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Great Britain. Розробка уроку 6 клас

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Під час розробки уроку враховуючись психологічні особливості учнів даного віку та використовувались інтерактивні технології навчання
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The topic. Great Britain.

The aims .

  • To develop basic skills;
  • To give pupils practice in speaking giving a conversation;
  • To develop socio-cultural competence

                                             The plan of the lesson
1.Greetings .                           

2.Warm up.  The teacher gets a map of Great Britain and Ukraine and asks the students to give their ideas about the country by the map.

3.Introducing the topic

a) To the students are doing to find out more about England and suggests reading a short article for more information. While the students are reading the teacher helps with necessary vocabulary until the students fell comfortable with it.

T e x t

The country we are doing to visit has the name Great Britain. It has water on all sides and is an island. It is not a very big country, Ukraine is bigger, but there are more people in Great Britain than in Ukraine. Great Britain has 3 parts, they are England, Scotland and wales. England is the bigger part, it is in the center of the island. The other two parts much smaller. Not very many people live there, they have their languages and cultures but they all speak English because English  is the official language. Great Britain has very beautiful rivers, mountains and lakes. There are large cities in Great Britain but many people live in small towns or villages. London is the capital city of the country. It is very old city, and it has a lot of historical monuments. You can get to Great Britain by Plane, by ship, by train or by car.

After reading the text, the students dill in the table with appropriate information.











Type of land

























Capital city




















How to get






b)Having finished working the table after the text, the students use the map to find the missing information and complete the table.

c)Then the students make up sentences about the country using the information they have found themselves.

4. Home assignment

To write a composition about Great Britain.

5. Lesson summary

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Англійська мова (6-й рік навчання) 6 клас (Карпюк О.Д.)
6 жовтня 2020
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