National holidays in Great Britain

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Public holidays and celebration in Great Britain There are only 6 public holidays in Great Britain. Those are days on which people need not go to work. These days are: Christmas Day, Boxing day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Spring Bank Holiday and Late Summer Bank Holiday.

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Christmas. In England, Christmas - This is the most important holiday. After Christmas dinner, it certainly sounds a little queen. Before you sit down for a festive table, Britons going to church. On Christmas Eve in London Trafalgar Square in the center put the main tree of the country. Permission to install tree has been issued even Queen Victoria in 1841. On Christmas Day in Britain adopted giving each other gifts. In British Christmas table is certainly simple dish of turkey. The main toast to the festive table - "Your good health!" - For your health! Christmas in England decided to me. In the second denok celebrate Christmas in England denok St. Stephen. In this dayoffer special boxes for donations and distribute content to the needy. English brings gifts to children Father Christmas (Father Christmas). The children wrotea letter from Father Christmas wishes and throw it into the fire, through smoke enters the list of desires of the in the family.

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Boxing Day. Boxing Day - Boxing Day, the British tradition of Boxing Day or Boxing Day is celebrated every year in the UK on December 26, the day after Christmas. If the date falls on a weekend, then the following Monday is declared a non-working. Boxing Day is literally translated to English as "the day of the boxes." Serious contradictions with the translation "Boxing Day" is not here, because it refers to the box in which lay gifts. The etymology of this phrase to the end is not clear, there are several versions of its origin. Basic two of them. 1) In the old days on the day after Christmas in churches open boxes with donations, the contents of which were distributed to the poor. Also boxes with gifts and goodies was made to endow the servants who were given a day off in that day. Chances are that it is here and there is a celebration of Boxing Day. 2) The second version is similar in meaning. Christmas Box - is a clay box with a slit like the modern piggy banks, which in medieval workshops customers throwing tip. On Christmas box was broken and the contents were distributed among all the artisans, was obtained a sort of Christmas bonus ..

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Boxing Day

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Good Friday. It's Friday on the eve of Easter Sunday, when Christians remember the day of the crucifixion of Jesus. Holy Friday date varies from year to year. We will never know the date of the first Holy Friday, but many scientists believe that this event took place on April 7 of 30 AD (Anno Domini - AD). If they are right, the calendar is wrong for 3 years. Anglo-Saxon name of Holy Friday (Good Friday) was "Long Friday» (Long Friday) due to the hard fasting imposed on this day, and seemingly so long.

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Good Friday. Jesus

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Second day of Easter, the first Monday after Easter

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February 14 February 14 is St. Valentine’s Day. Boys, girls and grownups send valentines to their friends. A valentine is a little picture, very often a funny one with a little poem or some kind words on it: «I’ll be your sweetheart, if you are mine», «All of my life I’ll be your Valentine». The youth enjoy buying or making valentines for their friends and teachers..

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February 14

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Halloween. October 31 is Halloween. Halloween is a holiday for children and young people. In the evening of October 31 boys and girls «dress up» in different old clothes and wear masks

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About holidays. Most of these holidays are of religious origin, though it would be right to say that for the great part of the population they have lost their religious significance and are simply days on which people relax, drink and make merry.

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