Our life many years ago

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Урок англійської мови включає презентацію, практику та застосування структури ' used to'. За допомогою малюнків учні мають змогу описати звички людей багато років тому.
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Topic: Our life many years ago.

Aim: To teach students to use the structure “used to”


By the end of the lesson the students will be able to use the structure “used to” to describe regular habits in the past.

Eguipment: SB, students’ worksheet


I Introduction


(Sts. choose a piece of paper and name the things on the paper)

Name 5 things you liked to eat when you were a kid

Name 5 places you visited in your childhood

Name 5 things from childhood you miss

Name 5 toys you had when you were a kid

Name 5 people you met in the childhood

Name 5 items of clothes you liked in childhood


II Main Part

Grammar Introduction







Speaking / Pair Work

Match the prompts with the picture. Then make sentences using the structure “used to”

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1      2                                         3   





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  1.       He/ride a bike
  2.      My dad/run in the park
  3.       I/drink milk
  4.      They/swim in the pool
  5.       She/wear dresses
  6.        My brother/ work at the hospital



Write about the life of this people some years ago.

Read about Michael. Then imagine his life 10 years ago. Write 5 sentences with used to ( both positive and negative)

This is Mike. He’s 40 years old. He’s a nurse in the hospital. He eats very healthy food and walks to work. He goes to the gym three times a week. He likes wearing jeans and T-shirts. At the weekends he goes to the museums or goes to the classical music concerts. But ten years ago his life was very different…



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Read about Sarah. Then imagine her life 10 years ago. Write 5 sentences with used to ( both positive and negative)

This is Sarah. She’s 45 years old. She’s a manager in the company. She is a vegetarian. She volunteers in the local orphanage at the weekend. She likes wearing smart dresses. In the evenings he goes to the restaurants or to the theatre. But twenty years ago her life was very different…


Yang Liwei - Wikipedia

Read about Honoka. Then imagine his life 15 years ago. Write 5 sentences with used to ( both positive and negative)

This is Honoka. He’s 45 years old. He’s a worker at the factory. He eats noodles and drinks sake. He goes shopping for food after work. He likes wearing shirts and jackets. At the weekends he goes to the playground or to the park with his children. But fifteen years ago his life was very different…


III. Conclusion



Write 10 sentences about you, your family and friends using the structure “used to”

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