школярами. До тематичних діалогів додаються корисні фрази та словник. Кожна частина починається  з англійських прислів’їв та приказок. Також додаються систематизовані в алфавітному порядку щоденні розмовні фрази.

Книга рекомендується для учнів молодших класів та вчителів, які викладають англійську мову в  початкових класах.



















  1. Greeting and parting with people …………………….. 7
  2. Seasons. Weather………………………………………11
  3. Travelling and giving directions ……………………....15
  4. What time is it? ………………………………………..21
  5. School life ……………………………………………..25
  6. Shopping……………………………………………….29
  7. Invitation……………………………………………….35
  8. Everyday English expression…………………………..38
  9. Bibliography …………………………………………...42



























































  • First think and then speak.
  • A man is known by his friends.


Useful phrases:

Hello. / Hi.

How are you? What's new?

Good morning.

(before 12 o'clock)

How are you today?

How are you getting on?

Good afternoon.

(after 12 o'clock)

Not too bad.

I'm okay / all right.

Good evening .

Fine, thank you/thanks.

What's your name?

Very well.

Who are you?

Just fine! Just great!

My name is ...  I am ...

Not too well, actually.

My friends call me ...

What's wrong with you?

You can call me ...

What's the matter with you?

This is ...      Meet ...

Good bye.

How are things?

Bye. / See you.

Nice to meet you. (informal)

See you later. See you soon.

How do you do? (formal)

See you tomorrow.

Nice to see you.

See you next week.

Nice to see you again.

Good night.




        -   Good morning, Tom!

  • Good morning, Bob!
  • How are you?
  • Fine. Thank you. How are you?
  • Very much the same. Thanks.



        -   Good afternoon, Mary!

  • Good afternoon, Robert!
  • How is life?
  • No complaints. Thank you. And you?
  • Nothing to boast of. Thanks.



        -   Good evening, Miss Smith!

  • Good evening, Mike! How are you getting on?
  • Not bad, thanks. And you?
  • Very well. Thank you.
  • Glad to hear it.


          -   Hello. What’s you name?

          -   Ivan. What’s your name?

          -   My name is John. Where are you from, Ivan?

     -   I’m from Kyiv. Where are you from, John?

          -   I’m from London.



          -   Hi, Ellen! How are you?

          -   Fine, thank you. And you?

     -   I’m OK, thanks.



             -   Goodbye, Janet. See you tomorrow!

             -   Bye bye, Peter. Have a nice evening.

             -   Thanks, you too!

             -   Thanks.



         -    Hi, Helen!

         -    Hi, Susan! What’s the news?

         -    No news.

         -    No news is good news.


             -   Hi, Dave!

             -   Hi, Ben! You look upset. What’s the matter?

             -   I’ve lost the key.

             -   Take it easy. I’ll try to help you.

             -   It will be very kind of you.




  • Hi, Paul! What’s up?
  • Nothing new. Same old thing.
  • Same here.



  • Are you going my way?
  • I am afraid not.
  • Good luck. Bye-bye!
  • See you tomorrow.



  • I am going to the country for the weekend.
  • A happy weekend to you.
  • Thank you. The same to you.



  • What time is it now?
  • It’s ten o’clock.
  • It’s high time to go home. I’m sorry to part with you.
  • Thank you for coming.



  • My best regards to your sister?
  • Thank you. She will be glad to hear from you.
  • Remember me to Helen.
  • I will.




  • It’s late. I must hurry.
  • See you later.
  • So long.






Very much the same       

усе те саме

No complaints

не жаліюсь

Nothing to boast of

немає чим хвалитися

What’s the matter?

У чому справи?

What’s up?

Що сталося?

Take it easy

Не бери близько до серця

It will be very kind of you

Це буде дуже любязно з твого  боку                                                

Good luck

бажаю успіху

See you tomorrow

побачимося завтра

It’s high time

давно слід

So long

















































  • When two Englishmen meet, their first talk is about weather.
  • There is no bad weather, there are bad clothes.


Useful phrases:

What is the weather like today?

It's getting foggy (cloudy).

What a nice day!

Sunny/ cloudy/ stormy/ windy

What a nasty day!

Weather forecast

The weather is warm (fine, good, wet, snowy).

Season.Winter. Spring.

Summer. Autumn.

What a lovely day!

It’s a lovely day.

The temperature is…degrees below(above) zero.

It’s cold. It’s cool.

It’s raining cats and dogs.

It’s calm. It’s cloudy.


It is hot. It’s sunny.

Rainfall. Snowfall.

It is dark. It’s foggy.

Indian summer.

The sky is clear.

Yesterday it was …



        -   What’s your favourite season?

  • I like summer. It is warm. The sun shines brightly. It is pleasant to go for a walk and to swim in the river.
  • I also like summer. But my favourite season is winter. I am fond of skating and skiing.
  • Tastes differ.



        -  What is the weather like today?

  • It is fine today. The sun is coming out.
  • What is the temperature?
  • It is about 12 degrees above zero.



            - It’s a nice day today, isn’t it?

            - Oh, yes. It’s a lovely day?




        -  The weather is fine today, isn’t it?

  • Yes, it’s warm and sunny. No wind.
  • Let’s go for a walk.
  • Good idea.



            - It’s cold and frosty today, isn’t it?

            - Oh, yes.

            - It’s about 25 degrees below zero.




        -  What a nasty day today?

  • Yes, it’s awful.
  • I hate when it rains.
  • It will be sunny tomorrow.



             -  Were you born in autumn?

             -  No, I wasn’t. I was born in December. When were  

                 you born?

             -  I was born in April.




             - What is the weather like today?

             - It’s raining cats and dogs. I don’t like such weather.

             - Neither do I. Let’s stay at home and watch TV.

             - I don’t mind.





To be fond of


The sun is coming out.

Виглянуло сонце.

Tastes differ

У кожного свій смак

What a nasty day today!

Який жахливий день!

It will be sunny tomorrow.

Завтра буде сонячно.

It’s awful

Це жахливо

I hate

Я ненавиджу

It’s raining cats and dogs.

Ллє як з відра.



I don’t mind

Я не проти

























































  • There is no place like home.
  • East or West, home is the best.


Useful phrases:


Turn left/right .

By train. By bus

Turn back./Go back.

By car. By ship

Go along …    Cross …

By plane. By bike.

Go straight on.

On foot

Go along the street.

How do I get to …?

It's on the left/right.

Where is …?

straight  on /opposite

What's the best way to …?

near /next to

Can you tell me the way to …

between /at the end (of)

How can I get to …?

on/at the corner

Is this the right way to …?

behind /in front of

Go straight on.

traffic lights/crossroads



  •            Excuse me. Is there a grocery store around here?
  •            Yeah. There's one right across the street.



  •            Can you tell me how to get to Phoenix?
  •            Sorry. I don't live around here.



  •            Where's Tanner's Leather Shop?
  •            It's on the corner of Holly and Vine. Next to the  






  •            How do you get to the bank?
  •            Go straight down this street for two blocks. Turn left  

      when you get to Maple Street. Stay on Maple for half

      a block. It's on the left hand side.



  •            Please, two tickets to London.
  •            One way, sir?
  •            Yes, two one-way.
  •            Here you are, sir.



  •            Excuse me. Where is the bus stop?
  •            It’s over there.                



 -   Can you do me a favour?

 -   Sure.  What is it?

 -   Can you keep an eye on my bag, please?

 -   Sure.  Will you be long?

 -   No.

 -   Go ahead.  It'll be safe with me.



  •            Excuse me. I think that’s my suitcase.
  •            I’m sorry. My suitcase is black, too.
  •            Is this yours?
  •            Yes, it is. Thank you very much.



  • Hello, Ann! How was your trip to London?
  • It was wonderful. I enjoyed it very much.





  •            Excuse me, can you do me a favour?
  •            Sure. What can I do for you?
  •            Can you save my place for me, please? 
  •            Sure. But hurry.

-    Thanks.  It won't be long.  I'll be right back.



  •            We’re leaving.
  •            Wait for me!
  •            Hurry up! We’ll be late!
  •            Okay, okay. I’m ready. Let’s go.



          - Excuse me. Is there a post office near here?

          - Yes. It’s over there.

          - Thank you.

          - You're welcome.



  •      Excuse me.
  •      Yes?
  •      Show me the way to Trafalgar Square, please.
  •      Go along this street and then turn right.
  •      Thank you.
  •      You're welcome.


  •      Excuse me, do you know the way to Victoria Station?
  •      Yes, take bus ten.
  •      Thank you.
  •      The bus stop is across the street.



         - Excuse me. Is there a bank near here?

         - Yes. There's one near here.

         - How do I get there?

         - Go straight on. It's on the right.

         - Is it far?

         - Not really. Just two minutes.

         - Thank you.

         - Don't mention it.


  - Excuse me, where is the nearest post office?

         - Turn left and go straight on.

         - Thank you ever so much.



          - Excuse me. Is there a chemist’s shop around here?

          - Yes. There’s one right across the street.



          - Excuse me Sir, can you tell me how to get to the airport?

          - Sorry. I don’t know.



          - Excuse me. Is there a bank near here?

          - Yes. There's a bank round the corner.

          - Thank you.

          - You're welcome.


   - Excuse me. Is there a supermarket near here?

   - Yes. There's one near here.

   - How do I get there?

   - At the traffic lights, take the first left and go straight on.  

            It's on the left.

   - Is it far?

   - Not really.

   - Thank you.

   - Don't mention it.








  •           Could you please explain again?
  •           Okay, once more. Turn left and walk 30 meters. The  

      Empire State Building is on your right.






To do a favour

Робити послугу

Next to

Поруч з

Keep an eye on

Пильнувати за



Go straight down

Ідіть прямо по

Go straight on

Йти прямо

Go ahead

Не затримуйтеся!

It was wonderful

Це було чудово

Round the corner

За рогом, поруч, зовсім близько


Через, на іншому боці

Hurry up!

Поспішайте! Швидше!

Show me the way to

Покажи мені шлях до

Don't mention it!

Нема за що! Не варто подяки



































What time is it?



  • Time is money.
  • Better late than never.
  • Don’t waste time, it flies.


Useful phrases:

To tell the time

Three times

What’s the time?

It’s exactly six.

What time is it?


Could you tell me the time?


Could you tell me the right time, please?


Is it nine already?


In time

Hour/ Minute/second 

From time to time



Hurry up.


No doubt.




     - Excuse me. Can you tell me the time, please?

     - Yes, of course. It's seven o'clock.

     - Thank you.

     - No problem.



     - Excuse me, what’s the time?

     - It's six o'clock.

     - Thank you very much.

     - Not at all.




     - What time is it?

     -  It's half past three.

     - Thanks.

     - You're welcome.



     - What is the time?

     -  It's twenty minutes to eleven.




     - Excuse me. Can you tell me the time, please?

     - I’m sorry. I don’t know. I don’t have a watch.




     - Excuse me, please. Could you tell me the time?

     - It's 7 p.m.

     - Thank you.

     - You're welcome.




     - Excuse me, could you tell me what’s the time by your   

       watch now?

     - Well, it's a quarter past six by my watch.

     - Oh, thank you very much.












Excuse me

Вибачте! Перепрошую! Пробачте!

No problem

жодних проблем

Not at all

Будь ласка! Нема за що!

You're welcome

не варто подяки

a quarter

чверть (15 хвилин)



p.m. – post meridiem (after noon)

після полудня

a.m. – ante meridiem (before noon)

до полудня
























































  • Live and learn.
  • It is never too late to learn.
  • Knowledge is power.


Useful phrases:

What does "(the word)" mean?

Can you help me, please?

How do you spell "(the word)"?

Is this right / wrong?

Could / Can you repeat that, please?

In my opinion, ...

As for me/ If I am not mistaken ...

Could / can you say that again, please?



Don’t be late!

I don’t understand.

Hurry up.

Say it again, please.

What can you see?

Please, speak slowly.

What is it?

Let me explain.

Where is it?

Learn by heart

It is clear that ...

I think/believe/suppose ...

There is no doubt that ...

I am sure/ I am not sure

How do you say it in English?

You can call me



  • Can I have a pen, please?
  • Yes, you can.



  • Do you have a pen for me?
  • Yes, I do.


  • May I have a pen, please?
  • Yes, you may.




  • Do you like school uniforms?
  • Yes, I do! And you?
  • I’d like to wear different colors sometimes.



  • (Knock , knock) May I come in?
  • Certainly. Come in. Please have a seat.
  • Thanks.



  • I am sorry. I’m late.
  • Don’t worry. Come and sit down.

    We’re on page 20.



  • What does that word mean? Can you translate?
  • Yes, I can.



  • Can I ask you one question?
  • Yes, of course.



  • Whose is this book?
  • It’s  Jane’s.



  • How do you spell your first name?
  • J-A-N-E.
  • How do you spell your surname?
  • H-A-double R-I-S-O-N.
  • Jane Harrison.
  • That’s right.





  • Please close the window, Mike.

    It’s a little chilly in here.

  • Okay. Is there anything else I can do for you?
  • Could you turn off the light?
  • No problem. Anything else?







Don’t worry

Не хвилюйся

What does that word mean?

Що означає  те слово?

Of course



Говорити чи писати по буквах

That’s right

Це вірно

a little chilly

трохи холодно

turn off


No problem

Немає проблем

Anything else?

Що ще? Ще що-небудь?






















The Major Currencies





















Ways to pay:










  • Two heads are better than one.


Useful phrases:

I need ... / I’m looking for …

How much is it?

I'd like …, please.

It doesn't suit  me

Can I try … ?

What size?

What are you looking for?

I don't like it.

Where can I buy ?


Where can I get a film for my camera?

Can I help you?

A good choice

Where can I find ?

Do you sell stamps?

It doesn't fit me.

What can I do for you?

That looks good on you

I'll take this one

What is the price of this…?

It’s very expensive / cheap.

May I try it on?

It seems to fit well.

Do you have any…?

Can I pay by credit card?



  • May I help you?
  • Yes, I'd like to buy these razors.
  • Okay, that'll be $6.85 with tax.



  • What can I do for you?
  • I'm looking for the cameras.
  • They're in Aisle Two.



  • Is there something I can help you with?
  • No, I'm just browsing. Thanks anyway.



  •  Where are the pencils?
  • They're on the second shelf.
  •  Okay, thanks.



  •  How much is this mirror?
  •  It's $19.95.
  •  Okay. I'll take it.



  •  How much does this cost?
  •  That one is $5.00.
  •  How about this one?



  •  How much are these?
  •  They're $4.00 each.
  •  That's too expensive.



  •  Do you have any t-shirts?
  • What size? Medium or Large?
  •  Large.



  •  That comes to $26.59.
  •  Here's $30.00.
  •  Your change is $3.41



  •  That will be $17.48.
  •  Here's $17.50. Keep the change.
  •  Thanks.





  • Can I help you?
  • Yes, please. I would like some meat?
  • How much?
  • A kilo will do.
  • Here you are. Anything else?
  • No, thanks.
  • You are welcome.



  • Can I help you?
  • I’d like a pair of trainers, please.
  • What size?
  • Size 36, please.
  • Try this pair on.
  • How much are they?
  • Twenty pounds.
  • I think they’re great.


  • What can I do for you?
  • I’m looking for a dress.
  • What size?
  • Size 20, please.
  • May I try this on this dress?
  • Yes, of course.



  • Can I help you?
  • Yes, please. Can I try these jeans on?
  • Certainly. Over there.
  • Thank you.





  • I’d like a pair of shoes, please.
  • What colour?
  • White.
  • Can I try them on?
  • Certainly.




  • Can you show me a camera, please?
  • Yes, here you are.
  • How much is it?
  • £ 40.



  • Can you change this T-shirt, please?
  • Why? What’s wrong with it?
  • It’s too big for me.



  • What can I do for you?
  • I want a hat.
  • Try on this hat, please. Does it fit well?
  • Yes, it’s my size. How much is it?
  • It costs …




  • Hello.
  • Hello. Can I have a cup of tea, please?
  • Here you are. Anything else?
  • No, thanks.















I would like / I'd like

Я б хотів

I'm looking

Я шукаю

What can I do for you?

Що я можу для вас зробити?

How much


Too expensive

Занадто дорого



try  on



Звичайно. Авжеж!

fit well

Підходить. Добре лягає

What’s wrong

У чому справа

Anything else?

Що-небудь ще






































  • A good beginning makes a good ending.


Useful phrases:

Do you want to . . .

I would like to invite you to

Do you wanna . . . (informal)

Will you . . . (with me)

Would you like to . . . (more polite)

Will you have lunch with me tomorrow?

How about (V+ing) ?

Would you like a biscuit?

How would you like to . . .

Would you like to have some coffee?

Let’s go to the

Would you like to come for a walk?

Come and see me on Sunday.

I want to invite you to lunch.




  • Do you want to dance?
  • No thanks. I'm kind of tired right now.



  • Would you like to go hiking this weekend?
  • Sure, I'd love to. What time should we meet?



  • How about going swimming on Friday?
  • Ah. Can I get back to you on that?





  • How would you like to play golf tomorrow?
  • Sounds like a great idea. Where do you want to go?



  • Do you have time on Friday?
  • Yes, I do. Why do you ask?
  • There's a dance at the Grand Ballroom.
  • Would you like to go with me?
  • Sure! I'd love to.



  • Hello, Mary.
  • Hello, Tom. How are you?
  • Fine, thanks. And you?
  • I’m fine. Let’s go to the cinema today.
  • Yes, all right. See you. Bye.
  • Bye.




  • Hello, John.
  • Hello, Mark.
  • Let’s go to the club.
  • Sorry, I am busy. Let’s go tomorrow.
  • OK. See you.
  • See you tomorrow.




  • Let’s play football with me.
  • I’m sorry, but I can’t. I must do my home task.
  • What a pity!



  • Will you play tennis with me?
  • Of course, I’ll play with you.




  • Will you play chess with me?
  • I shall not play chess because I don’t like this game.
  • As you like.







Sure! I'd love to

Звичайно! Із задоволенням

What a pity!

Як шкода!

I must

Я повинен

Would you like to

Чи не хочете …

As you like

Як хочеш

See you

До зустрічі. Бувайте!

See you tomorrow

Побачимося завтра.  До завтра!
























Everyday English expression



Anything else?

Ще що-небудь?

As usual

Як завжди

A bunch of…

Букет з ...

As you wish

Як хочете

As you know

Як ви знаєте



As far as I know

Наскільки я знаю

As for me

Що стосується мене

Any questions?

Є питання?

Any doubts?




As long as


Are you sure?

Ви впевнені?

A couch potato


Are you busy?

Ви зайняті?

Are you all right?

У вас все нормально?


Believe me, I know

Повірте, я знаю

Better than nothing

Краще, ніж нічого

By the way

До речі

Better late than never

Краще пізно, ніж ніколи

Be under control

Перебувати під контролем

Be careful!

Будьте обережні!

Be on time

Бути на час

Be quick! 



Can I borrow your book, please?

Можна позичити Вашу книгу, будь ласка?

Can you lend me some money, please?

Ви не позичте мені трохи грошей, будь ласка?

Can you do me a favor, please?

Чи можете ви зробити мені послугу, будь ласка?

Can I help you?

Чи можу я вам допомогти?

Cut it out!


Can you help me?

Чи можете Ви мені допомогти?




Don’t be late!

Не запізнюйся!

Do you mind if I …?

Ви не заперечуєте, якщо я ...?

Don’t give up!

Не здаватися!

Don’t worry about it

Не хвилюйся про це

Don’t forget!

Не забувай!


Excuse me for asking

Вибачте мене за питання


Feel blue


For some reason

З різних причин

For no reason

Ні за що





Find a way

Знайдіть спосіб


Good thinking!

Хороша думка!

Guess what?

І що ж?






How much is it?

Скільки це коштує?

How much does it cost?

Скільки це коштує?

Here you are

Тут ви

Here you go

Тут ви йдете

Hurry up!


Have issues

Є проблеми

Haste makes waste

Поспішиш - людей насмішиш


I have a question for you

У мене є питання до вас

I speak some English

Я говорю по-англійськи

I wish I could

Я б хотів

If by chance

Якщо випадково

If you have a chance

Якщо у вас є шанс

It’s all the same

Це все той же

I  don’t buy that

Я не купую, що

I’m sorry to bother you

Вибачте, що турбую

It makes sense

Має сенс

It doesn’t make any sense

Це не має ніякого сенсу

It’s not my fault

Це не моя вина

I’ve changed my mind

Я передумав

I’m in a hurry!

Я поспішаю!

It’s fair!

Це несправедливо!

It’s not fair!

Це несправедливо!

I appreciate it!

Я ціную це!

I’m afraid of

Я боюся

It’s up to you

Це залежить від вас

I made a mistake

Я зробив помилку

It doesn’t help

Це  не допомагає

It doesn’t work

Воно не працює

I know

Я знаю

I don’t know

Я не знаю

I’m leaving…

Я йду ...

I hope so

Сподіваюся, що так

I hope not

Сподіваюся, що немає

I believe so

Я думаю, да

I don’t believe so

Я так не думаю

I don’t care

Мені все одно

I feel like

Я відчуваю себе

I don’t feel like

Я не відчуваю себе

It’s on me

Це на мене

I’ll be there

Я буду там

I’ll be back soon

Я скоро повернуся

I think so

Я так думаю

I  don’t think so

Я так не думаю

I guess so

Я думаю, да

I guess not

Я думаю, не

I have my way

У мене є спосіб

I’m on my way

Я на моєму шляху

I’m sorry, I’m late

Вибач, я спізнився

I’ll call you right back

Я зателефоную тобі відразу ж

If I am not mistaken

Якщо я не помиляюся

I forgot

Я забув

I have no idea

Я поняття не маю

If you like

Якщо вам подобається


Just in case

Про всяк випадок


Keep in touch

Підтримуйте зв'язок

Keep in mind

Майте на увазі,

Keep going

Продовжуйте рух


Life goes on

Життя триває

Lose control

Втрачати контроль

Live and learn!

Живи і вчися!

Leave me alone

Дайте мені спокій

Let me know

Дозвольте мені знати


Також. Подібно

Let me think

Дайте мені подумати




Mark my words

Запам'ятайте мої слова

Make sure

Перевірити. Бути упевненим


Not now

Не зараз

Not yet

Ще не


В даний час

Never mind

Нічого! Не звертайте уваги!


Of course!



Pick up

Візьміть.  Підніміть

Pick on


Pay attention!

Зверни увагу!








So far so good

Поки все добре

Sign here, please!

Підпишіть тут, будь ласка!


Безумовно, безперечно

Say it again, please!

Скажи це ще раз, будь ласка!


This is not my day

Це не мій день

That’s too bad!

Це дуже погано!

To be honest with you

Щоб бути чесними з вами

Tag along

Іти назирці

Take a nap


The same to you

Те ж саме для вас

Take it easy!

Не поспішай/не напружуй сили

Take a seat!


Take your time!

Не поспішайте



На нещастя


Vain efforts

Марні зусилля



У будь-якому разі!

Watch out!


What a shame!

Який сором!





Yeah right!

Так правильно!

You can tell

Ви можете сказати

You can do it!

Ви можете це зробити!



Жвавий, спритний, енергійний















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