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Презентація до уроку-проекту з теми "Save our Planet."

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Презентація до сценарію уроку-проекту з теми "Save our Planet 6 class." з використанням відеоматеріалу "Learn about pollution" з інтернет-ресурсів та з додатковим матеріалом "Eco - vocabluary".
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T: ­ Match the words and make up own sentences.1) chemical a) wastes2) industrial b) problems3) ecological c) protection4) drinking d) pollution5) environmental e) resources6) natural f) water

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Answers: Chemical pollution. Industrial wastes. Ecological problems. Drinking water. Environmental protection. Natural resources.

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Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. Ecological, wastes, pollution, environmental. Industrial …get into the air and water. John is an … specialist. They discuss the ecological problems of the town: the level of the air and water …, radiation.… problems in a big city course.

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The main problem of mankind today is polluted environment in which we live.

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Air Pollution. The main sources of air Pollution are factories and transportation. Air polluted is a threat to all life. It covers large areas and easily comes in various countries

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The consequences of air pollution have become problems such as global warming, acid rain and the formation of ozone holes. To prevent pollution and environmental problems need to install treatment plants in industrial plants that would reduce emissions of chemicals.

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Do not allow this

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Water Pollution

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Polluted water of the river carry in the seas and oceans. Which and so oil pollution from accidents pipelines and tankers that transported it

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The main measures struggle against water pollution are sewage treatment entering the reservoir. Of great importance is the introduction of modern drainless of technologies in industrial production.

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Soil Pollution is the result of of economic activities in the past and now. Most often the soil is polluted metals and organic materials, oils, tar, pesticides, explosives and toxic substances, radioactive and other harmful products. Soil Pollution

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The source is industrial or household waste disposal in certain places, or unauthorized landfills

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Visiting the Wood Queen of the forest. Fairy tale

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Listen to the text “Green Peace” True or false. Green Peace is an international organization. It takes care of nature. Green Peace was established in 1961. It was organized by a group of North – American activists. Green Peace has its offices in many countries. Green Peace hasn`t got its office in Ukraine.

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To you live here!Protect nature

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