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Конспект уроку англійської мови у 11 класі “Festive table” за підручником “Enterprise 4”

Про матеріал


General: to practice vocabulary

to practice telling favourite recipe

Specific: to develop speaking skills

to develop reading skills

to develop listening skills

to develop speech competence

to develop skills of working on one's own

to develop creative competence

Materials: textbook “Enterprise 4”, recipes with illustrations, video “How to make mayonnaise”.

Перегляд файлу

Конспект уроку англійської мови у 11 класі


Theme: “Festive table”



General:    to practice vocabulary

         to practice telling favourite recipe


Specific:      to develop speaking skills

  to develop reading skills

  to develop listening skills

to develop speech competence

   to develop skills of working on one’s own  

to develop creative competence



Materials:  textbook “Enterprise 4, recipes with illustrations, video “How to make mayonnaise”.


Lesson structure


  1. Organizing the class. Організація класу. Привітання.


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Take your seats and get ready for the lesson.

How do you do, my dears? Are you in a good mood?


  1. Reporting the aims and the subject of the lesson.

Soon we'll have the most favourite time – winter holidays. People all over the world will have Christmas and New Year parties with a big number of tasty dishes.


  • What is your favourite dish?
  • What’s the most expensive (tastiest) thing you’ve ever eaten?
  • Who does cooking at your home?
  • Do you like cooking?
  • Are you a good cook?
  • What can you cook?


So, today we'll define how to prepare to a festive party, and we'll find out the traditional food of different countries. Today's topic is " Festive table” .  You will have to remember how to use the vocabulary necessary for you to talk about your food preferences, about cooking your favorite dishes. By the way, you have a good chance today to show the level of your communicative competence progress. We have got an interesting and unusual lesson today. It will be a kind of competition – can you guess – what? Yes, you are right, we’ll have “Master Chef”.
During the lesson youll have a chance to get a Master Chef card on which depends your mark for the lesson. Are you ready ? So, let's begin!


Warming up. Finish the sentence “ If I were a food, I would be…”


To start with let’s create a poem “What are your favourite foods?”

Use alliterations-write words that begin with the same sound.

Example: candy, chocolate, chips, cookies.


Favourite Foods


I could eat that food every day!


I never leave a crumb to throw away.


What a wonderful , scrumptious treat!


That’s my favourite food to eat!





(The most active pupils get cards.)

Main part of the lesson.

You know that almost every country has its own cuisine and what is more some popular dishes are associated with this or that national cuisine. We’re to remember such dishes.

Your task is to complete the sentences.


What country do you associate the following food or drink with?

1.pudding                a)Brazil

2.varenyky             b)Japan

3.hamburger            c)Ukraine

4.coffee                   d)Italy

5.sushi                    e)Turkey

6.spaghetti              f)England

7.pelmeni                g)Russia 

8.kebab                   h)France

9.croissant             i)the USA

Key: 1f, 2c, 3i, 4a, 5b, 6d, 7g, 8e, 9h.

(The first 3 pupils get cards)

What of these dishes have you ever tried?


Teacher.  To prepare tasty dish you have to know cooking verbs and ingredients. So the next task is to put the words in the proper columns. What things can we....


Potatoes, juice, cake, bread, meat, chicken, onions, coffee, mushrooms, tea, sausage, water, milk, fish, eggs, carrot, cabbage.

(The first 3 pupils get cards)


Pre-watching a video.


You are going to watch a video but guess what it will be about?

Everybody likes this ingredient. You can find it in pizza, a lot of salads. We cant imagine our festive table without it. Its mayonaise.

While watching pay attention to the ingredients and instructions.

After – watching activity.


Now,  let me see how can you work in teams. Well do Cooking Races.

Your task is to go to the board and make up the recipe of home-made mayonnaise step by step.

Step 1. Choose the ingredients.

Step 2. Choose the utensils.

Step 3 - 7. Choose the instructions.

Lets check on the board.

Good job, thank you both the teams.


(The winner team gets cards)


Group work.


Now I want you to work in groups. Choose a card and join in the four groups according them.

Starters : vegetable soup, chefs salad, prawn cocktail, green salad, red cabbage salad 


Main course: stuffed chicken, steak with roast potatoes, fish and chips, spaghetti, roast beef with steamed vegetables.

Dessert: chocolate, ice – cream, apple pie, cherry cheesecake, pudding.


Drinks :   juice, milk shake, coffee, hot chocolate.

Teacher.  Do you like food in our school canteen? What do you usually have for lunch? Bohdan, Katia, what do you usually have for supper? What would you like to eat for lunch?

 Work in groups and make up a menu for our school canteen. Do not forget about starters, main course, dessert and drinks. You have 5 min.

Present your work.

The most active pupils get cards

Teacher.  The next our task is called “Recipe game”.

I open our kitchen where you can take ingredients you need.

 The most active pupils get cards

  1. Summing up the lesson


  1. Підсумок уроку.

Our lesson is almost over. Did you enjoy it? And we had a really nice competition today.

Finish the sentences: 1. I liked the lesson because…

  1.  I didn’t like the lesson because…
  2. It was…
  3. We had…


  1.                     Оцінювання учнів.


You have been working hard. What about your marks?

If you got 6 Master chefs you’ll get 12

                 5 – 11

                 4 – 10

                 3 – 9

                 2 – 8

                 1 – 7

Raise your hands who’s got 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7? Good job!

                3. Home task .

Your home task for the next lesson is to make up a New Year menu for your family.



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