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Тема "Зовнішність". Мета: повторити нові лексичні одиниці ; повторити структури дієслів have got/ has got; формувати навички говоріння, практично застосовувати лексику з теми. Розвивати комунікативні навички; зв’язне усне й писемне мовлення, творчу уяву. Виховувати в учнів самостійність, мислення, кмітливість.
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Topic: Appearance


  • to introduce the vocabulary on the topic “Appearance”;
  • to practice using the verbs “ have/ has got ”;
  • to develop reading, listening, writing  and speaking skills;
  • to stimulate creative thinking through the project work.

Learning outcomes. By the end of the lesson students will be able to:

  • talk about the parts of the body;
  • describe people, animals, insects;
  • use the verbs “ have/has got “ in their speech.


  • flashcards
  • paper and colored pencils
  • worksheets
  •    ball

Warm up



 5 min

Good morning!

Good morning, Good morning

Good morning to you,

Good morning, Good morning

I'm glad to see you!


Le'ts play with our ball.

What is your name?

How old are you?

How are you today?

Where are you from?

Tell me about you family.

Good  job!


Aim: to introduce and raise interest on the lesson, practice rhythms,  





Listening and Speaking



 10 min

Now let's remember some sounds. /f/, /v/, /m/, /n/


(the teacher hangs the cards with the sounds on the board, the children repeat them)


Now  let’s play the  game "catch the sound"


 (the teacher names the words and the children clap their hands if they hear the sound in the word)



Let's remember What is this?


Cards are attached to the board, students call them (cat, dog, snake, rabbit, bird)


Now point to the picture and ask your friend “What is this?”(students work in pairs )

Aim: to practice structure, listening, speaking and vocabulary, to develop attention


Writing activity


 10 min

Let’s do the writting task. You have to write the words under the pictures. Then read it.

(students receive the cards with the words on the topic. Working with cards)

Aim: to develop writting skills, attention, thinking skills,

reading skils 



5 min

Students do exercise “Head and shoulders’



Extension and personalization


15 min

Well done! So, your next task is to find the pictures.  (Cards with pictures hang in the classroom. While playing music, children go to class. As the music ends, choose the picture in which they stand. Then they call it (I have got …She has got…, He has got…)


Good job!


So, today we’ve spoken about our bodies, described animals and insects and created new creatures. It was very funny. I hope the lesson was useful and you liked it.

Aim: to develop speaking skills, practice the structure I have got a…She has got a…,He has got…  to have an opportunity to be creative,




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