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План – конспект уроку "Toys and Games"

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Підручник "Smart Junior For Ukraine"(Part B),Module 5a Aim: to give and follow simple instructions Vocabulary: stand up, sit down, clap your hands.
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План – конспект уроку Апеніна-Гаврикова Олена Вікторівна, ЗСШ №40

Lesson plan

Grade: 1

Topic: Toys and Games

Module: 5 a (Smart Junior part B)

Lesson time: 35 minutes

Aim: to give and follow simple instructions

Vocabulary: stand up, sit down, clap your hands.

Structures: Imperative – Affirmative (SB p.60-61, WB p.46)

Materials: flash cards, CD, workbook, book.

Хід уроку

  1. Підготовка до сприйняття іншомовного мовлення.
    1. Greeting

T: Good morning class!

S: Good morning teacher!

  1. Warm up (5 min)

The teacher brings a chair to the front of the class and sits on it. Then, the teacher says: «Stand up!» and stands up as she/he does so. Teacher has the Ss stand up. Then, the teacher says: «Sit down!» and sits down as she says it and she has the Ss sit down, too.

T: «Clap your hands» (Clap, clap). The teacher does so and has the students do the same.

Основна частина

  1. Презентація нових команд. Presentation Activity (10 min).
    1. T: Open your books at p.60. Listen and point to each picture. Listen again and repeat. Then, the teacher says the phrases in random order and has Ss repeat and point.
    2. Singing a song. (track 20).

T: You`re going to listen to a song. The teacher plays the CD (track 20) and gets student to listen. The teacher plays the song a second time and invites Ss to do the actions. When Ss feel comfortable, she invites them to sing along.

  1. Відпрацювання вивченого матеріалу. Consolidation activity (10 min).
    1. T. points to each picture (p.60) and encourages Ss. To say which imperative phrases are shown in each picture.
    2. T. explains to Ss that they will listen to similar phrases on the CD and say «Yes» or «No» according to the imperative phrase they hear each time. (CD track 21)
    3. T: Now let`s play «The Tony says» game (a variation of the game Simon says).

The teacher explains to Ss that she`s going to give them a few orders to perform. The teacher calls out orders about what Ss have to do. The Ss must not perform the action if it isn`t preceded by the words «Tony says». If a S does so, he/she is out of the game. The last S remaining in the game wins and he can call out the order of the actions in the next game.

  1. Завершальний етап . Closing activity. (5 min)

4.1 The teacher tells Ss to say Stand up./ sit down/ clap your hands and do the actions when they go home.

  1.  Optional Activity ( WB p.46 ex 1-2)
  1. Listen and match.
  2. Circle the pairs.
  3. Circle game.

The teacher points to their watch and says: “Its time to finish . Thank you. Good bye , class!

S: Goodbye, teacher.


Апенина Елена
29 жовтня 2019
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