Презентація "Post-War Era"

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Презентація містить матеріал країнознавчого характеру. Може бути використана на уроках англійської мови в старших класах або на уроках культурознавства в 11 класах шкіл з поглибленим вивченням іноземних мов.
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The era is often associated with the name of President Eisenhower, who seemed to be the symbol of the time. Changes in economy produced new patterns of living – more and more people were moving to the suburbs. Suburban life, though comfortable and well-arranged, was not available for all Americans – usually there lived only white middle-class, while thousands of blacks, Native Americans and Mexican Americans suffered poverty.

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After 1945, economic growth resulted in the growth of the major American corporations;Smaller companies merged into powerful conglomerates, which could control industries;Large companies developed holdings in the countries where labour cost were lower. CHANGAES IN ECONOMY

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Fewer people produced goods;More people were employed in providing services;By 1956, for the first time in history, white-collar-workers(providing services) outnumbered blue-collar workers (providing goods);Farming became a big business. NEW JOB PATTERNS

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NEW PATTERNS OF LIVINGMany Americans migrated to new places, which could provide jobs and better conditions;Sunbelt appeared – the area running from southern California across the Southwest and South all the way to the Atlantic coast;California became the most popular state in the Union;New highways and roads were costructed;In 1956 a 41.000 mile national wide network of highways was launched;The notion of megapolis appeared, almost uninterrupted metropolitan complex stretching along the northeastern seaboard of the US, “Boswash” (included parts of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington).

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Raising standards of living gave way to the baby boom of the 1940’s-1960’s;During the 1950’s there was 19% increase in the US population;Suburbanization of America, mass production was used for house building;America government that supported housing boom, refused to guarantee suburban home loans to the poor, nonwhites, Jews, and other “inharmonious racial and ethnic groups”;The term “family togetherness” was coined to show an ideal family. Due to baby boom, in 1950’s California opened a new school every week;The Bible topped the best-seller lists and millions of Americans bacame “born again” Christians as they joined evangelical churches. CHANGES IN SOCIETY

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Англійська мова (10-й рік навчання, академічний рівень) 11 клас (Калініна Л.В., Самойлюкевич І.В.)
6 квітня 2020
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