Контрольна робота з читання "Indiana Jones"

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Контрольна робота з перевірки вмінь учнів з читання, текст "Indiana Jones", завдання після тексту
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Name, surname _____________________________    Form ____________


Indiana Jones

 Indiana Jones first appeared in 1981 in the film Raiders of the Lost Ark. The creators of the character are famous directors George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. The film was very successful and there are more films, a TV series, comics, books and computer games with the adventures of the popular archeologist.

 Dr Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr works as a college professor, but sometimes he travels the world exploring temples, monuments and tombs, looking for buried treasure. He doesn’t like his real name, Henry, so he has a nickname “Indiana”. It comes from the pet dog he had when he was a child. Indiana also doesn’t like snakes because he is afraid of them.

 Indiana isn’t a superhero. He has no super powers, but he is very brave and always tries to help people. His adventures are popular because he is just an ordinary person in a larger than life world.


  1. Read the text and choose the correct answer.
  1. Indiana Jones appeared in

a. 1891  b. 2091  c. 1981      

  1. The film was about the adventures of

a. the doctor  b. the archeologist  c. the famous director

  1. Henry Jones works

a. in the hospital  b. in the college  c. in the hotel

  1. His nickname “Indiana” comes from

a. the pet dog  b. his father  c. Steven Spielberg

  1. Indiana doesn’t like snakes because

a. he has some at home b. he is afraid of them c. George Lucas likes them


  1. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false)
  1. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg created Indiana Jones.
  2. Indiana Jones is an archeologist.
  3. His job is to look for buried treasures.
  4. Henry is Indiana’s real name.
  5. Snakes are his favorite animals.
  6. Indiana has superhuman strength.


  1. Answer the questions.
  1. When did Indiana Jones appear? _____________________________________________
  2. Who created Indiana Jones? ________________________________________________
  3. What appeared after successful film? _________________________________________


  1. What is the real name of Indiana Jones? _______________________________________
  2. Where does he work? _____________________________________________________
  3. What does he sometimes do? _______________________________________________
  4. Why are the adventures of Indiana Jones so popular? ____________________________



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