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English Party

Ojectives: to teach pupils to work together  to compete  a task and reach a final goal; to develop pupilsꞌ critical thinking and problem solving skills; to broaden pupilsꞌ knowledge about English - speaking countries;to train the usage of the lexical units  in  practice.

Equipments: a projector, a computer, the motto of the party, sheets of paper for completing the tasks and displaying the results.


P.1:Hello ,dear guests !We are glad to see you today!

P.2:Hi ,everybody: children, teachers, dear judges!

You are welcome to our  English party!(together)

P.1:Do you like parties? (to children) Of course, you do!

P.2: Do you like parties?(to each other)

P.1:I am crazy  about them!

P.2:Then itꞌs  just the time to start our party.

P.1:Before that you should remember some rules:

----To relax!

----To have  fun!

-----To enjoy  the party! 

---- No phones!Ok?

P.1:Weꞌve  got a lot of  hobbies

      But we have a common one

      English does  attract us

     More than stamps or actors

     And it is great fun!

P.2:Hobby is a favourite  occupation

      When you are free.

      But best of all is

      To learn English for me.

P.1:Так, англійська мова  стала для більшості з нас не просто предметом-уроком, а справжнім  захопленням-хобі, як це ще називають

P1. So, the youngest English lovers are welcomed to open our English language lovers party.

P2. Your applauds! Cheer them up! This is the 4th A form and the song about friendship.

P1. We totally agree with the youngest. Friendship is the most important thing in our life.

P2. І сьогодні учні нашої гімназії будуть демонструвати вам не лише свої знання і таланти, а й уміння дружити і співпрацювати.

P1. Let me introduce the members of two groups who will be competing and try to become a winner.

P2. The teams are combined of students of different forms. But they try to be friends and they know how to do this.

P1. Team №1 Introduce yourselves!

”Wonderfulls”. Our motto is: “It is better to do well, than to say well.”

P2. Team №2 Your turn!

“Unusuals”. Our motto is: “Everything comes to him who waits.”

P1. Now we would like to introduce our judges.

P2. Today they are…

P1. Here we go! Time to compete.

P2. Good luck to both teams!

Round 1.” Guessing game”.

P1. You’ll see the description of a place, an object or an item. You should guess what does it stand for.

P2. You get 1 point for each correct answer.

P1. Don’t shout out! Be patient! And smile!

(Pupils are competing)

P2. Judges announce the score, please.

P1. Thank you so much. And we go on. 

Round 2.”Graffity”.

The second round is called “Graffity”.

P2. If you visit Britain one thing you may notice is the graffiti that appear on the walls, notices, signs, posters in public places.

P1. Graffity may contain messages which are as a rule funny, sometimes – rude.

P2. Ти знаєш, я думаю, що навіть деякі учні нашої школи могли б стати беззаперечними лідерами цього раунду. Адже, як свідчать стіни, парти в нашій школі ми теж маємо великих любителів цього досить цікавого виду мистецтва графіті.

P2. On the screen you can see some examples of this art. Your task is to read and match the beginnings and the endings of the graffities.

(Contestants are matching graffities)

P1. Dear judges. Teams get 2 points for each correct answer.

P2. Announce the results, please.

P1. It’s time to have fun!

P2. The 2nd B is going to dance for you.

P1. Please! Cheer them up!

Round 3.”Problem solving”.

P2. Do you like problems?

P1.Of course, no one likes having problems.

P2.But dear teams, you have to solve some of them.

P1. Here are some situations which you need to explain.

P2. If you know the answer – raise your hand and get 1 point.

(Pupils are solving the problems)

Round 4.” Catch me up!”

P1. Our next competition is called “Catch me up!”

P2. You are welcome to recite some tongue twisters.

P1.Are you good at it? If yes, you get 1 point for each of them.

P2. Ready! Steady! Go!

P1. Dear judges, the results, please.

P2. Let’s have a break. The pupil of the 9th form will sing a song for you.

P1. So the leader is Team…But everything can change in a time.

P2. Because it’s time for our captains to show their talents and knowledge.

P1. Captains get ready! Come up and introduce yourselves.

Round 5.”Country study quiz”.

P2. Dear captains, it’s a good chance for you to get 2 points for each answer.

(Captains are competing)

P1. Thank you so much. You were really perfect.

P2. Judges, what’s the score? Who was the most successful?

P1. Our congratulations to the team…

P2. And we go on. Let’s listen to a very lovely song by…

Round 6.” Idioms”.

P1. All English language lovers should have perfect logical thinking.

P2. Are you good at logical thinking?

P1. You’ll see some English idioms. Please, give the Ukrainian equivalents.

P2. For each answer you get 2 points. So, we start.

Round 7.”Riddles”.

P1. The last chance to both teams to become the winner is very easy.

P2. You have to guess the riddles(2 points).

(Contestants are guessing the riddles)

P1. Dear judges, a chance for you to announce the best team.

P2. But it’s not the end. Our guests also have an opportunity to help our teams and to make them winners.

P1. We divide you into two halves. These rows will support “Wonderfuls”, the other support “Unusuals”.

P2. Don’t forget the main rule: Not to shout!

P1. Raise your hand for answering. Respect each other.

P2. Otherway you will loose a point.

P1.1 point for each answer.

P2. Look at the screen. Here are some rebuses for you. Guess what is this! Raise your hand and answer.

P1. Dear judges, it’s your turn to sum up and say the results. Who is our todays’ winner?

P2. Our best congratulations to the team…

P1. And like real friends we are going to sing a final song all together. You’ll see the words on the screen.

(Singing the final song)

P2. Good bye!

P1. See you soon!






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