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Intellectual game “THE SMARTEST”

Про матеріал

Основним завданням даного позакласного заходу є навчити учнів обмінюватись інформацією про Велику Британію на основі матеріалів підручника та додаткових джерел; формувати більш повне уявлення учнів про Велику Британію, культуру, науку та різні аспекти життя народу; поглибити й розширити знання учнів про відомі факти британської культури і виховувати толерантне ставлення та пізнавальний інтерес учнів до культури народу Великої Британії.

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Intellectual game “THE SMARTEST”


Form 11


Цілі уроку: практична: навчити учнів обмінюватись інформацією про Велику Британію на основі матеріалів  підручника та додаткових джерел; освітні: формувати більш повне уявлення учнів про Велику Британію, культуру, науку та різні аспекти життя народу; поглибити й розширити знання учнів про відомі факти британської культури; Розвивальні: формувати навички самоконтролю; виховна: виховувати толерантне ставлення та пізнавальний інтерес учнів до культури народу Великої Британії.

Обладнаня: мультимедійна дошка.


Хід уроку


І. Організаційний момент

T. Good morning! I am happy to greet you at our contest about Great Britain. You are here to show how well you know different aspects of people’s life in Great Britain.


ІІ. Основна частина уроку


Dear participants, you have a question and four answers. Choose the right va­riant and show us the letter on your card.

The first round

1.     In which of these countries English is not spoken?

a)    The USA

b)    Australia

c)    New Zealand

d)    Argentina

2.    Which of these rivers is not in Great Britain?

a)    The Severn

b)    The Colorado        .                    

c)    The Thames

d)    The Tweed

3.    Which of these countries is not in Great Britain?

a)    England

b)    Wales

c)    Northern Ireland

d)    Scotland

4.    Find the odd word:

a)    Milk

b)    Dairy

c)    Cheese

d)    Butter

5.    What language is official in Aus­tralia?

a)    German

b)    English

c)    Australian

d)    Ukrainian

6.     How are the first 10 Amendments to the US Constitution called?

a)    Preamble

b)    Articles of Confederation

c)    Bill of Rights

d)    Separation of Powers

7.     Lord Chancellor in the House of Lords sits on:

a)    The Throne                

b)    The Woolsack

c)    The Bench                                    

d)    The Chair

8.    What town did the Beatles come from?

a)    Edinburgh

b)    Glasgow

c)    Liverpool

d)    Plymouth

9.    Which of the world popular sports has the British origin?

a)    Football

b)    Basketball

c)    Chess

d)    Swimming

10.  What city in the USA is called “the city of skyscrapers”?

a)    Philadelphia

b)    San Francisco        

c)    New York           

d)    Washington

11.  The national anthem of the USA is:

a)    America, the Beautiful”

b)    E Pluribus Unum”

c)    “God save the King”

d)    “The Star-Spangled Banner”

12.  What is the longest river in the world?

a)    The Dnipro

b)    The Nile

c)    The Mississippi

d)    The Amazon

13.  What writer doesn’t belong to this group?

a)    Ch. Bronte

b)    W.S.Maugham

c)    J. K. Jerome                    

  1.  E. Hemingway

14.  What continent has no rivers?

a)    America

b)    Australia 

c)   Antarctica

d)   Africa

15.  Scotland lies to the... of England?

 a)   North

b)    South

c)    West                                              .

d)    East

16.  Famous scientists, kings, writers, poets are buried in:

a)    The National Gallery

b)    Trafalgar Square

c)    Westminster Abbey

d)    The Tower

17.  Who wrote the book from which these words are: “Whale, whale, have you eaten a man?”

a)    Kipling

b)    Shakespeare

c)    O’Henry

d)    London

18.  How do we call Constantinople now?

a)    Cherkassy               

b)    Istanbul

c)    New York

  1.   Acropol

Round II

This time we shall answer 6 categories of questions.  You should answer as many questions as you can. There are only questions, no answers and you have only one minute! Are you ready?

The second round


1.    What country lies to the north of the USA? (Canada)

2.    Is Manhattan an island or a penin­sula? (An island)

3.    How many bridges are there in London across the Thames? (14)

4.    What is the place where east meets west? (Greenwich medium)

5.  What separates Great Britain from Europe? (La Mache/ the English Channel)

6.    What is Ben Nevis? (highest mountain in the UK)

7.   What is the longest river of Great Britain? (The Severn)

8.    What part of the UK is Glasgow situated in? (Scotland)

9.    What gulf is the USA washed by? (The Gulf of Mexico)

10.  Where are the Great Lakes situat­ed? (Between the USA and Canada)

11.  What is the longest river of the USA? (The Mississippi)

12.  Which US state is the largest in area? (Alaska)

13.  Which US state is the smallest in area? (Rhode Island)

14.  What is the capital of Australia? (Canberra)

15.  What is the name of the ship that brought the first emigrants to America? ("Mayflower")


1.    A holiday celebrated in Great Brit­ain on the 25th of December. (Christmas)

2.    The   main   city of the   country. (A capital)

3.    A   person   who   draws   pictures. (A painter/ an artist)

4.    A room where we sleep. (A bed­room)

5.    A person in an army who gives or­ders to other people. (An officer)

6.    A person who helps you to learn. (A teacher)

7.    A person who designs buildings. (An architect)

8.    A person to treat people who are ill. (A doctor)

9.    A person who milks cows. (A milk­maid)

10.  A woman who looks after people on a plane. (A stewardess)

11.  A film at which the audience laugh. (A comedy)

12.  A high narrow building. (A tower)

13.  A room to keep plates, spoons, ket­tles. (A kitchen)

14.  A long written story. (A novel)

15.  A piece of writing performed at the theatre or on the radio. (A play)


1.    What was a fortress, a royal palace, a prison and now is a museum? (The Tower)

2.   What is the centre of London and the meeting point of six streets? (Piccadilly Circus)

3.    What is Westminster Abbey? (A church)

4.    Where does the US President live and work? (The White House)

5.    What is the London home of Brit­ish   sovereign?   (Buckingham   Pa­lace)

6.    Where are famous people of Britain buried? (Westminster Abbey)

7.   What made Sir Benjamin Hall fa­mous not only in Great Britain, but in the whole world? (Big Ben)

8.    In what city is Hollywood situated? (Los Angeles)

9.   What is the name of the building where the US government sits?

(The Capitol)

10. A monument to what American President looks like a very long pencil? (George Washington)

11.  What is the American symbol of freedom? (The Statue of Liberty)

12.  What river forms the Niagara Falls? (The Niagara)

13.   In what English town does a statue of Robin Hood stand? (Notting­ham)

14.  Is the Major Oak the name of a tree or a theatre? (A tree in a Sherwood Forest)

15.  How is London’s park with Speak­er’s Corner called? (Hyde Park)


ІІІ. Завершальна частина уроку


T. So, the final score is… Let’s congratulate the winner. Please, come to the jury to get your prize! Thank you for the game.    Good bye.

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