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Конспект уроку з англійської мови для 5 класу на тему " Світ захоплень"

Про матеріал

Конспект уроку з англійської мови у 5 класі за темою " Світ захоплень". Урок містить інтерактивні вправи, які сприяють комунікативній спрямованості.

Перегляд файлу

Teacher: Davydova Angelica


Level/Class: 5 –A



Subject:  My Hobby


  • to enrich pupils` knowledge about the activities in free time;
  • to practice their skills in  reading;
  • to practice vocabulary on the topic;
  • to practice the structures be fond of, be interested in;
  • to teach listening skills;
  • to develop pupils` creative thinking;
  • to develop pupils` communication skills.

At the end of the lesson 85% of the students are expected to:

  • discuss an issue by following the procedure of the discussion;
  • perform  the discussion;

      -  appreciate the  participating during  the lesson by self evaluation.



  • record with a song;
  • cards with tasks;
  • pictures;
  • presentation;
  • a book.








I. Introduction.

1. Greeting.

  - Good morning, boys and girls! Glad to see you!

     How are you? (Fine, super, so-so, not bad, OK).

     I see you look great. Are you ready to start the lesson?


2. Warming-up.

- Is it hot today or cold?

- What season is it now?

- What can you do in winter? What do you like doing in winter?  (play snowballs, make a snowman, sledge, ski, skate, playing hockey).

What are you waiting our lesson for? You see on the blackboard a fir tree. You’ve got snowflakes with the words. Let’s take them, read and stick on the fir tree.

II. Main part.

1. Presentation of the topic.

Slide 1

  • We`ll speak about your free time and how to spend it, about activities you like.

So, please write down the theme of our today’s lesson – My hobby.

I’d like to start our lesson with the words of a famous English writer George Bernard Shаw. George Bernard Shaw (26 July 1856 – 2 November 1950) was an Irish writer. He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1925)

Slide 2 (quotation by B. Show)

Slide 3 T:  Your task will be to match the beginnings with the endings and then try to give Ukrainian equivalants . Write down one of them.

Slide 4

2. Reciting a poem.

T: Let’s read a poem according to our topic

Mary dances, Nick plays hockey,
James likes reading, Ann likes to eat,
Ron likes singing, Kate likes listening,
Sam likes feeding his parrot Pete.

John is fond of drawing comics
When the lessons all are done.
Everybody has a hobby.
Have you got your own one?

T: Answer the question of the poem.

3. Practicing vocabulary.

Гра « мікрофон». «Журналісти » проводять опитування про хобі з різними видами запитань.

Are you fond of ….?  Are you interested in…? What do you like?

4. Writing.

Make up 3 sentences and write them down into your copy-books using the table.

Card 1










fond of

interested  in




learning English

collecting things


playing chess


Relaxing  for  eyes.

Slide 5

T: Look at pictures. There are different hobbies. Do you know them? All these hobbies can be divided into several groups: learning things, doing things, making things and collecting things. Let’s provide some examples.

Working in groups. Matching exercise.

T: Now I’ll divide you into  groups. Your task is to put the verbs into correct boxes in order to make the right word-combinations.

Card 2

play, write, go, collect, do, watch, make

1__________ teddy bears, matchboxes, posters

2__________ a snowman, a bird house, a model boat

3__________ chess, the piano, football

4__________ yoga, puzzles, experiments

5__________ birds, stars, action films

6__________ a diary, poems, letters

7__________ dancing, fishing, climbing


4. Reading. Working with the cards.

Card 3Now you will have some reading task about hobbies. Your task is to guess what hobby is it and name it.

1)Such people like to visit different cities, towns and historical places. Some people even visit other countries. They can travel by car, by plane, by train, by bus or on foot. This hobby helps them to learn history, geography and traditions of different people and countries.( Travelling)

2)People like to spend their free time near the rivers or lakes . They often go there with their friends or relatives . They can have a picnic there. They go usually there in summer but some people like to go there in winter too . Also they can boil fish broth ( soup ) after going there.(Fishing)

3)It is a very beautiful  hobby. You can visit dancing club after lessons or dance at home. If you can dance well, you can show it at the disco, at the parties with your friends!( Dancing)




Relaxing. Let’s sing a hobby song

Speaking. Making up dialogues.

Speaking “My hobby”.

T: Now we are going to visit our  school Hobby Fair . We can learn a lot about your likes and interests.Who will start? May be I. As for me …


III. Summing up.

Teacher: Thank you children. We’ve learned a lot about your pastime. But now we are going to open our magic box and see what is there?

We`ve got a lot of hobbies

But we have a common one

English  attracts us

More than stamps or actors

And it is great fun!

Have you liked today’s lesson? Let’s stiсk this snowman!

Now let’s sing our goodbye song.



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Англійська мова (5-й рік навчання) 5 клас (Несвіт А.М.)
27 лютого 2018
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